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 5  Hypertension Some edema It is very difficult for me to get the brand Sular 8.5 mg at local CVS. I am allergic to ingredients in Nisoldipine ( bad side effects and not effective). Sular, the brand works. Why am I having such a hard time getting it? F 72 1 years
 4  High blood pressure I have had really good luck with Sular..both the Brand name Sular and the URL generic Nisoldipine. I did not have good luck with the generic by another manufacturer of Nisoldipine. I have not had the swelling I experienced with other calcium channel blockers and it has worked well for me. F 72 2 years
17 MG 1X D
 1  hypertension heart racing, headache, weakness in upper extremties, light headed, sweating, eyes turned blood shot..bad experience. would not recommend.. F 47 1 days
10mg 1X D
 1  taken off verapermil put on sular had a reachtion to verapermil and was given benadryl, while in emergency room they had to start me on some kind of blood pressure medication the doc chose sular 40mg, about 2 hours after taking the med my face started burning very very bad, had to go back to emergency room where they let my face burn for 8 whole hours, also had shortness of breath, it was nightmare. I believe sular damaged the nerves in my face and affected my eyes, my eyes still burn me today. an eye doc gave me and anti-biotic it cured one of my eyes from burning. but my left eye still burn. I put eye drops and warm compress, it releives for a little while but starts back. have to go back to doctor maybe get another anti-biotic it's been over a year now. I told the doctor when the problem started and he told me I had dry eyes and I told him I never had dry eyes before. everything started after I took the sular and my face burned for a whole 8 hours in the emergency room, the staff did'nt beleive my face was burning so bad, I thought I wAS GOING CRAZY, I washed my face after the coolness wore off it started back burning, but worse F 50 1 days
40mg 1X D
 1  Hypertension Beware of this new form of Sular. Headaches, spells of weakness and feeling like I was having an anxiety attack, making my whole body hurt. Arms and legs aching and hurting. Feeling out of it. I was on this medication for one month. I had taken the old Sular for eight years, then it was no longer available. I thought my symptoms were from other things until I learned that this medication was a completely different formulation than the old Sular. I would have spells of pain going all over me and then my arms and legs would hurt real bad. Then, my head would start hurting and then would not stop. I had no idea what was causing my symptoms as I am a fairly healthy 75 year old with no arthritis and never have a headache. It also was not controlling my blood pressure. I stopped taking the new Sular and all my symptoms subsided in two days. I went back to my doctor and he said that my symptoms were not the cause of my symptoms when I knew they were. I am a nurse and a fairly intelligent and reasonable person. I demanded another medication. I have not been able to take too many blood pressure medications because of the side effects. I will start on another journey to fi F 75 1 months
 3  hbp mid-back muscle stiffness and fatigue, and some foot cramping in the evening. Usually medication works rather quickly with me, but this has taken about 2-3 weeks and has not brought my pressure to normal, its hanging around 135-145/90-95. Had gotten off of diovan because of back muscle fatigue and stiffness, and have started to see the same (not as bad - but still there) with sular after about two/three weeks of usage. Going to get off sular today, and try something new. M 43 30 days
 1  hypertension blood pressure increased when dosage changed by company. 20 miligrams worked for me approx 3 years then they reduced it to 17mil. why oh why! I have kidney disease and keeping my blood pressure low is crucial. Unacceptable for them to change dosage. My blood and urine tests clearly showed the difference . Thanks for making my health situation worse. I hope the new medication takes me back to where I was and even if sular changes the dosage back I would refuse the perscription. F 62 3 years
 5  hypertension None on the lower doses, but mild muscle cramps on the dosage it takes to control my blood pressure. This medication controls my blood pressure for an entire twenty-four hours which is unheard of for me. It controls it to below 120 on the systolic and below 80 on the diastolic which is also unheard of for me. I am very thankful to have found a drug that controls my hypertension this well without unbearable side effects. F 55 9 weeks
 4  4 Dizziness when getting up from night's sleep. Thirst ... very dizzy if didn't drink enough fluids for the day or was out in the sun. Made me sensitive to hot sun/standing in the hot sun. I did fine on this medicine for years until I was prescribed a birth control pill to control my adenomyosis. BIG MISTAKE! Do not take birth control with high BP or with BP medications. It has been 2 months of living hell. I have stopped the pill and anxiously waiting for the hormones to escape my body. It got so bad, I had to get off of the Sular. Maybe I will go back to it if my new med turns out no good. But Sular did keep my pressure down. And if you think you could get pregnant, at least you can be on Sular until you find out and then can switch to a safe bp med. (Other bp meds are dangerous from the onset with pregnancy. F 40 3 years
 1  Hyper tension I began with 10mg. then increased to 20mg and after the 3rd month was prescribed 30mg. I noticed excessive hair loss and my hair appeared to be thinner. The condition did not seem noticable at first but once I began 30mg it was obvious. I am now waiting to see if my hair grows back now that I am on another medication. I have stopped Sular for about 2 months. M 60 3 months
 4  hypertension For the first 2 weeks I noticed hair loss and within 1/2 hr of taking I break out into a sweat and this continues and its now 2 months on it. Recently was increased from 10mg a day to 20mg a day and again the hair loss for about a week. Then after that my hairbrush and tub drain weren't filled with hair. Since the last increase I have gotten sores on my tongue and have to frequently rinse my mouth with salt water to alleviate the pain. It has lowered my BP which was most likely high from a cervical neck injury following a car accident. I was 180/110 and usually prior to accident was 120/70. I am still at 140/90. F 50 2 months
 4  HBP In the beginning I had headaches, rapid heart beating and felt like I was having anxiety attacks usually for about 3 hours. After 3 days the side effects died down to about 1 hour and also the intensity was less. My BP was very high and now it is at about 150/100 which is much better than 190/120! So far so good but the palpitations are a bit scary. Can't really work out when the sular is taking effect, but after it dies down I usually can. It did relieve the tinnitus I had in my ear (because of the HBP) and now can hear with no wierd sounds in my head!(Hooray!) Can't eat fatty foods or salty stuff with this though (it does have a wierd effect if you do)...not that it's a bad thing, just means you can't have all that "good" food. M 25 11 days
 5  High Blood Pressure At this point no side effects This is a follow up to the below listed comment. I have been on sular now for approx 5 weeks and it works great. Again it is mixed with 10mg of Altace but my BP is a steady 119/68. My workouts have improved over time and I feel great. I hope these results continue. Any questions email me M 38 5 weeks
 4  High Blood pressure Had headache for the first 2 days, then it subsided. At this point no swelling as others have stated. However, my workouts seem to be suffering, I get winded or fatigued alot faster. recovery takes alittle bit longer. I am also taking Altace for my blood pressure, for no reason at all Altace abruptly stopped working, so Doc combined the 2 meds now my BP is 127/72. M 38 2 weeks
 1  High blood pressure Sular controls my blood pressure perfectly, 124/70 range. First side effect which became noticable was the swelling of arms and hands at night. Job of security officer has me stand on my feet for 7 hours nightly. Hind sight, my legs/feet swelled on off nights. I wear support/diabetic knee high stockings when working. Although I am not diabetic, I do have edema and the prescribed compression stocking were too tight to wear for 8-9 hours. Within 30-45 days I started to occasionally have feelings that I remember having with in-grown toenails on my big toes. I have had my toenails on my little and big toes removed for about 20 yrs. now. I started to get blisters on the sides of the big toes, which eventually caused to toes to bend simular to bunions. Radiology indicates growths on the end bones of all toes on both feet. M 65 9 months
 3  ypertension Flushing/redness from the tips of my toes to the whites of my eyes! Rapid heart rate, and headache within 2-4 hours of taking meds. This has become more pronounced over time, and I have stopped taking it. My doctor insists that he doesn't think it is the Sular, but as soon as I take one, the symptoms recur. The headaches are getting worse. F 50 2 years
 3  High Blood Pressure Severe Swelling of my legs from the knees down, headache, heartburn, muscle fatigue in backs and legs, the muscle fatigue could be a possible a side effect of the edema all I know is it goes away when I stop taking the SUlar. Well, Sular hasn't caused a severe reaction that almost killed me like the ACE inhibitors, but living with the side effects has not been easy. It DOES control my blood pressure so that's a good thing, but with all the aches and swelling, I can't exercize much which is what I need to do to lose weight to cure the root cause of my BP problems. I'll keep taking it till we find something better without the side effects, since a heart attack would suck worse. M 45 6 months
 1  high blood pressure/migraines awareness of heart beating, very rapid pulse, panic attacks, lead to attack of tachycardia which was about the most frightening thing I have ever experienced. I have a tendency to be very hyper so this drug was not good for me. I felt like I was unable to handle my own job and life. F 41 4 days

SULAR  (NISOLDIPINE):  Nisoldipine is used with or without other medications to treat high blood pressure (hypertension). Lowering high blood pressure helps prevent strokes, heart attacks, and kidney problems. Nisoldipine is called a calcium channel blocker. It works by relaxing blood vessels so blood can flow more easily.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)