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 Type: Brand name discontinued; available as generic

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 1  Contraception After taking this for 5 months I began having horrible headaches and was diagnosed with severe cerebral thrombosis (blood clots around my brain). I was in neuro icu for 2 weeks and a regular hospital room for a week. F 45 5 months
 1  Endometriosis and irregular periods Blood clots, Pulmonary Embolisms, pulmonary hypertension, heart strain, actelectasis, lung infarction I took reclipsen for 7 months, it improved my endometriosis symptoms greatly and I was satisfied until I was diagnosed with blood clots in my lungs (pulmonary embolisms). There were 2 large ones and several small ones scattered throughout both lungs. One clot cut off the oxygen to my right lung and part of it died. I had heart strain and pulmonary hypertension. I'm otherwise a healthy 25 year old. Be warned. The risks outweigh the benefits, I could've died and left my 3 kids without a mother. F 25 7 months
 5  For hormone balance NONE! WELLBEING BALANCES MY HORMONES but I am now being denied it. My body needs it to balance my hormones! F 62 10 years
 1  Prevent pregnancy, PCOS Decreased libido, vaginal dryness, constant hunger, bloating, slight breakouts. This medicine has worked to prevent pregnancy because I no longer want to have sex with my husband, which probably shouldn't be normal for someone my age. The vaginal dryness is what makes sex so unemployable for me. F 23 1 years
1 X D
 1  Pre-IVF cycle Pulmonary embolism, DVT in right leg. I was taking Reclipsen specifically. This drug has ruined my current chances of getting pregnant and changed my life. It's dangerous and should not be on the market any longer. F 38 4 months
.15 mg 1X D
 5  birth control & another condition Very few side effects- I do not go off this pill I am on the active form at all times as it not only provides birth control, it helps decrease the number of shots I need for another medical condition... it has been excellent!!!! This medication has substantially improved my life over the past decade F 51 10 years
20mg 1X D
 2  Severe cramps from Endometriosis I noticed I eat A LOT! Ill be full, then 20 minutes later I'm hungry again! Over and over, but mainly late at night. Its crazy! I mean, I take adderall for my ADHD as well so I don't care about weight gain THAT much. I don't notice that big of a change in my mood. If I watch something sad that usually wouldn't even make me tear up, I cry! Its not a major problem, just noticeable! I was prescribed a different BC originally, but because I don't have insurance I couldn't afford it. I get debilitating cramps when I ovulate and the first few days of my period. Ive only been on it a few weeks but its ovulation time and BOOM, cramps. They aren't as severe but they are still bad. Hopefully by the time I get my period it'll be in my blood more; so it stops these cramps! F 30 2 weeks
.15/.03 1X D
 1  PMS and acne Bloating, digestive issues, weight gain, increased acne, anxiety, emotional issues, high blood pressure, headaches F 22 3 weeks
 3  birth control, very painful periods I was on birth control since I was 15, to treat my very painful periods. With 37 I moved to the US from Germany, and after my backup was used up, I was prescribed Apri. They said it would be similar to my previous German b/c. It took care of my menstrual pains, but I gained some weight. Especially my sex drive became zero. ZERO. I'm 41 now and stopped taking Apri, hoping my body will balance my hormones. After 1 month off, I'm having quite some hot flashes. F 41 3 years
1X D
 1  Regulate periods Horrible headaches and late coming on period even after I started the white pill. I started the white pills on a Thursday. I spotted on Sunday and got my period on Monday and had heavy bleeding horrible cramps, took Tylenol, took midol nothing worked until I took Motrin and at that it felt so bad Motrin barely worked. I could still feel it a little bit. Horrible cramps I ever experienced. I called my doctor he told me I could start the new pack of pills. I started the new pack Wednesday night and did not stop bleeding til I went to the hospital on Monday and they swicthed me from apri to balziva. Although I'm on balziva now and I had now problems so far. I want to eventually go natural. Take a natural birth control, I was doing my research and came across these two. I'm going to ask my doctor could she recommended one of these natural products. I just need something to regulate my cycles. I'm not worried about pregnancies. 1) Prohelp 2) Natural Progesterone Cream F 30 1 times
 2  To avoid ovarian cysts BLOATING!!! Weight gain was noticed about 3wks into the prescription. Increased appetite leading to over eating. Constantly tired, napping daily. Sore boobs and frequent headaches. Bring on the ovarian cysts, I'd rather deal with them! F 29 2 months
 4  Endometriosis/cramps bigger appetite, bloating, mild recurring nausea, hot flashes, emotional I think it's making me hungry allll the time, so I'm overeating and it's making me bloated and causing other digestional upsets. I'm just gonna try and cut back and not overeat. The nausea and the hot flashes aren't a big deal for me. The nausea is pretty rare and really mild and the hot flashes usually happen early in the morning/when i wake up. I've noticed I've been crying at the drop of a hat since I started. I've also had some irritability. However, none of these symptoms are too bad--they're definitely not as severe as other birth controls I've been on. I haven't had my period yet, I'm skipping it this month, but I'll review once I have and weigh in on its effects on my cramps/endometriosis pain. F 20 1 months
1X D
 5  Ovarian Cysts, Regulate cycle, PCOS Weight loss, slightly elevated blood pressure I have tried several birth control pills and this one works great for me. I previously took Yaz before this and was a complete psychopath and emotional wreck. This pill has no emotional side effects for me. I did have some breakthrough bleeding during the first two months but that stopped and has been controlling my periods wonderfully since. I do have slightly elevated blood pressure since taking this, but I'm not in the range of hypertension. I've gone from 115/75 readings to 125/83 (not too big of a deal). I lost 20 pounds when I started this pill but I have gained it back since then, purely my own fault. I only break for a period every 3 months and I do have a little bit of a headache and dizziness during that time, nothing too bad though. F 26 2 years
 3  Contraception, hormonal migraines You'll all think I'm crazy that I'm giving a rating of 3 and not 1, but Desigen kept me from getting pregnant (goal1) and allowed me to take the hormonal pills 3-4 months consecutively to help prevent the worsened headaches I would get during my period (goal 2) for many years. HOWEVER-- Thank God I am typing this because I had a STROKE last month! I am a 33 year old non-smoker with healthy eating habits; I weigh 115 lbs. Please, please- talk to your doctors about possible stroke risks if you are taking BCPs- especially if you also have migraines, as this significantly increases your risk if you are on estrogen!! Stroke Decreased sex drive F 33 10 years
Once daily
 2  Lessen symptoms of a cyst I was previously on generic Mircette and OBGYN wanted to increase my estrogen due to cyst pain. I have only been on Apri (generic for Desogen) for a pack and a half, but have felt decreased libido, vaginal dryness, depression/mood swings, laziness and lethargy, wanting to eat all the time, at least 10 headaches with 2 that last more than 24 hours, constant bloating with IBS symptoms of constant cramping and increased pooping, increased GERD (which I already have), worse cramps during period. It did clear up skin, but that isn't worth it. I'm normally an upbeat happy person, but this is ruining my life. Will be going off this pill and ALL oral contraceptives. Going to try and regulate my hormones naturally with diet/exercise and deal with cyst symptoms on my own. I'm tired of feeling crazy! F 33 45 days
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 4  Prevent pregnancy Sore boobs, cramps,itchy nipples I'm writing because this site has so many bad reviews and in my case I really have no complaints about this BC. This is my first time ever going on BC and I was a bit nervous at first from the reviews. I have experienced sore breasts but that's because they have grown,quite quickly. I have minor cramps and nausea the first week but nothing bad. I take my pill at night after dinner which I heard decreases nausea and so far I've been fine. Every body will react differently so don't think all the bad reviews will be the same for you. F 21 2 months
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 5  Prevent pregnancy Increased sex drive, little vag dryness, small breakouts on chin F 33 1 days
 2  Regulate periods Weight gain, IBS symptoms, mood swings, tired all the time. At first I thought these side effects were a result of being a freshman in college ("freshman 15" was more like freshman 30) and stress, etc. Now that I've been taking it for a year, I'm becoming suspicious that it's behind my weight gain and constant bloating/digestive issues. I haven't changed my diet very much, so there's no valid explanation as to why NONE of my pants fit anymore, except for the birth control. I'll be ending this prescription next time I see my doctor. F 19 1 years
 1  Pregnancy prevention Severe cramps, bad acne, mood swings, negative thoughts, breast tenderness, weight gain, and always bloated F 32 2 months
 3  Break through bleeding Great at first. Extremely heavy 3 to 4 day periods- bleeding through an ultra tampon in 2 hours, painful breasts 2 weeks out of the month. I switched to an extended cycle pill due to low iron levels from blood loss. I have read this pill can also affect your liver which I have been having issues. The only plus to desogen was the shorter period if you don't mind bleeding hard and fast. F 31 2 years