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 1  Social Anxiety, flushing Gained 20 lbs. ZERO libido or ability to orgasm. Felt numb emotionally/physically. Tapered off to 5mg/day to none and experienced the Worst withdrawal symptoms ever: brain zaps/shocks, extreme dizziness, extreme irritability/anger/rage, brain fog, trouble speaking and thinking, making mistakes at work, annoyed by everyone. I feel more messed up from taking this medicine. It's been over a month and I'm still having side effects. The only good thing was it stopped the flushing and anxiety. Should be taken off the market! F 38 2 years
10mg 1X D
 3  Depression, some OCD 20 lb weight gain Lifted my depression fairly well. Still had a detached feeling though. F 52 14 years
40 mg 1X D
 4  GAD Works well. I do not like being on it, but don't like fighting the anxiety anymore. The drug works. It comes with baggage. Libido May be off a smidge but delayed ejaculation can actually be a positive. I treat for 6 months and go off for 6 months. Helps with seasonal disorder. Need to be careful with alcohol consumption while on drug it really can make you want to hit an extra glass or 2 of wine daily. M 53 2 months
10mg 1X D
 1  Depression Impotence, ed, ejaculatory malfunction, heavy sweating, increased depression, intense suicidal thoughts it ruined my marriage and my manhood. Made me numb in the brain and in my pants. It was great at first but a year ago I started noticing changes and I went to the dr and they just wanted to give me a pill to treat the effects of this pill. Im now on 3 different meds and I'm just done. The withdraw effects don't seem half as bad as being on the stuff. I'm trying a cold stop because if my manhood won't work then what's the point of existing? M 42 4 years
20mg 1X D
 4  Generalize anxiey disorder Fewer side effects which gone after few weeks must recommended with therapist consultation F 26 2 months
25mg 2X D
 2  Ptsd Extreme sweats and tremors F 49 100 days
80 1X D
 1  GAD, depression, cancer I understand this drug works for some people and good for them....until it isn't!!!! Coming off is completely pure hell. Also, I went from 117 pounds which has been my normal weight my entire adult life to almost 180 pounds and it wasn't normal feeling. My skin literally took on a different form. I could barely breathe from the weight gain. I cant stress enough how evil this drug can be and after extensive research Paxil shouldn't be used BY ANYONE WITH THYROID PROBLEMS!!!!! I hope to help save someone else from going through hell. Unethical company behind these drugs!!! 50/60 pound weight gain that was extremely bizarre feeling. It wasnt like I became fat but skin became so very thick and twitchy. F 52 1 years
40 1X D
 1  Depression, Anxiety, OCD anorgasmia, confusion, headaches. Took this terrible drug unfortunately, thank God i never became a long-term user. Like the other SSRI medications it helped my severe depression and anxiety hardly at all. After this, I found a MAOI depressant called Nardil which completely eradicated all my depression and anxiety...and it is very easy to take and safe (despite all the bad inaccurate publicity about MAOIs) Paxil and other SSRIs gave me more side-effects and hardly help at all. Oh, and the people who promote this drug are extremely unethical-- watch M 41 1 years
20mg 1X D
 1  Anxiety Increased anxiety and anxiety symptoms. Made me sick to my stomach. Don't take. F 25 2 days
Half of 10
 3  GAD When I started paroxetine(paxil) 20 mg for GAD, I had three side effects, two of which were known and can happen to anyone, difficulty sleeping and a lack of appetite. The two were manageable. As for the third, which was strange, mild muscle spasms in my cheeks. They were really annoying .This side effect lasted 3 years then disappeared. Last year, as per my dr instructions I changed to paroxetine cr 25mg cause the paroxetine 20 mg was out of stock. For 3 months everything was perfect. The third month I started to take my pill at night. Suddenly I started feeling as if the medicine had left my body and I am taking it again. The old side effects of the cheeks muscles spasm are back stronger, adding to it the neck( back and front) muscle contractions non stop and stiffness sometimes due to the continuous contractions. After a period of two months, the cheek spasms disappeared but the neck still their and they gradually and slowly subsidising. It is almost 9 months suffering from this side effect. I don't want to change meds cause I had very disaster experience with the previous ones. Anyone had similar experience? M 40 5 years
20 mg
 3  GAD/SAD/Panic Disorder Correction: Restless leg syndrome was not because of the paxil. I tried tapering off but it was too difficult, had to go back on it. M 38 5 years
10mg 1X D
 3  Anxiety, Panic Disorder For the longest time, it was a miracle drug. Five years, maybe more, never had to increase my dosage in all this time. Then I had restless leg syndrome and sinus issues every night for months, I could not figure out why but eventually found the cause. The side effects were so bad, I could not sleep more than a few hours a night. I also gained 40 pounds. I'm tapering off of it in 1mg increments, the withdrawals are pretty bad but I'm still able to get by during the day. Mostly. This med was hell to get on and now that it's useless, it's hell to get off. I don't recommend this drug because it's only useful until it isn't, then it rears its ugly head and bites back. Try Lexapro instead, in my experience it was much milder. M 38 5 years
10 1X D
 5  Panic Disorder & Depression NONE! My doctor prescribed me Paxil 10mg for panic disorder, agoraphobia and depression. Zero side effects which had been a massive relief because of the horror stories Iíve read from other patients online. I am now on 20mg three months after being prescribed 10mg. I cannot even explain to anyone in words how life-changing this medicine has been for me. While not being anti-medicine, Iíve never been one who jumps to a pill for every little thing. However, the anxiety and panic and depression had become so severe that I finally mustered up the courage to go to my doctor for help. The best decision of my entire life. I tried natural remedy after natural remedy for years and nothing has come close to paxil. Please consider giving this medicine a try if your doctor feels itís a right fit for you. Donít let all the horror stories online scare you away from something that could really change your life! If not paxil, there are many other options! I was just blessed enough to have an amazing experience on the first SSRI prescribed to me. I do not take it for granted and I thank God for such a positive experiment. I have amazing energy, positivity, no more doom and gloom, no more feeling like my world is closing in or like iím on the being on a panic attack any second. I could go on and on. I am SO thankful. M 27 3 months
 5  Depression, Anxiety, Chronic Pain I have taken many different antidepressants and this was the best one. It really helped with anxiety and occasional depression. Iím not sure if it helped with pain, but it helped me cope with my condition. I was thankful that any sexual side effects wore off pretty quickly, too. The other anti-depressants Iíve taken have either not been tolerable or they were effective, but the benefits wore off in a year or so. Paxxl was amazing because it worked for so long. Gradually I began gaining weight, feeling fatigued most of the time and a bit emotionless. I quit and started something else, but Iíd definitely try this is you have depression and anxiety mixed. I was worried about quitting because there are so many horror stories on here, but I tapered off very quickly and it was fine. Some headaches and sweaty for a few days- then done. Believe me I have experienced some tough withdrawal side effects with other meds. This was easy for me, but know everyone experiences meds differently. F 55 12 years
20 mg
 4  Depression, Anxiety, Ocd Its was a life saver for me. Mild fatigue and tiredness and sleepiness but these can be removed with porovigil 50 mg per works really good for anxiety and depression. Maybe not as well for higene ocd for me. I highly recommend. M 40 4 years
20 mg
 1  Ppd Horrible! Horrible! Turned my anxiety into severe depression, suicidal ideation, Insomnia, fatigue, disconnection, anger and Aggression. I never experienced deep and major depression like this before in my life. This has been hell! I stopped taking it 4 weeks ago and the withdrawal symptoms are horrible too: uncontrollable crying spells, ideation, brain zaps, high blood pressure, anger and orator ability along with insomnia. Do a gene test before you take any SSRI. This is NOT a joke and it could be lifeís threatening. Seek am natural alternatives. 36 3 months
 4  Anxiety and depression Early on I had nausea, dizziness, ringing in ears, blurred vision, felt off balance, and increased anxiety. After a few months the only thing left is occasional ringing in ears and often feel tired. Paxil worked . F 60 4 months
20 mg
 5  Depression... No side effects unless I fail to take it in which hours later, I get irritated easily - for no reason. If I drink or eat anything containing aspartame, it cancels the benefits of Paxil. Before being prescribed Paxil, I tried talking with a psychologist, that did not work. I was so sad I could have walked away from everything.. Nothing was important to me.. I have never been suscidal nor wanted to hurt anyone... just very very sad. I believe I have always had depression; I was a very sad child and recall very little happiness - I cried a lot. Paxil makes me feel "normal". I still have sympathy for others, I have never had intimacy problems. I believe some people are on the med who should not be using it. F 73 20 years
20 1X D
 5  Anxiety OCD No side effect Works for my anxiety and OCD. NO side effects including no weight gain. Love it! F 55 1 years
 3  General Anxiety Disorder Yawning, Extreme fatigue, Couldn't keep eyes open, Dizziness I had started taking this medicine whileI do still have some degree of anxiety but its helpful enough id keep taking it. I had worked for a company for almost 2 years, and within two weeks of taking paxil they had let me go. I strongly feel it was related to the start of this medicine, and the side effects it had on me while at work. I will say that I did not stop taking it and I'm able to take a shower by myself if I need to, I no longer have obsessive thoughts about things in my life, and have gotten a new job that ive been doing pretty good i'd say. I'm no longer getting easily irritated at work unless I miss doses. other than that I have not had withdrawl symptoms. I would not recommend taking starting to take this medicine if youre working because of what happened to me but everyone has different jobs and the side effect are different for different people 21 3 months
20 1X D

PAXIL  (PAROXETINE HYDROCHLORIDE):  Paroxetine is used to treat depression, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), anxiety disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder. It works by helping to restore the balance of a certain natural substance (serotonin) in the brain. Paroxetine is known as a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). This medication may improve your mood, sleep, appetite, and energy level and may help restore your interest in daily living. It may decrease fear, anxiety, unwanted thoughts, and the number of panic attacks. It may also reduce the urge to perform repeated tasks (compulsions such as hand-washing, counting, and checking) that interfere with daily living.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)