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 1  Osteoporosis Took as directed as I have had acid reflux for years. Drank plenty of water . The Dr also prescribed this without any discussion about Calcium and Vit D supplementation and or possible side effects . Took my first weekly dose with much trepidation. By the afternoon I felt slightly sluggish and had some dizziness. By evening I had a slight rash on arms and face and felt like I was coming down with the flu as I was achy. The following morning woke up stiff all over and didn't even feel like going for a walk at all. Sore especially in my arms and fingers. Generally feel sore all over even my heels and finger joints. I will not take this a second time! Starting to do heavy research on other ways to help with my condition other than these horrible medications! F 62 1 days
70mg 1X W
 1  Osteoporosis Extreme neck, joint pain. Cannot turn my neck or make a fist. Fatigue and anxiety. Nausea and constipation. Sleep issues from pain in neck and vivid dreams. Headaches and heart palpitations Worse drug I have ever taken F 69 2 days
70mf 1X D
 1   Chest pain, muscle pain, neck and shoulder stiffness, extreme arthritic pain in hands, fingers and wrists, extreme fatigue, body weakness, broke out in red splotches all over the body. Read reviews and stay away from Fosamax Don't take it! F 83 2 weeks
70 1X W
 1  Osteopenia Extreme Acid reflux, stiffness, tired, stomach aches, high RH numbers. Horrible medicine. F 52 3 years
1X W
 1  Osteoporosis Took yesterday morning and did it like I Was supposed to. Woke up at 6am the next day w severe back pain. Hoping it goes away. F 57 1 days
70 mg 1X D
 2  Osteoporosis Pain and swelling in hand at thumb joint. Water retention in legs and abdomen. I quit after 5 weeks after reading on here and trying to decide. A week after quitting, I have had random neck and back pain. I did not have this in the past. I had no pain before being put on Fosomax. I am hoping natural things such as D3, K2, calcium, exercise, etc...are going to be enough...or at least until they find better drugs. F 58 5 weeks
70 mg 1X W
 1  Osteoporosis Developed hacking tickle cough, all day, and nights. Coughing so bad tears would roll down my cheeks, nose totally plugged. Felt like a crumb of toast stuck in right or left side of throat. Kept coughing until clear. Absolutely miserable. I took drug every Monday. Sunday nights I began to realize coughing had diminished a bit, But then it was Monday again and time for weekly dose. I connected the dots F 76 3 years
70 1X W
 1  Moderate osteoporosis spine Terrible burning of esophagus indigestion burping , twitching of muscle below the eye .. upper cheek. Took 7 weeks for the indigestion to stop. We put too much faith in doctors for our health. Drugs are not the answer. Pharma will always down play side effects. Too big an industry to challenge. We need to empower ourselves with knowledge and make informed decisions for our body. Apparently if you do break a bone while on fosomax the healing process takes 3 times as long ! What does that tell you. Sure your bone scan shows thicker bones but the quality and integrity of the bone is very compromised. One dose never again ! F 65 1 days
70 1X D
 1  Osteopena I had taken fosamax for as long as I can remember, my rhumetoid Doctor is the one who took me off of it. , I am now having to see an oral surgeon because of ONJ of the jaw. Dont take it, take something else. Does anybody know an attorney contact for class action, I can not seem to find one now. F 58
1X D
 1  Borderline osteoporosis 2nd and 3rd week diareah and stomach cramps; recurring pain in previously injured areas WITHOUT ACTUALLY BEING INJURED AGAIN (left lower back hip, and bursitis reoccurance in other hip) DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT TAKING THIS DRUG! EVERY WEBSITE I'VE SEARCHED HAS SHOWN ONLY ABOUT A 10% APPROVAL RATING! F 70 3 weeks
70 mg 1X W
 5  Osteoporosis I started 2 weeks ago. Only side effect nausea and cough like choking. I took Fosamax for 7 years before in 2000 was all good. Truly helped me. Perhaps these nausea symptoms will subside. I was told I have severe Osteoporosis and pain in bones alot worse without Fosamax. No choice F 59 2 weeks
75 1X W
 1  Osteopenia I took Fosamax (generic) for nearly two years. I ran out, no refills had to see new pcp. I took it last Tuesday and 6 days later, woke with upper and lower jaw pain up the side of my head, ear pain and now head pain. I don't tremember such pain when I previously took it. I can't function with this level of pain. Side effects per website: Loss of blood flow to jaw and possible exposure of bone! This morning also left shoulder ache. Reflux has been bad this week - I sure if related to this Medicine F 76 2 years
30 1X D
 1  Osteoporosis Extreme stomach pain under my right rib cage. Felt like a gallstone attack. Gall bladder was removed in 2003. Tried Prolia and had the worst leg pain ever. Had to wait 6 months for the shot to wear off. No more bone drugs for me. M 62 5 weeks
10mg 1X W
 1  Lumbar Fusion I had spent the previous 24 years T 6'1" and 174#. Over the past twenty years I have had two periods of being bedridden for 3 years each due to extreme swelling below the hips. My IQ dropped 37 points. Bad brain fog It caused jawbone death and frequent jawbone infectioons casing me to lose my molars twice, plus needing bone grafts bolted in place. This is a horrible drug. DON't TAKE IT!!! The main lesson I have learned is that Big Pharma should be avoided at all cost. Spend serious time on research for supplemements, other treatments M 66 3 years
? 7X W
 1  Borderline osteoporosis Week 1: Aching all over, particularly between my waist and knees. Nausea. Week2: Increased pain. My second and last dose was August 9th. I am taking pain medication and muscle relaxers. My right hip is painful all the time. Before taking this I felt great, walking, exercising, gardening. Granted, Covid has changed my routine but I feel about 30 years older and Iím 65. I feel like I have been poisoned by this medication. I saw a ďspecialist and all she would offer is Reclast, Prolia, or try Fosamax again with better pain management. ?? I have consulted a naturopath as well, but for now Iím focusing on pain management from this crap. I wish I had NEVER taken this garbage. I am angry and in pain. My sister has been taking it with no issues, but it has done a number on me. I only took two tablets two months ago and I have not recovered from it. F 65 2 weeks
70 1X W
 1  Osteopenia Although my bone density has improved i have decided with my dr advice to come off AA. Reflux, Aching joints nausea and tinnitus never feeling really well .I just hope it doesnt take too long to feel clear headed and well! F 56 4 years
70mg 1X W
 1  Osteoporosis I believe I got Microscopic Colitis from this Medication. Ever since my first colonoscopy I have had this disease. I can't think of any other way I could of have got this. There could of been something in this pull that's could of caused it. F 74 6 years
1X W
35 MG 1X W
 1  Osteoporsis I always had a normal tsh until I started the medicine and then I devolped hypothroid and I stopped and after a year my tsh returned to normal I will never take this poison again! I would advise patients not to take this medicine l will never listen to my stupid doctor ever again! thanks Thanks F 49 2 years
70mg weekl
 1  Osteoporosis Pain in both knees. Pain stopped immediately in right knee after discontinuing, but left knee continues to have issues 6 months later F 69 4 weeks
70 mg

FOSAMAX  (ALENDRONATE SODIUM):  Alendronate is used to prevent and treat certain types of bone loss (osteoporosis) in adults. Osteoporosis causes bones to become thinner and break more easily. Your chance of developing osteoporosis increases as you age, after menopause, or if you are taking corticosteroid medications (such as prednisone) for a long time. This medication works by slowing bone loss. This effect helps maintain strong bones and reduce the risk of broken bones (fractures). Alendronate belongs to a class of drugs called bisphosphonates.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)