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 2  ED Face flushing, nasal stuffiness The first time I took half a 100mg pill and it worked okay. Next time a week later I took the other half and my erection wasn't nearly as hard as the first time. Don't think I'll be purchasing more Stendra when Viagra seems to work better for me. Price savings are very negligible trying Stendra as compared to Viagra prices, so I'll go with the sure thing and stick to Viagra for now. M 62 17 days
50 1X D
 1  E.D. no side effects at all This ED medication did not work for me at fact, I think it made matters worse. I first tried a 100 mg dosage around an hour before intercourse with no erection attained. The second time, I tried 200 mg dosage, and again, absolutely nothing. It did not work at all for me. Viagra/Cialis have worked fine in the past, and that is what I will continue to use. M 60
200 1X D
 1  ed Ok M 23 1 days
 5  Age related ED. No side effects. I am a healthy man, fit, non-smoker and non-drinker, attending gym and eating healthy. I have never had any problems with libido and attraction to women, but as I was getting older, I started to experience sometimes problems with sustaining erection during intercourse. So, I decided to try some of the "magic pills". Having read a lot of information about side effects of Viagra and scared of having them, I asked my doctor to prescribed me Stendra 200 mg pills. I first tried 1/4 of a pill (50 mg), but in 15 minutes I felt no effect. Then I added another 1/4 of pill (50 mg). In next 15 minutes I had very strong and hard erection as if I am 30-years old guy again. I had two orgasms with my wife having multiple orgasms. The second intercourse lasted almost 15 minutes with delayed ejacuation which very impressed me. I woke up at around 6 o'clock in the morning with such a hard erection that I even had to masturbate to release tension in my penis. Me and my wife are very pleased as if we returned 20 years back. M 53 2 days
100 1X D