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 1  2b met. Breast Cancer Terrible neuropathy in feet had nerve test permanent nerve damage. Should have used different drug or been administered drug differently. I blame doctor for that. But after nine years cancer free but also thank the Lord for that It has destroyed my life 56 3 months
 1  Return of tumour Nauseous, constipation, breathless, fatigue, extreme tingling in feet and hands. Could not have hot shower as it seemed too hot for my skin. Hair loss, lost some control over bladder but this has returned. A dreadful chemo . Skin rash covering entire torso, under arms etc the rash changed the colour of my skin. 73 14 weeks
 1  Stage 3-A lung cancer Long term side effects I'm 8 years out. I still have terrible insomnia. Neuropathy in my hands & feet. Chronic fatigue. Small end nerve damage from head to toe.Unable to concentrate multi task confusion.Memory & time loss. Muscle & joint pain. Acne. PTSD. Depression. Headaches. I was never told about these side effects. Nor was I told they could be life long. I had neurological testing done in 2014. I was told I have Dementia caused by chemotherapy. The chemo cocktail I was given included Taxol Carboplantin Benadryl & other meds. Also did 6 wks of radiation 5 days a wk while doing chemotherapy at the same time. F 42 15 weeks
 3  Metastatic Breat Cancer Terrible peripheral neuropathy in feet. Extreme fatigue. Worse is the lung damage (irreversible, I'm told..) How can a drug that should be beneficial to me destroy my lungs?? Is this the only chemo drug used for metastatic breast cancer? As for all the scans and blood tests, the Taxol did OK. F 77 10 weeks
1X W
 4  Stage 2B ER+ PR+ Her- Breast Cancer Just some advice. I was given 50 mg of benedryl first treatment and had horrific restless legs for 24 hours. Called dr and have reduced premed to 11.5. No more restless leg. Also had horrible hip pain week one and started taking one Claritin a day and a natural anti-inflammatory brand name Regenifree (you can order online) I have had absolutely NO pain since starting this daily regimen. Less pain on Chemo than before Chemo. Really a miracle combination for pain relief during chemo F 45 4 weeks
 2  Stage 1 triple negative breast canc Pains in legs hips arms and vein issues. Shortness of breath and fatigue on day 3 thru next treatment. Sores in month and throat. I hope this works I have 11 more sessions. Then 6 weeks of radiation. I think the oncologist should look at all the side effects and either do dense dosage to individuals. No 2 people are alike. F 64 2 weeks
30 mg
 5  Triple negative breast cancer Severe joint pain/stiffness in fingers knees and hips and shoulders.mild tingling to bott of feet. Crazy hot flashes. Occasional headaches. I received 12 weekly rounds of taxol.i had to stop carboplatin after 4 doses due to severe neutropenia F 39 3 months
 4  Breast Cancer My only side effects has been bad breakouts on my face and head which has cleared tremendously after my MO prescribed a cream (for my face) and antibiotics for the breakout on my head (folliculitis). Other than that my energy level has been the same. No neuropathy or tiredness. F 40 7 weeks
80 MG
 3  Breast CA, Triple+, Stage IA, Grd3 Very bad headaches after 6th infusion, nightmares, neuropathy, hair loss started 25th day after start of infusions, weight gain ~10-14 lbs. Hair came out in clumps, had head shaved 5 days later. Horrific to loose hair, whole world knows I'm a cancer patient now! I hope this and Herceptin work. Dread 6.5 weeks of radiation and not sure if I'll take the revommened AI, due to bone loss, joint paint, hair thinning and weight gain. Major hindrance to quality of life at this stage. F 65 9 weeks
140 mg
 1  Breast cancer Severe neuropathy Question your if side effects can be perament F 65 1 days
 5  IDCS Breast Cancer Continued form previous post:week 5: mouth sores for a couple of days. Very achy from the granix-. I never dip below 4 again so did not take additional shots for the rest of the chemo. Hair continues to fall out, but still cant notice. Week 6: severe itching/tingling of feet, mostly at night. Drives me crazy. Double my L-Glutamine to 1500 mg/2x day and it goes away. I stay on that for the next 11 weeks. Hair coming out more. Week 7: Noticeable difference in energy level. Days 3-5 tired. Hair continues to fall out. Nausea in middle of night which wakes me up, but lasts only a few minutes. Week 8: tired, hair falling out. Week 9-12: Tired. Hair really falling out. Weird cold sensation in my veins when I get the chemo, but not sure if from taxol or the premeds. I almost passed out week 11 so they stopped it for 30 min and waited until I felt better. Week 13.Felt the worst I did the entire time. Tired, low energy, with some nausea in the night that woke me up, but again short la #2 of @ post with week by week descriptions for Taxol F 49 12 weeks
80 mg/KG 1X W
 5  IDCS Breast Cancer, post lumpectomy I really wanted the week by week, so here is what it was like for me. This is a blow by blow but overall let me say that on a scale of 1-10 (10 being awful), even on the worst days I would give it a 4. I never missed a day of work, though I did go to bed earlier and sometimes slept in. At week 14 I did a fast, 1 week turn around trip to Africa, and though tired, actually felt mostly OK. Week 1: No side effects Week 2: mouth sores for about 3 days, the first day it felt like a burned my mouth (like after you eat a hot piece of pizza) The third was somewhat sore, like having a bunch of cold sores. Then it just went away on its own Only came back for a couple of other days around week 5. Also low white blood cell count (3) from a starting point of 14. They give me neupogen the day before next session (Week 3). It works (WBC 27) but really makes me feel achy in my bones for a day. Insurance will not cover, so they switch me to granix. Went for a 3 day 35mile backpacking trip aft Diagnosed at 48. Triple positive so had weekly taxol for 12 weeks starting 5 weeks post surgery to remove lump. Also taking Herceptin which I started first. Side effects worse than Herceptin alsone, but overall quite manageable. I worked the entire time, continued to exercise (but was more tired). F 49 12 weeks
80 mg/KG 1X W
 5  LB Mastectomy (After AC chemo x 4) As the cycles progressed - extreme fatigue (could never have imagined it happen to me, It overwhelmed me) Metallic taste in mouth (drove me insane) Finger and Toe nails affected (mainly index fingers and large toe nails) Brain Chemo My hair fell out almost immediately with the AC chemo, but with Taxol, the last of it fell out and then my eyelashes and eyebrows all fell out and my body hair followed suit. If it works, go for it! as much as I did not like the side effects of it, you manage to get through it. The recovery from the side effects after the 12 cycles has been fairly rapid for me. So I am delighted. F 60 12 weeks
80mg 1X D
 5  Stage 4 Breast cancer Total hair loss for entire body, peripheral neuropathy, joint pain, neutropenia , tolerable fatigue, rapid heart rate Saved my life and thankful for this drug. Breast tumor and 2 small areas in liver were completely gone after first month (3weeks on & 1 week off ) of treatment with concurrent palliative radiation of lower back. Now 7 months later and addition of Avastin at month 5 , I am NED (no evidence of disease) and even bone detioration is gone. I started with mass in left breast, 2 small areas in liver, 3 metastases to the spine and severe pelvis, ribs and sternum bone lytic lesions. F 45 7 months
 4  TNBC Day after treatment is fine, days 3-5 fatigue, intestinal issues diarrhea, indigestion. Some nose bleeding, lost hair. Joint pain hard to discuss considering I had arthritis prior to diagnosis, I am 5 treatments in of 12 with carboplatin every 3rd treatment. Headaches have also been occurring a couple times a week. Definitely worst days are 3 -5. Still able to work full time except day of treatment. Not easy but manageable. Only one external measurement since starting and showed a reduced size tumor. F 53 10 weeks
 5  Breast cancer stage 1 removed Loss of hair, still have eyebrows/lashes. A little fatigue comes unexpectedly but then back to normal. Half way through hope all goes well. Taxol is an insurance policy for me not to get cancer I am happy if it works! F 50 6 weeks
1X W
 5  Breast Cancer Fatigue. Taxol helped save my life. I was Stage 2B when I started treatment with a tumor 4 1/2 cm in size. Opted for neo-adjuvant chemo in the hopes of saving my breast. Started with dose dense A/C for four treatments every other Tuesday and ended with dose dense Taxol, four treatments every other Tuesday for a total of 16 weeks of chemotherapy. Because of the positive response to chemo my tumor was shrunk to 1.1cm and removed successfully. Followed with daily radiation for 7 weeks. Six years post treatment I am completely disease free. F 58 8 weeks
2X M
 4  BC-Trip Neg-Stage 2A Joint and muscle pain, night sweats, fatigue, migraine. F 52 2 months
2X M
 4  Bc her2 + First 8 treatments were a breeze. Last 4 stomach issues got bad. Been off 3 weeks and am still having bouts of bad nausea. Thought it would be over by now. F 56 3 months
 4  Stage IIa Breast Cancer Taxol has, so far, been so much easier than A/C that I feel as if I have been given a second chance. I am between week 5 and 6 of weekly infusions and so far the worst side effect has been insomnia the night of the infusion and fatigue on day 3. This has been so much easier to take compared to the first chemo. F 41 12 weeks
100 mg 1X W

TAXOL  (PACLITAXEL):  Paclitaxel is used to treat various types of cancer. It is a cancer chemotherapy drug that works by slowing or stopping cancer cell growth.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)