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 5  Bone mets (breast cancer stage IV) Bone aches "surface" after 4wks & before next scheduled infusion. 7+ years' use/monthly infusions. Kidneys stats are checked monthly before each infusion. F 64 7 years
 1  hyperparathyroid high calcium flu like symptoms, low grade fever for 2 months, iv site infection with fever and swelling ropey skin and vein. Six days after infusion, incompacitating bone pain. I had to have 24 hr assistance to accomplish everyday tasks for 2 weeks. F 54 1 times
30 mg 1X O
 3  Oncology & hematology office None that I know of although I did have to make up new dentures. Hard to say if Aredia changed my mouth or not since the prior dentures were 25 years old and I did have extensive cancer treatment (29 chemotherapy sessions & 33 radiations) in 2013. Too many variables to reach a clear conclusion. I started getting 2 hour Aredia infusions in Jan of 2013 to protect my bones from chemotherapy. Pre Stage 3A lung cancer had osteoporosis & osteopena for about 13 years and had used Actonel & then Fasomax a total of 10 years with about a 1 year break before being diagnosed with cancer. Had 33 radiations & 29 chemotherapy sessions in 2013 & have now been in remission from my Stage 3A lung cancer for 3 years now but continue Aredia infusions every 12-13 weeks. I was originally on a 4-5 week program. Bone density has improved some but a lot of damage was done to the thoracic spine during radiation treatment to my lungs & center chest, including a severe T8 fracture. I am afraid of taking Aredia too long but equally scared of stopping it given the damage to my thoracic spine which seems stable the past 19 months. Some specialists have suggested Prolia twice per year instead but I know too many who had very bad side effects and I canít risk that with a 6 month first time injection. Know what I got with Aredia and itís just every 12 weeks. Seek feedback from long term users. I have now had 27 Aredia 2 hour infusion 90 mg sessions since early 2013 and am presently on a 12-13 week program to minimize risk of jaw cancer. I wear dentures. F 80 4 years
90 Mg 1X O
 1  for primary hyperparathyroidism Got very sick after injection. Felt like I had bad case of flu. Had high fever and severe pain throughout body. Very painful to walk. Will never take again. F 51 1 days
 1  for primary hyperparathyroidism Got very sick after injection. Felt like I had bad case of flu. Had high fever and severe pain throughout body. Very painful to walk. Will never take again. F 51 1 days
 1  osterporosis joint/muscle pain all body arhritic conditions,ear pain,tiredness no energy M 54 6 years
60 1X M
 2  Paget's Disease of the spine and sk About 1 to 2 weeks after infusion I began having pain in all my muscles and most joints. I feel tired, a little nauseated, pain in creases when I sit down or stand up, I am getting spasms in my hands and feet, and have a slight headache at times. I told my doctor about my problems after the first infusion and he said it was unusual to have any side effects and it was probably due to something else. I told him I had never experienced it before and I felt very bad during that time. He said next time take a Tylenol. F 68 2 times
unknown 2X AN
 1  Bone Mets from Breast Cancer Flu like symptoms,kidney pain,fever,bone pain,fatigue,edema in legs and feet. Recently we discovered that I am now producing kidney stones, which have been attributed to long term use of Aredia and Zometa. This condition is quite painful and I am now having to see a nephrologist and I am concerned that this may have damaged my kidneys. F 57 9 years
1X M
 4  breast cancer w/ damage to spine I take Aredia once a month for 2 hour injection (I also receive Herceptin every three weeks). One day after Aredia injection, I have joint pain that will last up to 4 days. I have fatigue, difficulty getting up after sitting down for awhile, also. I used to get fever and nauseua until my oncologist lowered the dose of Aredia. The Aredia is healing the damage to my spine. My last PET scan showed improvement. I have been taking Aredia for 2 1/2 years since I finished Chemotherapy. F 57 2 years
 1  mets breast cancer
 2  Injection form Did not note How much should we use it M 14 1 months
 4  Osteogenises Imperfecta Nausea, vomitting, fever, bone pain and a headache.(All within hours of the infusion). I took the treatment in 2003 and had a good report after, my bone density increased in the hips and spine the first year. The second year it stayed the same, and then this years bone density results were down alot. Therefore my doctor's suggested that I take another 6 weeks of treatment. I go once a week for a 4 1/2 hour infusion (30mg of Aredia with 500 mg of saline). I have 4 treatments done and just 2 left. I guess I'll see if it works this time, but I worry about the effects if will have on me in years to come. F 29 4 weeks
 1  Osteoporosis The popular Osteoporosis drug Aredia used by millions of Americans has been linked to linked to Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (ONJ) or "dead jaw." M 29
 2  metastatic breast cancer flu like symptoms of fever, joint, bone and muscle pain and unrelenting extreme fatigue Aredia was ramping up my immune system and making me quite ill for 2 or 3 weeks at a stretch. Oncologist stopped the Aredia and put me on Zometa. F 59 3 months
 5  osteoporosis burning feeling in my throat, fast sharp pains in different areas of bone( behind the ear) and lft knee.After I ate, I felt the need to belch& liquid came out w/o warning, no burning as w/ Fosamax. This was my 1st infusion. 30 mg over 2&1/2 hrs.. Although my 1st day, I was told I may get a low grade fever& more bone pain the 1st treatment.It was easier than I expected, altho it slightly burned going in.I did get heart palpitations, altho it may have been from being nervous.... F 50 1 days
 5  Metastatic Breast Cancer I can't say that I have had any side effects with Aredia because I have been taking either chemo or other meds during the same time as the Aredia which makes it almost impossible to differentiate between what causes side effects. I started taking Aredia in 2003 when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer with bone and bone marrow metastisis. I had fractures in my back & ribs before my diagnosis and after I started on the Aredia the pain in my bones all but disappeared. I still have some stiffness after sitting a while and getting up to walk, and occassionally get a little achy, but otherwise it has been wonderful. Without a doubt I would have been and still would be in a lot of pain if not for the Aredia. I am blessed to still be alive and blessed to be able to lead a quality life without being in constant pain. F 60 2 years
 3  multiple myeloma My doctor is taking me off Aredia for a couple of months to see if my joint stiffnes, pain, and imobility might be a result of taking the drug. It is a constant "sore" pain, not just after treatment. Am to see a rheumotoligist in a couple of weeks but have already been tested for rhemotoid arthritis (negative). I have been on the drug 4 months prior to BMT and 9 months now while I am in remission. Do not remember these effects prior to BMT. Anyone with similiar experiences? Email me. F 54 9 months
 4  Ostheoporosis I have been taking Aredia for almost 2 years now. Every 3 months, for about 4 hours drip, 60 mg with 500 ml saline - I go the clinic for the injection. No side effects so far - My last bone density showed that my spine improved a lot, no more ostheo. My hips also improved, no more in the danger stage of breaking, but I still need a little bit of improvement. I will have to continue the treatment for another year, and hopefully, after another bone density, I will stop the treatment. I have also to mention that I take everyday, 600 gr of calcium and 1000 units of Vitamin D, and I exercie every day at the YMCA for 1 to 2 hours. I would like to know in the long run, is there any side effects that could be dangerous to my health ? F 65 2 years
 1  It was to help my bone density I had a Blood Stem Cell Transplant about 6 months after being diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. About a year after I had the transplant and was in remission, I still am, after 7 years, I was given this drug. I read all the side effects I could find on it, and it seemed fairly safe. All the time I was getting it once a month, and about 5 years, I find the Aredia is the cause of all my dental problems. All my teeth have fallen out in the lower part of my mouth. If you look in my mouth, you can see the jaw bone is completely exposed. The dentis says there is no treatment for this, just antibiotics and pain pills. Surgery will not work, nor will the hyperbaric chamber. I can't even wear dentures on the bottom, as there isn't enough of the jawbone left for the dentures to F 60 5 years
 3  Osteoporosis Chills (10 hours after infusion, lasting 8 hours) Queasiness(10 hours after infusion, lasting 8 hours) Traveling joint aches (10 hours after infusion, lasting 8 hours) Chest Pain (32 hours after infusion, lasting 3 hours) Restless leg syndrome (36 hours after infusion, lasting 6 hours until sometime after given Ristoril) I didn't take Aredia, per se, I received pamidronate via one infusion, 60 mg with 500 ml saline, started at a 2 hour drip, slowed to a 4 hour drip due to some minor tingling in the lips and wrists. Scheduled for another infusion in 6 months. Too early yet to tell what effect, if any, it has had on the osteoporosis. F 61 2 months

AREDIA  (PAMIDRONATE DISODIUM):  Pamidronate is used to treat high blood calcium levels and certain bone problems (bone metastases/lesions) that may occur with some types of cancer. It is also used to treat a certain type of bone disease (Paget's disease) that causes abnormal and weak bones. Pamidronate belongs to a class of drugs known as bisphosphonates. It works by slowing the release of calcium from bones to lower blood calcium levels, reducing the risk of broken bones (fractures) and reducing bone pain.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)