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 1  Gerd Muscle spasms extreme neck & upper back pain extreme heart burn fatigue anxiety depression extreme chest pain Coming off this I felt sick with headaches found out that they are being sued in class action for cancer doctors never warned me about these risks 42 90 days
 1  Acid reflux Side effects pain in the back of my head and neck and horrible brain fog ! Bad anxiety and felt like taking my life . I stoped taking Zantac 75 and the brain fog is gone . I would get bad brain fog in the afternoon and could not concentrate - @ night I would be so afraid thinking of having another bad brain fog episode the next day . It was scary !!! Please do not take this medication ! I thought I was getting dementia ! It was a horrid experience ! I almost ended up in the Hospital . Please read all of the other peoples bad side effects before taking this medication . It mite save your life . M 49 6 days
75 mg
 1  Reflux Headache, rapid heart beat, anxiety related symptoms, worse reflux when stopping medication. Do not take this drug - FDA missed something that is very wrong with the drug. M 47 60 days
 5  indigestion and esophageal spasm None so far Have only started taking this four days ago, but painful spasms in my esophagus, feeling like food was blocked and could not enter my stomach, have totally and rapidly stopped. I am so happy with the relief from these spasms that I decided to write this early comment. Also no more indigestion and excess gassiness - so far. I am taking 75 mg. an hour before lunch and the relief is lasting through dinner. F 74 4 days
75 mg 1X D
 3  digestive issues, food rejection When i first took it, i noticed fast gas relief. I would have headaches but not know why. Now they are more frequent whenever i take the pill so I know this is it. Also, I feel very dehydrated often and get minor stomach cramps. F 26 3 weeks
1 pill
 1  acid reflux Muscle pain, stomach pain, anxiety Fine since stopping F 17 2 months
 4  To help me sleep I am experiencing a headache for 6 days funny tummy I am going to stop it 61 3 months
 1  Acid reflux Headache, neck/shoulder pain, muscle cramping, pain in left side rib area, bad anxiety and depression, I was near ready to commit suicide before realizing what was causing my symptoms. Do not take this medication F 54 1 months
75 MG
 5  Heartburn and reflux None whatsoever Wonderful medicine which works at a low dose like 75 mg M 50 2 years
75 1X D
 1  gastritis dizziness, brain fog, felt and became very dehydrated necessitating a trip to the ER for i.v. fluids. Mouth, eyes, throat skin dry, extreme fatigue F 1 weeks
75mg 1X D
 5  Any type of stomachache Slight headache, only the first time. This is the best acid reducer and stomach ache medicine in the world. Zero side effects and 100% relief. I use it often and have recommended it to everyone. It has saved me countless times from the nausea monster and any other type of stomach ailment. Highly recommended!! F 46 10 years
 1  Stomach Acit I had no real side effects until I came off of it Coming off of Zantac is HORRIBLE! I have experienced very strange feelings, headaches, unable to concentrate, strange taste in my mouth and an overall feeling of feeling bad. I would not recommend anyone take this drug!!! M 61 2 weeks
75mg 1X D
 4  Stomach Acid After taking the drug for a few days I begin to feel an overall body weakness, dry mouth, strange hunger sensations and headaches. Zantac works quickly and well in taking care of my excess stomach acid. However, I am not sure it is work the side effects as well as the the withdrawal symptoms. I have experiences very similar side effects with other drugs in the same category. M 62 30 days
75mg 1X D
 3  Ulcers Bad muscle pains in neck and shoulder still terrible heart burn no matter what I ate even water made it burn. F 30 1 months
 2  Stomach Acid Terrible headaches, diarrhea, muscle pain, strange feeling, dry mouth and upper right abdominal pain. Coming off the drug was horrible. Please do not take this drug!! M 60 1 months
75mg 1X D
 1  nausea, chest pain I have food sensitivities and this drug helps with the symptoms but if I take it more than 4 days in a row I get severe headaches, and severe muscle pain in neck, shoulders, legs and lower back. The muscles in my neck tighten and it feels like anxiety, but the anxiety feeling goes away 6 hours after taking it. F 53 4 days
75 1X D
 1  Acid Reflux This medicine caused severe indigestion and itching of the eyes. It seemed to irritate my mucous membranes as well. I would not take this drug again due to the side effects I mentioned. PPI's seem to work better for me. M 49 2 days
75 MG 1X D
 1  acid reflux It would help the reflux and then the acid would come back worse. I was getting acid reflux from everything I ate including water. My stomach was not digesting. Once a week I would spend a day throwing up. I stopped taking the zantac. The first two days I thought I was going to die. After that the symptoms went away. I can now eat pizza again. NO MORE THROWING UP! F 42 12 months
150 2X D
 4  Stomach pain, gas None I think it may have helped after about 7-8 days on it. F 33 2 weeks
75 1X D
 4  Gerd If I go up on dose, I seem to have a little difficulty sleeping I have been taking this about nine years, 75 mg about an hour or two before dinner. I'm usually sensitive to most drugs but was pleased with little or no side effects. Alcohol still causes problems. A few years ago it began to seem less effective and higher doses for me seemed to affect my sleep so I also raised the head of my bed which helped. Large meals late with challenging foods such as tomatoes and tomato sauce still get me up with reflux. Worth a try. M 51 9 years
75 mg 1X D