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 5  Indeterminate Colitis No side effects I have been on this drug since 2001. After 7 years of keeping me in remission, it has just now started to not work on my disease, and I have to look for alternative medications. I have been completely happy with Pentasa, and would recommend it to anyone that needs to go on a maintenance therapy for IBD! The approval of the 500 mg pill was a God send!!! F 35 7 years
 5  Crohn's Disease None! After I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. I was immediately placed on 2g/3x a day at a weight of about 100 pounds. My dad also has the disease, and he was aware of the many possible side effects of prednisone. Instead I just waited it out for the pain to go away. Soon it did, and as long as I remember to take it, my Crohn's remains in remission, unless I make a big diet mistake. Eating little to nothing one day except maybe a bit of candy will sometimes set off a minor flare. I cannot explain enough how stress is also a tremendous factor. I tried Asacol, but had bloody stools, that was about it, so we switched back to pentasa. At 150lbs, I currently take 4g/2x a day.

Bottom Line: This drug has worked wonders for me.
M 16 3 years
 3  Ulcerative colitis Itching all over Loved the medicine. It was working... but after taking for 3 days, I started itching all over. The side effects listed by the drug company said, rash with itching was a serious side effect and to let your doctor know. I didn't have the rash, but couldn't stop itching everywhere for several days. So I called doctor and he said he didnt have any other patients with that reaction, but to go ahead and stop the Pentasa and go back on Asacol. F 44 7 days
 4  Crohn's Disease None. I started taking Pentasa on a *compassion-use* basis while it was still in clinical trials. In addition to Pentasa, I was on a drug regimen that added up to taking about 54 pills a day of various prescriptions at various times. Eventually, I stopped taking the 6MP, the prednisone (except for extreme flare-ups), the flagyl, etc., and have stayed the course taking only Pentasa, 4,000 mgs / day. Yes, they're horse pills. And I have gotten over it, a long, long time ago. I appreciate it very much. F 48 18 years
 2  Crohn's M 49 2 months
 2  Crohn's None that i noticed It was a lot of pills to have to take, and i don't think they did any good for me.... I was on it as soon as I was diagnosed, and for about the first 4 months with Entecort (bad spelling?), and as soon as I was weened off the entecort, my cramping came back (but not the 'big D'). while I liked the lack of side effects, the number of pills and the little it seemed to do for me made it not worth it. F 34 6 months
 5  ulcerative colitis None The best drug for colitis that I've used. Asacol made me constipated and all the sulfa drugs made me burn after five minutes in the sun. I've been on Pentasa for two years and it's been effective the whole time. M 46 2 years
 3  Crohn's disease headaches (but they went away after a few weeks) Pentasa is just plain out annoying, you have to take so many pills, so often, and the pills are monstrosities. Plus, I didn't really notice if it did anything. My dosage had to be upped so many times and it was never 100% successful for me. F 18 1.5 years
 3  crohn's None I currently take 4g/day alongside Entocort and Immuran so its difficult to know if it does anything. It did keep me in remission for just over 2 months though inbetween before my latest flare when i started immuran F 21 1 years
 4  Crohn's Disease None. It's hard to say if this drug does anything at all, but I'm not going to stop taking it and see what happens. It certainly is not strong enough to stop a flare, but I think it can help a person maintain remission once they get there. The only negative to the drug is how big the pills are -- taking eight giant pills every day gets a bit tedious. F 26 11 months
 2  Crohn's Disease Headache No benefits from Pentasa. No changes from conditions. Still had same problems with pain and inflammation as when I started. M 44 6 months
 4  Crohns disease None that I can definitely attribute to Pentasa. Also taking Prevacid. Somewhat less physically active and have gained a little weight. But when you go from 15+ bowel movements a day to two, life is good! Remembering to take all those pills is tricky. Its easiest to put them in a pill dispenser and you can see if you missed any, but the notion of carrying around a container labeled AM, Noon, PM and Night is psychologically disheartening. Have to get over it! F 67 33 months
 2  ulcerative colitis sevrere hair loss after a month of takeing 8 tablets a day 500mg each of pentassa ive been taking pentasa for a month and noticed a lot of hair loss doctor told me to stop taking it 2 weeks after and still seeing alot of hair loss im panicking can anyone please tell me how long this will go on for as im desperate F 29 31 days
 5  Crohn's Disease I've had some hair loss but I don't know if it's Pentasa or something else. Pentasa works great. I was in so much pain before I got put on it and within 2 days I was pain free and eating whatever I want. True it's expensive (300/mo without insurance) and it is a hassle.. I accidentally skipped a dose 2 days ago and really paid for it yesterday.. but it's amazing and I'm so glad that I'm on it. M 20 5 weeks
 4  Crohn's disease none i took pentasa along with prednisone, entocort, and flagyl to manage my CD when it was active. have been in remission for over 2 years but still take pentasa (1000mg a day) on a regular basis just for maintainance. only complaint is the distribution shortage that plagued most of 2005. it was very frustrating to not be able to get my prescriptions refilled for most of the year without ordering them up to 2 months in advance in order to have a refill ready when i ran out. the fact that this drug typically only comes in 250mg-500mg doses bugs me b/c most ppl i know who take it have to take 4-16 pills a day to handle their CD. when i was taking 16 a day it made me very angry that i couldn't get it refilled regularly b/c of this distribution problem. i had to get creative and order from pharmacies in other states when none of the ones in my area could fill even a small script to getme through the week. F 31 4 years
 5  Ulcerative Colitis None Pentasa has been the only drug to put me in remission. For me, it has worked better than even steroids did. I take 8 500mg tablets a day, I was on 6 a day previously but it didnt work quite as well. Now I very rarely have problems and feel like a normal person again. F 18 1 years
 4   severe headaches at first. No other side effects At first I had severe headaches but it was due to the serzone (depression) that I was taking. When I stopped the serzone headaches went away. Hate to take 12 pills a day but if I miss too many doses I atart to feel it. F 42 2 years
 3  UC I don't think this makes any difference to my condition at all. Have taken it with and without steroids and Imuran, and have taken Imuran without Pentasa, and I get the feeling someone's getting their money's worth out of me somewhere down the line. Saying that, have only ever been on relatively low doses compared to some people here - another question for the doc! Make sure you drink lots of water when taking - when I was first swapped from asacol to pentasa I made the mistake of not taking a huge glass with it, and was in agony! F 23 18 days
 2  Crohn's No side effects. I do not enjoy taking 16 pills a day, especially because I don't see any positive effects with my Crohn's. F 25 6 months
 3  Crohn's Disease Rapid heart beat. Talked to my doc and apparently there is a VERY rare side effect that has something to do with the heart. I stopped taking it for two months and then tried again with no side effects. Did not help prevent flares. I had to take 16 pills a day, but I understand that there is a new 500mg pill that has come out, so that might make it easier. F 28 15 months