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 1  anxiety/ mood disorder NOS Extreme fatigue/exhaustion, general apathy during activities normally found exciting, inability to stay awake, sleeping probably 15-18 hours per day, dizziness, drowsiness, depersonalization, weight gain. Makes taking care of oneself, keeping a job, or succeeding in school nearly impossible. Rendered me essentially non functional. I caution against taking gabapentin (neurontin) alongside other anticonvulsants. The bad effects, especially chronic exhaustion/fatigue, are heavily amplified. Loved ones thought I might have narcolepsy upon taking this medication because I literally could not stay awake. While taking this medication it made it to where I didn't care about anything and could not do anything other than sleep. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery while taking. Neurontin got me into 2 major car accidents due to falling asleep uncontrollably at the wheel. F 21 1 years
1X D
 4  Peripheral neuropathy Loss of libido. Sometimes difficulty sleeping. M 59 1 months
300 3X D
 3  Post Concussion Syndrome Hyper sexuality and related risk taking. Balance issues. Manic energy, loss of inhibitions. Helped me sleep, reduced anxiety, reduced migraines but side effects were crazy. Older males seem to have this issue the most. M 55 4 years
300 4X D
 5  I made neorontin what it is today Man I didn't invent them but I made them what they are to this day I'm the patient that had the doctor turn it up full blast cause I loved the buzz. It made me forget I was fd up. It made me stand on my paralyzed legs and made me feel stoned and fast speed driving. Every tweak was made for me and only me. You are welcome world for the buzz I've guven u. Sorry to those that are appoled by this but I didn't think they would leave them in the market cause I told them to or sell or market to disorders I thought they could be used for without testing it. F 45 0 days
 5  Nerve pain from shingles This medication really helps my nerve pain without upsetting my stomach like NSAIDS .It does make me feel a bit silly, like Iíve had a glass or two of wine. Thatís fine with me because Iím retired. Iím not sure Iíd want to work with these side effects- lol. If I take less I donít feel the side effects, but I also donít get the pain relief. Iím sure the effects wear off after you get used to the medication. This is a very good medication for nerve pain for me. I have had other nerve pain and opioid medication doesnít work as well. F 56 1 months
300 mg
 1  Shingles Pain Drug caused tremors and drunken like behavior. Stopped taking it after 9 days and now trapped in withdrawals that are causing severe chest pain and hypertension. Can't get any help, no one wants to admit the withdrawals from this drug can cause such pain. I'm 84 already suffering from CHF and COPD. I couldn't go back on it and taper because it slowed my breathing. There is an FDA warning about this just came out. No one will help or admit responsibility. F 84 9 days
100 mg 3X D
 3  neuropathic symptoms in limbs MS I have been diagnosed with MS in the last year. Gabapentin worked amazingly for my restless legs and arms at night meaning I am getting the best nights sleep in years. However, yet to have any effect on constant tingling in my leg and my MS nurse has suggested upping the dose. I am reluctant to do so as I feel so odd on this medication. The best way I can describe it is that my head feels disconnected from my body, like my brain is off on a separate trip of its own. I am so spaced out, and I seem to be veering from overly chilled out (really unusual for me) to angry over stupid little issues. My nurse said the side effects should decrease but Iím not sure how long I can tolerate this. F 44 1 months
100 3X D
 3  Legs F 72 0 days
 3  Migraine and anxiety Weight gain of 15 lbs. In three weeks at 600 mg., edema, dry mouth, rashes, bruising I cut this med. In half a few weeks ago and already have lost 10 lbs. F 55 4 months
 4  Migraine and anxiety Blurred vision, dry mouth Very hard to get off, ended up in the hospital because of horrible migraines when I tried to cut down on the dosage F 54 3 months
 1  Spinal stenosis pain Took at night and sedating effects lasted throughout the next day. Disoriented at night and heightened confusion in my mom with slight dementia Would not recommend use in the elderly F 83 5 months
100 mg
 2  Possible neuropathic pain due to di Anxiety, agitation, weight gain Started with 300 mg a day and slowly titrated to 900 mg a day. While titrating I had very bad morning anxiety and agitation, and I gained 2 kg in just two weeks. My neuropathic pain didn't subseed maybe because it wasn't neuropathic at all. I h gave it a try but it wasn't for me. F 44 45 days
300-900 MG
 2  Auriculotemporal Neuralgia/Migraine Irritability and extreme fatigue I took this for Auriculotemporal Neuralgia and migraines. In the beginning I felt a bit high, but that slowly turned into anger, rage, irritability and moodiness as the days went on. I also was so insanely tired that I couldn't keep my eyes open at my desk at work. I was supposed to go to 300mg three times a day as per my Neurosurgeon. I never made it past 600mg! F 43 8 days
300mg 1X D
 4  Fibro,sciatica Extremely swollen,dizzy,tired,dry mouth,memory (short term) I have to keep hoping dosage for results. When I tried getting off of it,was horrible,worst was depression and my rage!!! F 64 2 years
 1  Anxiety Horrible Upset stomach Drowsiness Nausea Dizziness Leg and foot pain Lack of motivation Trouble concentrating F 22 100 days
 5  migraine prevention and pain relief Itís a life saver for intractable migraine F 44 10 years
300 x 3day
 3  Nerve pain from nerve damage A little scattered brained at first- sort of tired, sort of high feeling... these effects lessened over time. I think it makes me hungry, but Iím not sure-I changed other meds, too. There arenít a lot of good meds for nerve pain. Gabapentin can really help. I have taken it off and on at different times throughout my 20+ years dealing with nerve damage. Iíve never had a difficult time stopping it. Everyone has their own experiences, though. I find this mild compared to many of the other options. F 55 1 years
1800 daily
 1  Chronic pain, autoimmune neuropathy This was my second attempt at taking this drug. Years ago I took a much larger dose and stopped because it made me literally freak out. I agreed to try it one more time at a much lower dose. On the 7th day I bumped up the dose as directed and went to bed. Woke up and felt afraid. I was groggy but agitated and felt like I wanted to punch or hurt my partner. That scared me terribly. I am a gentle person. I was pacing back and forth. I felt very afraid and crazy. I called pharmacy and my doc. Was told to stop immediately. Scariest reaction EVER. Incidentally, my nerve pain was worse during the 7 days. Feel much better today but can't wait until this med is out of my system completely. Horrible! Made me feel afraid of myself. F 48 7 days
100 1X D
 1  Epilepsy stroke neuropathy More memory loss not from stroke, apathy, lethargy, suicidal ideation and two attempts Iíve been working with my neurologist for about a year trying to get off of the grasp this med has taken over me. This is the only med that I canít get off of. Iím down to 400mg twice a day but Iíve been trying for a year. Donít ever start taking this drug. Iíve had to add 2 more anti epileptic meds and Iím having more grand mal seizures weaning off. The manufacturers of Neurontin/Gabapentin should feel horrible for putting this dangerous med out to us. My physical health has declined solely because of it. My sexual arousal came back but canít be regulated which is very embarrassing sometimes. I have constant tremors and feeling chills. Lost over 30lbs in the last 2 months weaning has been so difficult at the stage Iím currently experiencing. Iím only 35 and my drs and I decided this drug is doing more harm than good after being reliant on it for 10+ years now. I much rather have the painful polyneuropathy. Never agree to start Neurontin or good luck trying to get off it without suffering more! F 35 10 years
800 3X D
 5  Proctalgia fugax, bunion pain, ibs- Dry mouth, double vision I increased the dose to 300mg a day. I also take 195mg trimipramine and 5 mg amitriptyline. I have cfs/ME since having severe viral infection 3 decades ago. Constant urgency has been very distressing. Been on numerous gut meds but this helps the most. I notice I am calmer. Still anxious about travel in case the bowels go.hopefully this will lessen over time. I now have some control over when I go. If I take a couple of cups of tea I end up going to the loo. Prior to gabapentin I was going numerous times a day and had to be very careful about what I eat. I can also eat a bigger range of foods without having to run to the loo. M 51 10 months
100 3X D

NEURONTIN  (GABAPENTIN):  Gabapentin is used with other medications to prevent and control seizures. It is also used to relieve nerve pain following shingles (a painful rash due to herpes zoster infection) in adults. Gabapentin is known as an anticonvulsant or antiepileptic drug.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)