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 1  Prescribed by pill club Severe cramping and light headed. Heavy longer period. Still spotting brown and sometimes red even after period should be over. Never had a birth control do this to me F 33 9 days
 1  Prevent pregnancy Severe headaches, extreme sadness, debilitating cramps I know you're supposed to wait 3 months to get into your system for side effects to subside, but there is no way to live 3 months like this. I have NEVER had extreme cramping. My periods have always been incredibly mild. I now understand what some women go through and don't know how they deal! I've had 2 miscarriages and the cramping I had today was worse than that. I got a prescription through the pill club because I dont currently have insurance and needed BC. I will be calling Planned Parenthood tomorrow to talk with them. I have spent all day in bed with painkillers just DULLING the pain. I've never had such an adverse reaction to BC in 20 years that I've been on it. To women who regularly deal with debilitating periods: I am SO sorry you have to go through it . It is AWFUL. I dont wish that on my worst enemy F 37 30 days
 5  Stabilize hormonal cycles Minor weight gain that could easily be attributed to my poor diet more than the pills I'm pleased. I've reacted negatively to other brands in the past and the Mirena was a 6 month long helliah nightmare. My body really likes the balance or hormones in this pill and I plan to keep taking it. Starting 2nd pack tomorrow, skipping placebos F 36 1 months
 1  Birth control Painful cramps, tiredness, Bartholine cyst I have been getting painful cramps every couple hours that are worse than my period cramps. Also, I started taking this pill Sunday morning. Monday morning I noticed a small hard lump on my vagina, on my labia majora to be exact. I started to look up what it could be and it looked like it was a bartholine cyst. It said I could wait it out for 2-3 days to heal on its own and if it didnít to go see a doctor. On day 3 I went to go see my doctor because it had only gotten bigger and painful. I tried the medicine they gave me, cleaning, ointments, and it is still only getting worse. I had never gotten anything like this whatsoever until I started taking this pill. F 21 7 days
 2  To help with acne and stop periods Started taking on 1st day of period. At furst only issue was brown discharge like spotting. Which was ok. Face cleared up, ni emotional issues but some insomnia. Then...Horrible cramps that started on week of last active pills. I skipped the placebo pills and yesterday srarted new pack. Still cramping like crazy, period hasnt come, which is what i wanted. Very small amount of brown discharge nit enough to call it spotting. I have mixed feelings about continuing or stopping. Side effects arent unbearable but this constant is a nuisance. Breasts arent as sore as when i first started but i have gone up a cup size. But i also have bloating and gas. Every positive has a negative i guess. I say give it 3 months as they recommend to see if symptoms regulate and subside. F 36 22 days
 1  To help with my heavy periods. Terrible depression. & Headaches. Would not recommend. F 70 days
 1  Generic at Walgreens for my insuran Depression, continuous bleeding that caused anemia. Bloating , no libido, urinary incontinence, extreme fatigue Iíve been on some sort of pill birth control for 30 years I have never experienced side effects like this from any other birth control brand. The depression and fatigue became quite serious. I took this medication for 9 months to try and askust to it. The symptoms just got worse. F 45 100 days
 1  Fibroid Headaches..terrible mood swings...terrible tired no energy whatsoever. The worst feeling in my life and I was literally crushed between two trucks 6 years ago. This stuff is awful. I have never been so sick They shouldn't be able to sell this garbage F 42 14 days
30 mg
 1  IVF Severe uterine cramping, bloating, migraines that dont go away, lethargic, overall dont feel well on it F 41 5 weeks
 1  insurance change was on apri was on apri for years without any side effects, switched to isibloom and after one month on medication hair was falling out in huge clumps, constant breast tenderness and started having daily migraine headaches and irratibility would NOT recommend taking this medication, significant unwanted side effects including losing the majority of my hair in 3 months time F 30 4 months
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