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 2  P and joints and muscles pain Extremely fatigued, depressed, headache, muscle cramps,diarrhea, back and shoulder pain, dry watery eyes,insomnia, elevated pains. F 69 8 weeks
30mg 2X D
 4  Arthirtis I started Apremilast 2 weeks ago. At first, the side effects were bad - diarrhoea, cramping pains and lots of gas, plus headaches. But they've gone now. I'm still a bit "loose" but I can manage just fine. It's already easing my symptoms so I'm glad I stuck with it Rough to get used to, but worth it! F 41 14 days
30mg 2X D
 5  Psoriasis Been on this for 10 days already see clearing of the skin with no side effects to speak of. M 53 10 days
60 MG 2X D
 2  Psoriatic Arthritis, psoriasis on m Stomach pain, severe gas within an hour of taking, insomnia ,no appetite, loss of interest in anything. The psoriasis on my scalp is gone in 30 days. Unsure if it is due to otezlla but I have gotten 2 UTI in 30 days, I also have blisters all over my tongue hurting really bad. Have not notice a difference I. Arthritis pain at all! F 45 1 months
30mg 2X D
 5  Palmar/Plantar Plaque Psoriasis Had to adjust dose several times due to headache but fine now. No side effects now! Yay! I am taking 1 every other day and 2 (am and pm) the other day ..my hands and feet cleared up like magic! Soooo happy! Called the Otezla help line and I get it free! F 52 3 months
 2  Behcet's Disease Diarrhea, gas, nausea, vomiting, weight loss, harsh chronic cough, runny nose, sore ears. F 56 4 months
30 MG 2X D
 3  Psoriasis lost 10lbs, headaches, and hot flashes... all the time. it worked great for about 3 months. Cleared my skin completely. But then my psoriasis came back, stayed on the medication for 3 more months before stopping. Within days after stopping otezla all the hot flashing stopped. Gained all the weight back. And no more headaches. I was really excited at first. Now I'm back to square one F 42 7 months
2X D
 4  Psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis Can't take more than once a day or extreme side effects. Works good but not happy with excess gas. F 56 2 years
30mg 1X D
 4  Psoriasis Day 8 on starter pack. Skin is less scaly. Started coughing, I have allergies so not sure if its related. F 50 8 days
30 1X D
 5  Psoriasis, on my feet, palm of hand Can't sleep well, lil depression, lost 10lbs, lost of appitite. I like taking this drug, my hands, feet has healed up very well. I hope I can continue to stay on it. The side effects are not that bad for me, except sleeping. Lost weight, love that. It's working for me F 63 4 months
60 2X D
 3  Psa and psoriasis I had headaches from the start , acid reflex, depression, and pain in my jaw. It helped my psoriasis but not my pain F 66 100 days
30mg 1X D
 3  Arthritis Nausea after morning dose, sometimes in the evening as well. Bowel issues, insomnia and horrible muscle cramps over my entire body. Slightly raised depression levels. No appetite and not thirsty. Headaches. Dr says keep taking it....hoping for good outcomes for patients F 53 3 weeks
30 mg 2 x 2X D
 2  Psoriatic/Rheumatoid Arthritis I think it MAY be helping my psoriasis, but not so sure it's not just the topicals I started the day before Otezla. They started helping immediately. My joint pain, which is a bigger issue for me, has significantly increased and I have developed new pains, in my back and toes. Plus, I just don't feel "right", kind of foggy/sick all the time. F 55 7 days
30 MG 2X D
 1  Psoriasis No side affects that were listed as possibilities, but I had psoriasis outbreaks in areas where I had never had outbreaks. In other words my psoriasis was worse after 10 weeks. The monthly cost of $3,630.00 is not warranted based on my experience. U. S. Taxpayers probably paid for its research. F 78 70 days
30 mg
 5  Psoriatic Arthritis Slight symptoms of diarrhea, chills, dry eyes. Fatigue. Major symptoms of insomnia and fight or flight- burning skin during physical exercise and anxious moments. Reduced dosage to one a day in the morning stopped the insomnia at night. M 65 2 years
 2  PsA Nausea, stomach pain, acid reflux, diarrhea, joint pain and muscle pain. I have been taking Otezla for almost 4 weeks. So far, no relief for arthritis. I have lost 4 pounds. I was walking daily prior to starting Otezla, but now I have so much muscle pain and increased joint pain, I cannot do it. My rheumatologist knows I am having side effects and I have an appointment next week to discusss. I was on methotrexate previously, but had to stop due to a new autoimmune disorder. My body aches and I feel like I have the flu. Good luck if you're taking this medication. Hope it works out for you. F 53 4 weeks
 4  Psoriasis Diarrhoea, joint/muscle pain 3 months in and I can see improvement in my skin, less flaking and much paler, hoping it continues to improve. I am experiencing joint and muscle pain and also hope it improves soon F 49 3 months
 1  Psoriasis Leg pain, foot pain, tendon rupture F 49 2 weeks
 5  Psoriasis Absolutely no side effects! M 72 4 years
 1  Psoriatic arthritis Sick everyday. Moody, loss of interest in things I loved to do. Horrible adverse reaction mixing otzela with alcohol. Not a bigger drinker. Had some drinks (4) for a special occasion. Blacked out do not remember anything for a period of 6 to 8 hours No warnings about this occurring. Do not mix otzela and alcohol. F 52 3 months

OTEZLA  (APREMILAST):  This medication is used to treat a certain type of arthritis (psoriatic arthritis). Apremilast is also used to treat a certain type of skin condition (moderate to severe plaque psoriasis). Apremilast belongs to a class of drugs known as phosphodiesterase 4 (PDE4) inhibitors. For the treatment of psoriatic arthritis, it decreases pain and swelling, and may help improve flexibility in the affected joints. For the treatment of plaque psoriasis, it may help to reduce the redness, thickening, and scaling of the skin that occurs with this condition.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)