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 3  skip periods and prevent pregnancy cramps, low libido, lots of breakthrough bleeding, breast enlargement, weight gain, less acne this is the first birth control I've ever used so I don't know if it's the pill to blame or my body but MAN I do NOT like the side effects. Im on the pill to prevent pregnancy but I never even wanna have sex because of it. My chest was pretty small which I liked but the pill has almost made me grow a full cup size. despite being on the pill for many months, I still get lots of breakthrough bleeding and it's honestly just annoying. Yes, this is a cheaper option and I did have some benefits like no full period and less acne but the pros are outweighed by the cons. Would not recommend. F 18 11 months
 3  IVF cycle control Depression, suicidal thoughts, mood swings, decreased libido, acne, weight gain, bloating, fatigue, difficulty thinking clearly, anxiety. It is fulfilling its purpose of controlling my periods. However, this is not a pill I would choose to take. Far too many negative side effects. Plus I like to take birth control to help my skin, and this seems to be causing my acne. Iíve begun getting light cystic acne on my neck since taking this. Very disappointing. Canít wait until I can get off of it. F 28 2 months
 1  Pregnancy prevention Nausea, severe cramps, extended period, mood swings, irritability, dizziness, has, bloating F 37 6 days
 1  help with acne, prevent pregnancy migraines, nausea, irritability, extreme mood swings, depression, anxiety please do not take this birth control. I have only been on 3 separate types of the pill but this one is horrible. about a week in, i stopped feeling like myself. i started feeling even more anxious than i regularly do, stressed to the max, my eyes started twitching from how nervous i constantly feel and itís NEVER happened to me prior to this pill. i have your typical pms symptoms but i feel that they have been multiplied by 10 and are constant. as soon as i am off of work all I want to do is get in bed. i have no libido. and I often feel confused and lightheaded. overall a HUGE no. no one should have symptoms like all of us have. F 22 3 months
 1  Birth control Weight gain, anxiety, heavy periods, always hungry, emotional By far the worst birth control Iíve ever taken.. was taking because as a non insurance payer it was the cheapest... paying a little more is one hundred percent worth not getting these horrible side effects!!! F 22 6 months
 1  Regulate period/Prevent pregnancy Long term breakthrough bleeding, severe depression, severe back pain, and yeast infection. Breakthrough bleeding lasted 22 days followed by yeast infection F 23 4 months
 2  having unprotected sex Breast tenderness, heavy periods, severe cramping, nausea, (I always felt carsick.) mood swings, people not getting me fuc*ed up. Also get cramps when Iím not on my period. I was prescribed by the pill club, been on for almost a year. F 22 10 months
 4  Preventing Pregnancy Isibloom is great for preventing pregnancy, letís get that right, however, there are some other minor issues (in my opinion) that came about with starting this. I have been on Isibloom for 4 months now, and Iím this review, Iíll be as transparent as I can to help out my fellow users :) Period: My prescription was filled out to skip my periods, however, I am a heavy bleeder with or without contraception. I knew that if I tried to skip it my first few months it would not go well. On month 1-3, I took the placebo as followed. My bleeding neither lightened or got heavier. So as for the flow, it remained the same. I also never really got cramps prior to B.C. so I didnít get cramps either. On month 4, I decided to skip my period and it went flawlessly! I decided to skip it again but a few weeks into the new pack I got break through bleeding. I bled for 2 weeks straight and took my placebo pills again, after that, the bleeding subsided. I am a heavy bleeder though so keep that in mind. Moods: Months 1-3 were completely fine! On month 4, I started feeling slightly sad here and there but it isnít bad. It was just slightly off putting and I knew that it was the pill because I never felt sad for no reason before. This made me over think a lot of things and made me cry. Periodically itíll get bad to where I just cry, but it isnít terrible! It hasnít messed with me that bad like Iíve read in the other reviews though. Sex: T F 22 4 months
 1   Headaches, fatigue, nausea, irritability, mood swings, depression and more painful periods. Iíve been taking this almost a year and chalked up my headaches to needing a new glasses prescription but even with that it still persisted. I would not recommend this to anyone. Itís expensive even with insurance and Iíve never consistently felt this terrible. I come home from work and instantly lay in bed with a major headache and terrible fatigue. F 22 1 years
 1  Pregnancy prevention I have been overly depressed and exhausted. I live in Maine and chalked it up to winter time but after reading the reviews on this site I am stopping this pill immediately. Iíve lost my drive to do anything, absolutely no libido and have gotten more anxious(which is the complete opposite of how i normally am) hoping to feel better soon. Caused depression, extreme fatigue, anxiety, low libido. F 31 1 years
 1  Regularity I was given Isibloom through the Pill Club and things were okay at first. I had some mood swings in the first week and a lot of sickness when eating, so I barely ate and when I did it was weird foods like banana in a tortilla with Nutella haha! That finally passed and thing were good and it was working like it was supposed to but I started noticing that I was feeling more depressed and I chalked it up to just stress from school. I did think to myself that maybe I should stop taking the pill just in case that was it but i unfortunately did not. In December it started giving me full panic attacks and made my heart race. I stopped taking the pill almost a month ago and I am still having heart palpitations and I am on a Very restricted diet my doctor has put me on to fix this. I really do not recommend this product. It is a nightmare. The other reviews on this site are confirming my fears. Isibloom is terrifying. Always think of your health first. F 19 2 months
 1  Birth Control Please do not take this birth control. So I started taking isobloom the day my period came. Everything felt fine for a while. Then heading into the middle of the week my stomach would hurt so bad, the bloating was excruciating my belly expanded like I was pregnant. I was always tired, and immediately after coming in from work I would skip dinner Nasuea and go straight to bed. I had light bleeding here and there after my period. Iím a girl who love to eat, and I couldnít even a whiff of cooked or raw meat made me puke. I got angry really quick, very bad acne like it hurt to touch it. And my head hurt so bad. I finny just stoped taking it on Sunday I believe. Iíve had light to medium bleeding with large slimy blood clots itís been about 6 days thatís it been this way. Iím scared honestly because what if it doesnít stop ? Today itís light and not a lot of blood clots I just pray itís over by Monday. F 22 8 days
 1  Prevent pregnancy Light bleeding every day almost. Slight cramps. Slight breast tenderness. I got isibloom through pill club because I donít have insurance and I donít have a whole lot of money to spend. I started taking the pill with directions to skip the inactive ones and go straight to a new pack. I have been having slight bleeding/ brown discharge for about 4/6 months. It will stop for maybe 2 days then start back up again. Itís a pain in the ass when Iím having intercourse with my S.O. and he gets blood on himself from me. Itís not a lot but itís enough to be annoying. Do not get isibloom if you donít want to bleed everyday. F 25 6 months
 2  Birth control definitely made me feel more hormonal, I got one cystic pimple each cycle that took 3 months to go away and the scars last even longer. Experienced some weight gain, moodiness. My breasts would be tender a full week before I finished my pills in the back and god forbid I miss one day my period would come without fail. F 27 6 months
 1  To stop heavy cycles 15 pound weight gain, acne, 3 months of a nonstop heavy flow This birth control I started to delay my hysterectomy because of fibroids and extremely heavy cycles. This pill instead caused me to have one 3 month long heavy cycle requiring more iron infusions for me. I also have 4 babies and have never had and issue with weight gain (also have not been in any birth control in 10 years) and since beginning to take this I have gained almost 15 pounds in the 12 weeks I've been on it. I am currently awaiting my new prescription of a different birth control so that hopefully this nightmare will end. F 30 3 months
 1  To stop major bleeding. This pill is a f**king nightmare. DO NOT TAKE IT! I had never experienced severe cramps before in my whole 3 years of starting my period. NEVER! Once I start taking this pill my cramps were awful. I spent 5 hours in the ER and I bled through everything I owned within a few days. This pill is made for young female teenagers that fool around. NOT YOUNG WOMEN WHO WANT A MORE CHILL PERIOD! I have to change my pad every 1-3 hours. Not to mention everything I eat with this medicine makes me feel nauseous and gives me the diarrhea. Iíve been HEAVY BLEEDING and cramping for 4 days now. do NOT take this pill. It is a nightmare. Find something else. Iíve heard from other resources that it can also decrease your chances of getting pregnant in the future. Maybe you all have different experiences, but this pill is awful for me. F 15 40 days
 3  To prevent pregnancy Okay so I started the first day of my period, and it stopped my period altogether. It just stopped. Have had minor cramps nothing serious, I'm starting to think I am pregnant. Taking a pregnancy test tomorrow morning. If I'm not then I highly recommend it. These comments are all so sad, I haven't struggled with anything major yet it says if you take it on the first day of your period then you don't need a backup. Not much to say other than the first night I took it I did wake up with the worst stomachache but I didn't have it the second night. We shall see about tonight. It's only been 3 days of taking it so idk how well my review will be. Will update if things go south F 25 3 days
 1  Birth control Get this demon drug off the market! Iím seriously debating contacting a lawyer. It made my period come early, pms way worse, non stop cramps and now my period wonít stop! Donít take it!! F 34 5 days
 1  Stop periods Iíve used many other birth control brands and never had any issues after my prescription expired I decided to try the Pill Club they switched me to Isibloom I used for about 6 months before figuring out all the side effects were from Isibloom. I experienced Depression,Mood swings, weight gain, Melasma/hyperpigmentation that I never had I have stopped using this. I regret trying this and donít recommend F 28 6 months
 1  Prescribed by pill club Depression. Mood swings. Light headed and dizziness. Nausea. Fatigue. Stomach ache. Bled heavily for three weeks straight. I was honestly scared that something was severely wrong with my body because the side effects were so extreme. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless you're okay with having to stay in bed most days, feeling nauseous in the morning, and random spouts of anger and sadness. I'm still dealing with the side effects because I just stopped taking it and I can't wait for this nightmare to be over. F 22 1 months