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 2  Eliminate monthly periods (anemia) Severe new onset adult acne (cystic?) I have taken an alternate generic of this same birth control for years, no problems, and no acne. Previously I have also been on other brands/generics of the same drug, but no version seemed different when taking. I was forced by my new pharmacy to start on Blisovi instead of continuing the generic Iíd been using and I have developed awful acne since this switch. I didnít have any acne issues on the other versions, I didnít have acne issues when not on birth control, and I didnít have acne issues as a teen. Now I have the worst acne of my entire life (truly) at age 26.5 and itís so bad that I refuse to socialize with anybody and have avoided leaving home for the last 2 weeks. I was hoping it might just be an initial getting used to it flare up from the forced switch, but Iíve only gotten more acne and there are no signs of improvement. I am so upset by this and feel frustrated that the pharmacy chooses to stock this medication only when there are surely at least 10 other generics as well and other pharmacys Iíve used had at least 2 that I knew of, if not more, on hand as options. My prescription hasnít even ever been written for blisovi. I donít know why this has given me such terrible acne, but since Junel, loestrin, gildess, microgestin, etc did not, itís certainly not equivalent to the other generic pills that are out there. F 26 16 days