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 Type: Brand name discontinued; available as generic

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 1  high blood pressure swelling ankles,headaches,dizzyness, mood swings,hair loss, heavy eye lids a night,shortness of breath at times, vision blurred, itching, lightheadedness. This is one drug that should be tossed in the trash can forever! it makes a 40 or 50 year old person feel like a 80 or older person ! you have no energy at all, bp goes down but does not hold even with sr types - fades out in the wee hours, and you end up wakeing up with ultra high b.p readings! and some chest pains! I think Doctors should take a step and read the side effects and make sure the paitent can tollerate the medications they hand out so free and easy! its a half assed process with doctors today! M 54 1 years
 1  b.p cant tolerate this stuff! shortness of breath,no power no get up and go!depressed tired lazy feeling cloudy thinking!short term memory loss! dry mouth and dry eye conditions! puke feeling off and on light headed feeling off and on.. panic attacks from this! and you think beta blockers are bad! these are no better! same crap side effects! waight gain -bloating belly! gas problems, vision blurrs! hair thinning out, throat closes when eatting ? cant poop! bound up on this stuff! heavy cramps in legs and back feel faint on this stuff off and on ! just dont want to move !! im 55 and feel like 155 on this poop ! dont like it at all.. looking into natural meds now !! M 55 8 months
 4  High Blood Pressure Fatigue, dry mouth It brought my HBP uder control almost immediately (from 180/130 to 120/80), but I am always tired and have dry mouth & eyes. M 39 5 years
 1  High Blood Pressure Hair loss! I was on it for 9 years and losing my hair. I didn't realize that it was the Verapamil causing the hair loss. I pray my hair will grow back now that I am not taking it any longer. It worked for my high high blood pressure, but not worth it to be going bald. F 55 9 years
 4  HBP Very mild. Constipation Cannot get it anymore. What gives. I really liked it. Neither the mail away nor the local drug stores said they could get it. F 66 2 years
 5  Tachycardia Mild constipation My tachycardia first started at age 11 and I had 4-8 episodes per year until starting Verapamil about ten years ago. I have perhaps one or two short episodes (30 seconds or so) of tachycardia per year now. I consider Verapamil a miracle drug. F 59 10 years
 1  tachy weight gained quickly.Night- mares couple times when first started ,skin breaking out and hearburn 43 2 months
 1  tachycardia Worked for Tachy, but worsened at first for maybe 1 wk. beginning med ,breasts always sore ,not pms .worse coughing,already had a cough from ace . after few weeks tonque throat swelling constant headache nausea these problems with dose adjusts didnt help..Dr.took me off and all problems went away within 3 -6 days F 43 2 days
 4  Heart Attack Hair loss, tiredness. F 57 2 years
 4  tachycardia/high blood pressure hair loss F 54 3 years
 4  high blood pressure hard stool M 60 1 years