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 5  Nerve damage from bad aaa surgery Sometimes sweating, don't know of any other issues. So far it's a life saver, I couldn't deal with life without it, was bed ridden mostly, could not sit in chair, can't drive in car, from the pain sitting up. Now I am up and moving much more them in the last 2 years since my surgery. I hoping to do even more, going up to 50mg soon. M 64 2 months
37mg 1X D
 5  spinal stenosis Zero, I was a couch potato for 5 years because of debilitating pain If used as prescribed I could finally get off the couch and do things that I could not do for years. Friends could not believe how I changed back and started doing work that I only dreamed of. I am not high from the fentanyl, all it did was make my pain bearable. M 60 1.5 years
50 mcg/hr 1X O
 4  Pain two bad hips,back spurs,vertab It took a year for my body to adjust. Dizzy, I did not want food. I still Itch on some brands, mainly scalp.It is VERY sun sensitive. Can kill you. Take warnings seriously. It is not supposed to help you with weight, but I lost over 80 lbs, because my appetite just was not there. (I needed to) And I continue for over a year now to maintain the same weight, because my taste buds changed so. Foods I liked or loved- are no longer good. Small portions are all I want. F 77 2 years
25 mcg/h 1X O
 3  Neuropathic and Spinal cord injury The drug was fine for 9 1/2 years, then the patches would leave complete red patches that would become so itchy that you could not keep them on for more than 4 hours. The skin ulcerated and became infected. WE had to finally quit and was started on Oxycodone / Naloxone and it is working much better. The skin is starting to heal but it will be weeks if not months before it is completely healed. Dr did not know what was causing the problem. I believe it was the adhesive and not the Fentanyl. I do not know what to do. It was very good for so many years and it seems as though the glue started the problem and nothing we could do to stop it. M 69 10 years
75 mic 1X O
 5  severe upper back pain (Thoracic) Due to dose I have breakthrough pain thru out day. At times I have sweats. This medication has truly saved my life. I finally sleep after 6 yrs of suffering. I'm losing weight.feel much better if only I can get the dose correct to fix the breakthrough pain I would just maybe be able to work again. F 56 3 months
 5  Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain Syndrome Constipation, drowsiness. Note: these do not make me high, though I am sure that my body is physically addicted to them - I have been taking them for 14 years now. The Fentanyl Patch gave me my life back. Before I was placed on it I was in constant pain, so much pain that it made me nauseous and would keep me from sleeping. I began with the 50 patch but soon realized it was not enough so went to 75. After a few years I went up to 100, but it made me too drowsy - back to the 75. That seems the best for me. I place them on my upper chest alternating sides. I've found the one's with the liquid reservoir to work the best. To maintain the correct dose I change patches every other day. M 58 14 years
75 mcg/hr 1X O
 2  Joint/back pain Worked well for pain at first. After two years became drug resistant withFlu-ish symptoms. Changed to morphine. The withdrawal from Fentanyl was TERRIBLE. The worst thing I've experienced. M 56 3 years
 2  Upper Endoscopy Nausea, dry mouth, dizziness, nervousness. I was given Fentanyl as a part of my sedation "cocktail" and to ease any pain I might experience during my procedure. I didn't make me feel calmer, it only made me feel nervous and sick to my stomach. I hated it. I don't usually take well to pain killers, and this one was no exception. I know it helps some people deal with their pain, but this stuff is just not for me. F 26 1 days
1X D
 5  Nerve Pain Im noticing people are rating Fentanyl that don't regularly use it. They've just had an experience w/it as part of a surgery.That's interesting. I have been using this med for over six yrs after trying most every other pain therapy and med. and it is by far the less addictive -it hasn't caused me to need or crave more. It provides excellent pain relief for a severe chronic pain problem.It also -at least in my state -has by far the lowest deaths by overdose as compared to other opiates. It's ideal for people with nerve pain who need a steady stream of pain med.I get the kind of patches w/o the gel inside so I can cut them in half and put a half on every other day. It makes the dose more even.Also,I have better luck putting them on by my hipbones then on my back-not sure why? But I do-the skin is thinner and they stick better there. I do take hot baths and they still work well. Not recommending the hot baths for everyone but for nerve pain it helps. The directions say it releases the med faster,tho,so? Might make your patch not last as long, Seems fine for me. Doing the patches in half I get no creepy withdrawals and they work well. Good luck to everybody :) hope your pain becomes better n easier. The side effects are some tiredness and feeling a little checked out sometimes. F 48 6 years
50 mg
 5  Arthritis pains Helps with pain very well with little side effects, mostly constipated. Great medicine and I think because it's a patch vs pill, it is abused less by street people. F 56
255 mg 1X O
 3  Systemic Scleroderma Disease The Fentanyl Patch works very well WHEN I get the correct dosage, but they are unreliable. sometimes the patches do not deliver the correct amount of Fentanyl. I am chemically dependent on the patch and easy to tell when low dose I wish they would check their dosages more carefully - fairly often I do NOT get the correct amount. When I am getting the correct amount in the patch I do quite well. F 58 10 years
25mcg 1X D
 2  ENG procedure Severe headaches after 5 days post-op. This has happened twice. October 2010 and May 2011. Was told by Doc that I was also given Versed... so don't know if reaction was from Versed, Fentanyl or both Good news was I do not have any memory of the procedures... but only tied the severe headaches to the meds today. When the headache occured in October, PCP did not identify that they could be from procedure done by other doc 5 days before... so went through a series of test (CT scan, eye test, blood work) in Oct 2010 that never identified the root cause. So I tied the headaches today after recalling the last severe headache occured 5 days post op past time. M 59 1 times
 4  patch for back,butt,leg,foot pain slightly tired, a little dizzy at times. I lived with severe back pain for about 13 years. Basically lived in my bed for 10 of those years. I had SEVERAL surgeries, procedures and therapies but no relief. I hurt so bad I wished I would not wake up at times. Depression became a monkey on my back that I thought would never go away. Using this and Neurontin has given me back a life. Not a perfect life but a thousand times happier one. F 43 1 years
25mcg/hr 1X O
 4  Post surgical hand pain No side effects. until time to detox-that was pure hell. Overall, I am glad it was there when I needed it since nothing else worked. F 54 5 months
75 mcg 1X O
 1  Sheath Removal I was drowsy from the Morphine and when given Fentanyl I literally went from feeling drowsy to being wide awake. The physician needed to remove my sheath after an Angiogram. He requested 25 mcg IV, which woke me up. The nurse gave me 50 mcg more, which woke me up even more. This medication did not make me tired at all. The removal of the sheath was very painful. I am not sure if this is common, but Fentanyl is not for me. F 37
75 mcg 1X O
 5  IBD Drowsiness, Euphoria Great pain medication. This is the only narcotic analgesic I did not experience negative side effects with; it controlled my pain as required. I would take this medication any day over a horrible drug like morphine. The euphoria with this medication is awesome. Given pre-procedurally, it works like a charm. M 25 3 days
50-100 mcg 2X AN
 3  Chronic migraine. Sedation, unable to keep anything down. I was given fentanyl in an IV first when it helped a little, and then was given the patch while I was in the hospital for a chronic migraine that wouldn't go away after 5 days. I barely remember much of went on because of constant medications that were given to me, but I do remember being given the patch and not having much pain relief, but not being able to do anything besides sleep and throwing up. F 27 1 days
Patch. 1X D
 2  Chronic pain Sweating, nausea, unreliable dosage, sometimes too much, sometimes nothing, allergic to adhesive. Would be great, if reliable. F 52 17 months
 5  nerve damage Maybe some drowsiness-hard to tell because I take a few medications. This has been an absolute miracle for me. As for lawsuits and danger warnings-all the cases I have read about have been caused by abusing the drug or drs prescribing Fentanyl for patients that were not tolerant to opiods.This is he only med. I have taken that provides me with complete pain relief on many days. If I do a lot of physical stuff I have breakthrough pain, bt it is NOTHING like what I used to have. I have taken most every pain med and these patches have far, far less side effects. I am so thankful for this drug!! F 44 2 years
 2  Colonoscopy I was given Fentanyl in combination with Versed for a routine colonoscopy. The procedure went very well - little pain, but I vomited for 12 hours afterwards and had vertigo, especially when driving for the next 4 days. I had to take an additional day off work to recover. I am not sure whether the Versed was to blame or the Fentanyl or both?? F 49 1 days

FENTANYL  (FENTANYL CITRATE):  This medication is used to help relieve severe ongoing pain (such as due to cancer). Fentanyl belongs to a class of drugs known as opioid (narcotic) analgesics. It works in the brain to change how your body feels and responds to pain. Do not use the patch form of fentanyl to relieve pain that is mild or that will go away in a few days. This medication is not for occasional ("as needed") use.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)