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 3  Glaucoma Eye is very red and dry. Please do more research on glaucoma eye drops thanks. M 55 1 weeks
3 3X D
 1  Glaucoma Only took in right eye, pupils uneven. BP spikes, dizzy, headache, double vision. MD, said eye drop not the problem, took myself off and all symptoms resolved in 48 hours. F 64 1 months
One drop 3 3X D
 1  Glaucoma on left eye Red eye, puffy eyelids, sharp pain and drozzy. My eye was normal before applying this eye drops. Alphagan P - 1 drop /3x per day Timolol malate - 1 drop/2x per day Xalatan - 1 drop every night. M 79 2 weeks
3 drops/d 3X D
 1  Suspected glaucoma, normal IOP Horrible persistent headache. Noticed the eye pain as soon as I put drops in. Thought it might be coincident with new sinus problem. Took two more doses, pain just got worse and caused nausea. I think this is what migraines must feel like. Also, woke me up at 2:30 am and whether it was the meds or the pain, the result was the same... Never could get back to sleep. This may work great for some, but if you have problems with dryness AT ALL, I would NOT recommend.. 😫 F 53 1 days
2X D
 2  High IOP Aching muscles, foreign body feeling in both eyes, bloodshot eyes, constant tearing and may have been associated with DVT in lower leg. Shocking to believe that low dose version is marketed over the counter to "whiten" eyes! M 69 40 days
 5  Glaucoma of the left eye No noticeable side effects. It lowered my eye pressure to normal M 64 3 months
A drop 3 x
 3  Glaucoma Extreme grogginess Disturbed sleep Lowered BP F 48 3 months
0.5 2x pd
 1  reduce eye pressure Drowsiness, fatigue, tender, red eyes I wish to discontinue these drops,eyes feel worse than before. F 78 0 weeks
 5  High IOP Alphagan helps to whiten my eyes which are bloodshot from taking Timolol (twice/day)and Travatan (once/day) . No other side effects. M 63 18 months
1 drop 3X D
 1  glaucoma Tachycardia. Also, left arm and leg went 'heavy' and felt like they had bloodpressure cups on them. That lasted 2 weeks. One drop in right eye and 1/2 an hour later I was on my way to the ER for the worst cardiac incident of my life. Huge Tachycardia and I think I must have had a mild stroke as well. F 48 1 days
1 drop 1X D
 2  Glaucoma Alphagan P lowered the eye pressure but caused VERY bloodshot eyes, puffy, red lids and extreme drowsiness...almost like narcolepsy. I've had the SLT (laser surgery) in one eye and will have SLT in the other so I won't have to take drops. I took the drops about 6 weeks and the doctor told me to stop a couple weeks ago. They also caused anxiety. Go to webMD to see all the side effects. Some are severe. F 73 45 days
 2  glaucoma I forgot to add in my previous review that the AlphaganP SPIKED my blood pressure which had been under very good control with clonidine HCL. On Alphagan my BP went to 173/105 !! I had to increase my BP meds to 3 times a day. Alphagan made me very drowsy and so does clonidine, so the increased dose of clonidine to counteract the elevated BP caused by AlphaganP made me fall asleep suddenly at any moment. Now that i've stopped the Alphagan, my BP is slowly coming down. I didn't realize that Alphagan could increase my BP until i read it on webMD F 73 45 days
 1  Glaucoma This was prescribed as an addition to Betoptic suspension as pressures failing to respond.The Alphagan caused red, sore eyes within a week of starting and a feeling of something in the eyes. Vision was blurred which gave me a slight feeling of disorientation.Constant waking up in night,also felt depressed. Initially pressures decreased from 24 to 18, but thereafter actually increased to 28 and 30.So what's the point. Not happy with Alphagan. F 63 60 days
 1  glaucoma Extreme allergic reaction: red, itchy, oozing eyes, fluid-filled pouches under eyes, severe blurring of vision. Also tried the supposedly less allergenic Alphagan P. Same problem. After 1 drop, I turned into the 100-year-old woman. F 60 1 days
 2  Ocular Hypertension Ocular pressures were in the low 20s - so slighly above normal. Opthamologist prescribed Alphagan P - blood shot eyes causing blurriness. Finally went to another Doctor who diagnosed the problem and it took 6 weeks for the blurriness to resolve itself. New doctor is taking a let's watch it approach to my pressures and changing my contacts. M 36 4 months
 1  open angle glaucoma Red, itchy, burning allergic eyes; very dry sinuses, nose and mouth, throat -- uncomfortably so, but got better after a week. The red, itchy, burning allergic eyes did not improve at all. I took aphagan and was very allergic to it. Later, I tried Alphagan-P, which has a different preservative and is less prone to reactions. I still had allergy problems and dryness with it. It also didn't lower the pressure any. F 58 3 weeks
 1  To reduce Intra-Ocular Pressure (IO Added to Timolol to reduce IOP. Disturbed sleep; would wake up twice a night. Affected metqboloism, felt sleepy. Discontinued after 4 weeks. Dry mouth is also a common symptom as is lack of energy probably due to reduced sleep. M 68 25 days

ALPHAGAN  (BRIMONIDINE TARTRATE):  This medication is used to treat a certain skin disorder called rosacea. It works by narrowing blood vessels to reduce redness. Brimonidine belongs to a class of drugs known as alpha agonists.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)