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 Type: Brand name discontinued; available as generic

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 5   Breast largening, no more mood swings. Light periods. No more migraines. Less acne. Weight gain. love this pill other than the fact that i gained some weight. F 18 4 years
 1  regulate periods / control hormones I've had extreme headaches and migraines for 4 days in a row with no relief. I've never had a headache this bad. Would not recommend. F 23 3 months
 1  Irregular period Sleeplessness, depression, migraine headaches, heavy break through bleeding Started taking this pill to regulate my cycle. Headaches started within 2 weeks and depression started within 1-2 weeks. Sleeplessness started 3 weeks ago. Stopped taking this pill F 36 2 months
 4  Irregular periods Larger breasts, tender and sore in my breasts, decreased appetite after 2 months, no weight gain, clear skin, regular periods that are now lighter, and it definitely prevents pregnancy, which is an added plus since I have a higher sex drive then normal... F 21 9 months
 1  birth control/acne Cystic Acne I was on yasmin which gave me clear skin, but switched because I was concerned about it having a higher blood clot risk. Ortho-cept gave me massive cystic acne . I thought it was an initial breakout but every month it kept getting worse. I tried it for just over 3 months. As soon as I stopped it my skin started getting better on it`s own. It`s been a month I stopped and I am not breakout anymore but am left with scars from my time on ortho-cept. Everyone is different on the pill, but ortho-cept was not for me ! F 24 3 months
1X D
 1  birth control I am 39 & had a stroke 16 weeks ago. I would not recommend this drug. F 39 3 years
1 a day
 5  Birth Control I recently switched onto Ortho-Cept from Loestrin 24 Fe. Since the switch, I've felt great and have lost 5 pounds. The weight loss seems to be an unintended side effect since I wasn't trying to lose weight. My doctor warned me that there is a slightly increased risk of blood clots on Ortho-Cept, but I take a baby aspirin every other day (I'm 40 years-old) and am not particularly worried. F 40 30 days
33 mg 1X D
 5  as a birth control I never had any side effects what so ever. If anything it help clear my skin. My monthly cycle was always on time while taking ortho cept. My weight remained the same. I never had doubts about being pregnant or becoming pregnant while being on this pill. F 27 8 years
 3  Prevent pregnancy I am now start my second year and I have very close periods before I am even spoused to even start. I can't sleep at night and I can barely get up in the morning. And all of this barely started when I got close to the end of my first year and now that I am starting my second year. I am uncomfortable more then I used to be during my periods and well I am considering going off the pill all together. F 19 1 years
 2  Prevent pregnancy I just recently started taking this pill and I am not satisfied at all! I have never had acne but since I've been on this pill, I have had quite the break out. Noticed a bit increase in my breast size but not worth the acne and soreness in my breasts. Used to be on reclipsen and I will be switching back in no time! F 20 1 months
 4  birth control breast growth and tenderness, spotting between periods, shorter periods, low sex drive So far I have been very pleased with ortho-cept. I've had some spotting but that's normal when you first start taking the pill. I haven't had mood swings or an increase in appetite, but I have recently lost all interest in having sex F 23 5 weeks
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 3  Heavy period/birth control Larger breasts, lighter and shorter periods, but more acne! I know I have only been taking it for 3 months but my skin has gotten progressively worse. I only would have a few breakouts every month or so but now I break out more frequently and its all over my face. It may be mild acne but I am considering stopping my prescription. F 15 3 months
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 4  Pregnancy prevention Increase in appetite but nothing I couldnt control. Increase in breat tenderness and increase in size, thats always a plus. Main side effect is my break outs. Never had a problem with acne before but I've only been using this for a month now so lets hope it goes away. Nausea at first but went away after a week. F 26 1 months
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 5  Prevention. Weight gain, breast tenderness, change in appetite. Really helped to give me regular light periods. F 18 2 years
 1  PMDD (severe cramps) WEIGHT GAIN, severe acne, insomnia. F 6 months
 4  Contraceptive I went up 2 bra sizes slight break out and I haven't had a change in my horrible PMS symptoms but I do like this contraceptive pill it's not for every one but its for me F 17 3 months
 1  Birth control My appetite became ravenous! I also found it hard to fall asleep at night and to get up in the morning. The lack of sleep caused my skin to break out as well F 3 days
 4  Pregnancy prevention Mild acne, larger breasts, increased vaginal lubrication. F 27 7 months
 4  Prevent pregnancy, acne Nausea, WEIGHT GAIN, moodiness, loss of sex drive Although I experienced some bad side effects, it's very effective at preventing pregnancy & it cleared up my acne significantly. F 18 1 years
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 2  Ortho-Cept high in Estrogen Uncontrollable acne, mood swings, breast tenderness and increase in appetite! I know I have only been on this for a month but I don't know if being on it is worth it anymore. I was struggling with mild acne so I went to planned parenthood to get something that would help with it. Well, the doctor gave me Ortho-Cept that is high in Estrogen to help me mostly with acne. I have about had it with my acne and it's only been a month. It's painful and it's on my neck which has never happened. My breasts are tender. The slightest touch hurts. I get some mood swings, not to bad so fat, & I could eat a cow! If after bout 5 months, and my acne doesn't clear up, I'm changing! F 16 1 months
0.15MG 1X D