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 Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers (ARBs)

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 1  Doctor replaced valsartan by edarby Dizziness, chest pressure, palpitations, night sweats, insomnia. New cardiologist replaced valsartan with edarby, but I ended in the emergency room with strong palpitations and dizziness. F 55 1 days
40 2X D
 3  High Blood Pressure Slight drowsiness Problems happened when I STOPPED Edarbyclor. Had a prescription snafu and was off it for a week and a half after 3 years on it. Developed edema all through my thoracic area, eventually leading to cardiac tamponade. My heart stopped at least 3 times. Within 24 hours of resuming the medication, all edema was gone. Would not necessarily recommend. M 49 5 years
40/25 1X D
 1  High Blood pressure Shortness of breath,dizziness,light headless, blurred vision, nausea, no energy just like a zombie, very dissatisfied, Cough, Not good , it lowers blood pressure, but the side effects is not worth it, must be a better blood pressure medication that will lower blood pressure without all the side effects of this drug. F 84 8 days
1X D
 1  Blood pressure Terrible drug, massive head rushes, made me blind for 3 days and attacks the spinal cord M 37 5 days
12g 1X D
 2  High blood pressure I am experiencing heart rate of 120 sometimes higher And have pins and needles. Anxiety at times. I told my doctor about my concerns especially about my heart rate and she said it's in my head. Thinking of seeing a different doctor. I sometimes have to take metoprolol to bring my heart rate down. Without a doubt this medication lowers blood pressure but the side effects is unbearable. F 57 3 months
40/12.5 1X D
 3  Blood pressure Coughing and burning stomach. Often urinate more or less. Not dizzy. Just the burning is running me nutts. Tried beta blocker. Was terrible, got off due non sleeping. Tired. M 62 100 weeks
10mg 1X D
 1  High blood pressure Heart palpation and high pounding heart rate. Bad back ache. Muscle pain. Constant pins and needles under feet and fingers. Dark urine and stomach pain. Not forgetting terrible pain behind my neck. Just took myself off this medication. Went back on clondine and heart rate returned to normal and so are the side effects I used to have. F 56 3 days
1X D
 3  Hypertension Muscle spasms M 56 2 years
25 1X D
 1  HBP This medicine dropped my bp to normal range within a week but I've developed postprandial hypotension as a result of taking this medicine. I feel faint, weak, have heart palpitations and have to lay down due to my blood pressure being extremely low. I have no energy and afraid to do anything. I have to take breaks while simply washing dishes. 88/55 was one of my lowest readings. I don't recommend this medicine to anyone. F 50 10 days
 1  High blood pressure I needed back surgery and did the pre-admission testing. My sodium was so low that I had to be hospitalized before I could even have the surgery. I came off of this medication M 64 4 years
 1  High Blood Pressure It really lowered my blood pressure. I had a couple of fainting falls and the dark colored urine and muscle pain is Rhabdomyolysis. The last time I passed out, I ended up in the back of an Ambulance with BP of 80/40 and pulse of 31. BUN was 88, CK level 76,000, I almost died. This happened May 4th, 2017 and I am not the same. I am now on Valsartan 80mg and it is working pretty well. M 57 4 months
40/12.5 1X D
 3  High blood pressure When I first began taking this medication I was so excited because in 2wks it lowered my bp from 220/117 to around 138/84. I thought I had found the perfect medicine until I went to see my new doctor and she decided to run a panel of test on me. When my results came back I was shocked because my creatinine had went from 1.2 to 1.4 in that short length of time. I immediately took myself off of it and are now trying Diovan instead. I'm anxious to see if my numbers decreased or has permanent damage occurred. F 49 2 weeks
 1   Awful. Depression F 63 3 weeks
 1  High Blood Pressure At first things seemed fine. My bloodpressure almost immediately went to normal But in May (after 6 months on it) my doctor decided to check my blood chemistry. WHOA!!! My numbers were so off ... Monocytes had dropped to 100 (should be 200-900), my Creatinine was 2.10 (indicating renal problems which I'd never had!) my kidney function dropped from 87% (before taking Edarbyclor) to 25% after ... and my uric acid SOARED to 12.1 (6 or lower is the norm). I developed gout which had to be treated with shots in my feet. And in the last 2 months I was having bouts of coughing which I had not related until the results came in and all these horrible side effects were realized. I have not had such an INSIDIOUS reaction to any medications. If your doctor does put you on this, take baby steps. Agree to a blood panel monthly to catch the moment the problems begin so you can stop in time. You will not feel negative effects until the internal damage has been done. I have no idea how long it will take to recover from this. HORRIBLE!!! F 51 7 months
40/25 1X D
 1  Hypertension Almost died on this medication. Before med BP was 180/110 on the 3rd day was rush to ER by EMS unresponsive with NO BP and heart rate was in the 30's. Since have had constant dizziness, palpitations, and have not felt right. I have been a Paramedic for 20 years and would NOT recommend taking this drug, would however recommend Class Action lawsuit. Have not been able to return to work thus far. M 44 3 days
40/25 1X D
 3  High blood pressure Terrible coughing attacks. 46 1 years

EDARBYCLOR  (AZILSARTAN KAMEDOXOMIL; CHLORTHALIDONE):  This medication is used to treat high blood pressure (hypertension). Lowering high blood pressure helps prevent strokes, heart attacks, and kidney problems. This product contains two medications: azilsartan and chlorthalidone. Azilsartan works by relaxing blood vessels so blood can flow more easily. It belongs to a class of drugs called angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs). Chlorthalidone causes your body to get rid of extra salt and water by making more urine. It is called a "water pill" or diuretic.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)