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 2  did not have a good experience Had my period every 7 days that lasted nine day basically had my period 3 times in may no cramps which I normally which was good I am gonna try balziva so I hope it works I have had bad depression and anxiety after my periods this was way I am trying birth control hope this helps F 39 2 months
 2  did not have a good experience Had my period every 7 days that lasted nine day basically had my period 3 times in may no cramps which I normally which was good I am gonna try balziva so I hope it works I have had bad depression and anxiety after my periods this was way I am trying birth control hope this helps F 39 2 months
 4  Prevent pregnancy So far I've been pleased. Periods have gotten lighter over the years and the cramps are barely noticeable. Only downside is I've gained 15 pounds. I've noticed an increase in appetite since I began taking them. F 18 1 years
 5  regulation, acne, prevent pregnancy regulated and lightened my periods. didn't really help clear up acne, but getting older did. I still get more pimples around the time of my period, bloating, and breast swelling/tenderness. I have PMDD and I don't think this really helps it, but I've been on it 10 years so I don't know how I would be without it. It has worked to prevent pregnancy for 10 years so I'd say that's pretty good! As a side note, I tried Orthotricyclen before Estrostep (and I actually take Tilia FE, the generic) and it was bad bad bad for me. Everyone reacts differently to different birth control pills. F 27 10 years
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 4  acne prevent pregnancy headaches at night, tiredness and feeling of being weak and low in energy. at first I was very nauseous all the time and had heightened sense of smell and taste (I was a pickier eater than my 3 year old). Acne never completely cleared up. gained 10 lbs. Over all this is a good birth control, I was on Mirena IUD before this for a couple of years which gave me severe acne and increased hair growth. The one thing I liked about Mirena was the increased energy level and no mood swings. Estrostep is completely different, I feel more womenish (if that makes sense) the hair on my head and eyelashes are actually thicker and my body hair has actually decreased and slowed in growth. My skin actually looks and feels more radiant and less greasy (the hormones in Mirena made my skin produce excess oil). The tiredness and weak feeling is still there I have just gotten used to it, but the heightened senses have went away. I have been trying everything for the passed month to lose the 10 lbs I gained but have had no luck. I have never had a problem losing weight until now. I was 125 lbs before I started taking this BC and now I am 135 lbs. I am working out for an hour a day 4 days a week and eating clean an have actually gained a pound. My next step is cleansing my liver of excessive hormones hope it works. The described effects are in comparison to Mirena and the side effects were by no means extraordinary. F 26 1 years
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 1  Acne Extreme vaginal dryness, increased appetite. Breast tenderness. Spotting F 31 2.5 weeks
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 4  Moderate acne The worst side effect was that I bled for 3 weeks straight during the first month taking it. I was off birth control pills for about 4 years because my acne got better. It wasn't excessive bleeding (good bleeding for about 1 week, then spotting for 2 weeks). For the second month, my period returned to normal. Great with acne, I don't have breakouts any more. F 23 2 months
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 2  Birth Control and help Acne Spotting, Unusually emotional, Breast pain, Either very hungry or not hungry at all Mostly I hated this bc because my period became completely unstable. I normally get it like clockwork every 27 days and this threw it off completely, I wasn't spotting I was getting a period 3 times a month just shorter. It also made my boobs hurt REALLY badly, sad I was hoping it would work out. F 21 2.5 months
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 5  Prevent pregnancy, control PMS Altered period cycle -- almost all of my PMS symptoms (cramps, zits) occur the week BEFORE my period now. Period length was not shortened as much as other oral contraceptives have shortened it. This was the ONLY pill that did not make me fat. Yaz and Ortho Tri Cyclen both made me go from 118 lbs to 140 lbs over the course of months. This BC allowed me to shed the weight immediately back down to 121 lbs. Helped control mood swings tremendously. Helped acne (except while on period). Helped cramps. Only downside -- period was not shortened or lightened as much as other BCs have and this pill is expensive (co-pay tends to run high, $25 for me, even for generic). F 18 1 years
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 1  Endometriosis Wanted to put a gun to my head and blow my brians out. Cried over everything and nothing. Became evil towards family and friends. My GYN had switched me because I had been on the same pill since my endometriosis surgery two years prior and she wanted to make sure my system was maintaining. I finally realized, after having such a horrendous argument with my mother that I blacked out I was so angry, that it had to be this pill. It was like being possessed! I have never had such erratic mood swings and crying jags. It was a horrible, horrible month, especially the week before my period. Went directly back on previous pill and have been too frightened to try anything else. F 43 30 days
 4  Lower estrogen birth control first week i experienced numbness/tingling in arms and legs but this stopped the second week. start of third week i have been experiencing constant breast tenderness, very vivid dreams the entire month. I switched to this bc because i was on ortho-tricyclen for several years and i had a lowered libido and frequently yeast infections. Although i have not had my period yet on this new bc i can say that i am happy with the switch. my breasts are sore and the vivid dreams are a bit annoying but i like some of the other effects. i have improved mood, less constipation, slightly higher libido and no yeast infection. it is amazing how switching pills can change problems that you never knew were associated with the pill. i would recommend this pill to women who are curious if higher estrogen might be behind some of their problems. I will update more after my period next week to give a full review of this product. So far though, i am happy with it. F 24 3 weeks
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 3  Prevent Pregnancy Negatives: Weight gain of 5-7 lbs so far. Breast size increase and constant tenderness. Slightly more tired. Major decrease in sex drive. Positives: Wonderful during period: No cramps, small headaches only 1 or 2 days, didn't make me nausated like most birth controls. (Was on generic Tilia Fe the first month and I would NOT suggest that to anyone. Constant headaches/migraines the WHOLE month I was on it. And an increase in anxiety; slight depression; more moody. I was on the Nuvaring for 6 months and it was WONDERFUL! No side effects at all except extra discharge and shorter lighter periods. I had a slight discomfort during intercourse and knew mutliple people who had gotten pregnant while on nuvaring so I switched to Estrostep. I am going to continue it and I think my body will adjust for the most part, and working out will take care of the weight gain. F 23 2 months
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 1  prevent pregnancy Crippling anxiety! This BC messed up so much, and I've tried several brands of hormonal BC. The anxiety and panic attacks stopped me from going about my life and eventually gave me IBS that I still have 5 years later. The month after I stopped taking the pills my anxiety levels went back to normal (but my stomach never did) Wish I had never tried it!! F 26 3 months
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 3  regulate period im 5ft3 and when i started taking it i weighed 120 and i am now boobs hurt so very bad to the point im going to call my dr to complain in the morning. im still in my 34d bra but i could probably use the next size up but i refuse to buy a new bra:) its not my entire boob that hurts just the outer part almost like they are growing full speed ahead:)my face is broke out really bad but my chest and back that use to be bad is as clear as a bell now:)go figure. im tired and forgetful all the time now. seem confused alot and my husband says im more moody. a real bitch according to him:)but guess regulated my period, comes like clockwork now but is it really worth all the other side effects??? I THINK NOT!!!!! WEIGHT GAIN, MOODY, FORGETFUL, TIRED ALL THE TIME F 30 2 months
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 5  Birth Control Extreme hunger the week before a period. I have used Estrostep off and on for the last 6.5 years. I have had nothing but good results with it. It decreased the severity of my cramps (I use to vomit due to the pain), I knew exactly what day I would get my period, my skin was clear, and I didn't get pregnant while on it. I did switch to Mercett for 1 year to see if the B/C pills were causing my migraines (Turns out they weren't). The Mercett didn't even compare to Estrostep. I will be using it for as long as I can. F 25 6.5 years
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 2  For Pregnancy Prevention weight gain, depression, moodiness, skipped period (or withdrawal bleeding i guess it's technically called), severe headaches, lethargy, upset stomach, stomach pain, sore breasts, very very stingy sore nipples (sucked real bad) i was on lutera (generic for allesse) for two years and never had any bad side effects, until it stopped controlling my bleeding so i switched to the estrostep. after the first month on estrostep fe's generic (tilia), i had bleeding for a day or two, after the second month, i had no period at all. i've taken a dozen preg tests, all negative. the headaches occur all through the month but the worst seem to fall in the third week of pills, they are so bad i can't do anything other than lie down and cry. i've been depressed and lack interest in most things around me. my sleeping habits have gotten messed up too, i find it hard to get to sleep but once i do, i find it even more difficult to get up. the sore boobs and nippies didnt' start until i began this third month pack of bc, that was two weeks ago, the nippie burn has subsided and my breast aren't as sore as they were last week. i have had some mild cramping sensations as well. oh, and a yeast infection that just won't quit. i really don't like this pill but i'm hoping these side effects will clear up after a while. F 30 2.5 months
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 5  Prevent pregnancy, acne Weight gain, some hair loss This is by far the best birth control I've been on. I started on Ortho-Evra and HATED it. Went to Estrostep and loved it. Then I got Tilia (Estrostep's generic) to save money and went right back to Estrostep. Tilia made me super depressed and have frequent suicidial thoughts. No thanks! Estrostep keeps my libido good, my acne under control, and my periods light and regular. I would recommend Estrostep to anyone. F 33 3 years
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 1  Birth control No sex drive Weight Gain, 20 lbs in the last 2 years. I worked my ass off the first 3 years in order to maintain my weight. Cry over anything (I hated moody women and promised I would never be moody). I am in bad shape today. I cry, get angry, don't want to leave the house, I do not like the person I have become, even though I am very successful at my job and my relationship is wonderful, but I fight with my emotions everyday. F 27 5 years
 3  birth control weight gain; missed a period, spotting and deceased sex drive I was very worried when i missed my period and 2 weeks later i started spotting. My doctor said i was getting use to it. I've gained 15lbs in 3 mos but thats a good thing for me.. I like being thicker. M 24 3 months
 4  birth control and acne much shorter, lighter periods, mild cramping I am very happy with this pill, I have been on Yasmin and Yaz before switching to this to try and help with my acne. My acne hasn't improved or worsened, but my periods are super light and short with mild to severe cramps on the first day or two. F 21 2 years