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 1  Allergies Heart palpitations, chest tightness, fatigue, inflammation, twitching. Absolutely awful! 33 2 months
2X D
 2  Sinus drippage Made me feel worse. Bothered my throat. F 74 2 days
1X D
 1  Enlarged epiglottis throat inflamma Unbearable knee pain pain and inflammation. On scale of 1 to 10 it is at least 11 or 12. Took it for 6 days now I am afraid I have developed RA symptoms. I don't know if it will go away. I am devastated. F 61 7 days
2X D
 1  Allergies This drug is terrible if you are not familiar with the side effects. Besides the bad taste which to me was not that big of a deal, it caused me to have terrible muscle twitches at rest, mostly in the legs, but felt at times in my arms as well, These twitches later progressed to actual pain/soreness, which upon reading other reviews here led me to stop using the medication. I actually was so frightened at first that I thought I had beginning stage ALS because of how bad and constant the twitches were, as well as weakness in the hands. It also caused fullness in my ears which felt like I had an ear infection, and I felt a slight soreness in my throat. All of these side effects caused me to have severe anxiety, although I can’t say whether the drug itself causes anxiety or I just became anxious due to side effects scaring me. All in all, I would not recommend this drug at all, there are other allergy medicines out there that won’t cause you to feel like you have a life threate Not worth it, too many side effects. May work at reducing sinus allergies and other things, but at what cost? I feel like long term use of this medication can lead to long term/permanent damage. I feel lucky that I realized this after only 6 days of use. M 27 6 days
1X D
 1  Outdoor allergies effective for allergy symptoms but, side effects are numerous. I too felt fatigued, anxious or nervous at times, some rapid heart beats and that mental fatigue and irritability others wrote about. After reading other comments, I too wonder if my thigh and calf aches were truly not from exercise as others experienced the same. Once Astelin was discontinued the issues stopped. Will never use again! F 61 14 days
1X D
 3  Sinus and ear fullness1 spray Seem very depressed and anxious F 70 14 days
137mcg 2X D
 1  Excessive post nasal drainage It is pretty good at clearing the excessive drainage, but there were so many other subtle side effects – – many of them experienced by other people on this site – – that eventually I decided it is not for me. I did not take near the dosage prescribed which was 2 puffs each side twice a day. At most i used 1 puff each side once a day, and I skipped a few days. I will never take this medicine again – – just too many negative side effects from head to foot, to risk it anymore. I am very sensitive to a lot of prescription medication, so it doesn’t surprise me that this had negative affects, too. I plan to check this website in the future anytime anything is prescribed to me, before I ever take it. Thank you for all your input. F 64 17 days
137 mgd
 1  throat drainage nightmares would set up in bed body all rigid, took a while to figure out what was causing it medicine does its job but to hard on my body nightmares were very frighting and body very tense will not take this medicine again. F 78
137mcg spr 1X AN
 1  post nasal drip from a cold staying I was unable to go to work any of the 3 days I took it due to severe sinus headache. Headache was not in the face and neck but at the top of the head where it was almost impossible to loosen and break up. I haven't taken it since those 3 days a few months ago, but I've had 2 colds since then and both turned into severe headaches where the pain was so bad I cried and the blockage was at the top of the head and no medications or techniques would loosen or break up the sinus congestion there. I never experienced headaches like this with a cold until I used the Asterlin. I'm starting to believe that 3 days of using this 3 months ago has had a permanent effect on my long term sinus health. This should be taken off the market. F 52 3 days
30 MG
 1  Allergies Extremely ill. Dry mouth, sleepy, fatigue, no concentration, nausea, dizziness, sinus pressure is hideous. Not worth the side effects. Horrible drug. Severe migraines. Terrible drug. F 54 3 weeks
30 2X D
 1  sinusitis Took it to dry up sinuses. Immediately upon 1 spray in each nostril (as directed) nostrils were running and began violent sneezes that lasted 15 minutes and about blew up my head. Sinuses are still running and swollen. What an awful drug. DO NOT TAKE! Wish I had my $40 back - what a complete waste!!!!!!!! M 64 2 days
1X D
 3  allergies, environmental sinus bad taste in mouth, post nasal drip, dryness Astepro is fairly effective if you can get past the taste. Stopped that feeling of itching inside your nose. Did nothing for my post nasal drip, actually made it worse. Probably good if you sneeze a lot but not for much else. M 20 1 years
2 2X D
 1  Chronic sinus issues Extreme fatigue. Would never use again. F 76 5 days
 5   Very good for allergies But the heart palpitations cramp in the feet and joint pain and memory problems it also make me tired and lazy and want to be in bed 24/7 but it saves my life many times from suddenly swelling and closing of my airway. No i just take as needed and I puffs in each nostrils instead of two. F 12 months
 1  Allergic rhinitis Exhaustion, flat affect, difficulty focusing, ear pressure I've tried shots, sprays, all of the over the counter options with minimal benefits, hence was open to trying this. I knew within a day that Azelastine hcl was problematic, but chanced a couple more to be certain. A week on it and I'd be ready for the psych ward and wouldn't even need the Thorazine/phenothiazine cocktail to keep me miserably sedated. M 52 3 days
 1  13 yo son & father in law had allergy Both my son and father-in-law lost their sense of smell while taking this - it hasn't come back for either! My son has had anosmia since he last took it last Jan-Feb I'm really angry that this was not considered important enough to put on the box!!!! WARNING: DO NOT TAKE THIS! M 13 1 months
205.5 mcg/
 1  Major sinus congestion Within hours of taking Astelin I was so dizzy I couldn't walk to the bathroom. Room was spinning and I felt like I was walking sideways. This in turn caused anxiety. I am a sensitive bug to medications and this is in my top three medication reactions. I will never take this medication again. F 43 1 days
137 MCG
 1  Chronic seasonal allergies Muscle aches, depression, horrendous headache (almost went to ER) Never again! F 50 4 days
30 1X D
 5  Allergies I take it at night at bedtime and it helps me sleep. It does give me fatigue during the day, but it also has greatly helped my allergies. To the people complaining about the taste, read the directions on the box. This drug is only meant for your nose and not your mouth. Tilt the head forward when spraying and don't let the medication come out the back of your nose into your mouth. I would hope your doctor explained to you how to take this spray. M 41 3 months
 1  Allergies HORRIFIC TASTE in my mouth after spraying a single spray in each nostril. OMG I cannot tolerate this at all. This tastes absolutely TERRIBLE, and this awful taste is hard to get rid of!! F 36 1 days
1 spray 2X D