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 1  Ulcerative colitis Had a mild case of ulcerative colitis. Decided after a long time to try medicine. 10 minutes after first dose I went to the toilet and been there 15-20 times every day since. It worsen my colitis so so much and I still havent healed after two weeks. So much blood. I think I had some kind of allergic response and regret so much I started this "treatment" F 35 4 days
6 mg 1X D
 2  Crohns colitis Possibly some skin reaction. Abdominal discomfort. No real significant benefit evident. Hard to swallow even when dissolved to granules. M 36 3 years
4 g 2X D
 2  Colitis Back aches. Some bone pain F 42 1 months
 1  crohn About 3 months after I started taking this drug I woke with chest pains. About another month after this I woke with chest pains and they kept coming every few minutes.. By 6 months in to taking this drug I had to be hospitalized 3 times with horrible chest pains, I could not walk or do anything. I was certain I was going to die. On my last visit to the hospital the pharmacist checked the drugs I was taking and realised that Pentasa can cause myocarditis. I stopped taking this drug and I got better each day. I am off it now for 10 months and my heart recovered well. Doctors fail to check the side effects of drugs, when symptoms appear they try to treat symptoms and not the cause. Should always be aware of the side effects. Side effects are often gradule, symptoms can take months to show. F 59 6 days
1 gm 2X D
 5  UC none I'm aware of I was on Lialda for 6.5 years, ($1900 up front, then $50/3 mo, so $2050/yr out of pocket) but lost my insurance. Then I moved to France. They have 1000mg Pentasa pills here; I take 2 in am, 1 at night. Was on a slightly higher dose of Lialda, but working just as well. Meds are cheap here! $2.50/day (so less than half my cost in the US, but I ran out of my HSA money to pay for was pre-tax...but probably still a deal here). F 47 3 months
1000mg 2X D
 5  colitis After about a week I started to notice I wasn't going to the bathroom 5 or 6 times a day .it was more like every 2nd or 3rd day . My dyahrria has slowed down then to no dyahrria. These meds are a god sent. I pray to God these meds work for me for a long time. My doctor also make me take 2000mg of vitamin D a day !! Just after a few weeks of taking them meds. My mood have changed I have so much more energy . Could not believe what he'll I was living in for 3 years until I was dignosed with colitis it almost became normal for me to always run to washrooms . Feel tired . No energy . Want to stay in bed . Hair falling out in chucks at one point.. broke out in shingles at 30 years old . My knees and wrist aching all the time .. I thank God that even if there no cure for colitis that there is some hope for us !!! Be strong think positive. It's okay to be scared but u have to push through it ... Thanks brittany F 31 1 months
 1  Colitis Severe rectal pain and bleeding Horrible drug! F 49 10 days
 1  Crohn's disease severe neck and head pain, exhaustion and hair loss. I had taken it many years ago without issue but this time (combined with enticort) it's been terrible. My gastroenterologist took me off it two days ago but the symptoms have not lessened so far. F 56 6 weeks
500mg x 6
 4  Ulcerative colitis Hair thinning but came back after time. Headaches when dosage exceeds 2000mg a day. It has worked well for me. F 44 10 years
 4  Non specific colitis None I've been on pentasa for 20 years. I couldn't go beyond the number 10 in the block. It's worked great for me. F 55 10 years
250 mg
1X D
 3  ulcerative colitis Helping with condition somewhat. Have my hair thinning and falling out. Still have a few side effects. Not too sure if it is pentasa working as i take around 35 pills in a day of various medications. Bottom line is i feel slightly better but still trying to force it back into remission. Ps. If you have crohns talk to your doctor as pentasa is not for you as many toxicology reports suggest M 30 4 months
 4  Crohn's disease Dry skin on hands F 15 1 years
 5  Crohns None, to my knowledge....or that I can trace to Pentasa. I have been taking it for 8 years. I have been in full recession for about 2 years. No surgery. Addmittently I do miss a dose here and there but there seems to be no repercussions. I stoped eating dairy for the first 5 years, but not I dont even watch my diet really (i am a healthy eater though). I dont even feel like I have it, only flare up after I drink alchohol possibly. Although I am having issues loosing and weight, I am at a steady 150 and it almost never moves to matter what I do. M 25 8 years
[email protected] 3X D
 5  Crohn's Disease Hair thinning but not enough to worry It's completely helped to keep me in remission for seven years. I take it with another medicine as well but we've finally got close to the right amount to keep my Crohn's in check. It's surprising. I can't drink dairy sometimes because I'll get a stomach ache, but I feel like I don't even have a disease. F 19 7 years
2X D
 3  Crohn's Annoying headaches... Bad hair loss that I am not sure is related... Bloating still F 27 30 days
4 2X D
 5  Crohn's Disease Occasional Headaches Was originally put on 2x500mg 3 times a day which seemed to control my Crohns, a few years later i was decreased to 2x500mg 2 times a day. It seems to control my Crohns, i still have the odd flare up but it is managable. Seem to have increased flare ups when eating salad type foods and dressing (sauces). M 31 14 years
1000MG 2X D
 2  Crohn's Hair loss, but not sure if it's the Pentasa. I have been taking this drug for about 1.5 years now. This was the only drug I was on for a few months and when I was having no improvement, my Dr. threw in some Entocort. The Entocort really helped but when I tried to wean from the Entocort, my symptoms returned. This gives me the impression that the Pentasa was doing nothing to help my Crohn's. My Dr. is going to take me off of it and try something new. F 32 1.5 years
4 pills 2X D
 2  Crohn's disease Kidney stone I took it for years with no noticeable therapeutic effect. I stopped it when I found it was promoting the growth of kidney stones. I now take LDN at night and Omega-3 fish oil with meals and it seems to help. Pentasa and 5-ASA drugs are on-label for colitis and are sometimes prescribed off-label for Crohn's disease. They were never helpful for my Crohn's. M 67 15 years
 3  crohn's none M 14 3 months

PENTASA  (MESALAMINE):  This medication is used to treat a certain bowel disease (ulcerative colitis). It helps to reduce symptoms of ulcerative colitis such as diarrhea, rectal bleeding, and stomach pain. Mesalamine belongs to a class of drugs known as aminosalicylates. It works by decreasing swelling in the colon.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)