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 3  having elevated blood pressure light headed, with a small amount of confusion. the dosage given was 50mg. nonthing was explained to me whether or not i would have side effects or should i have side effects what to do. also should i have been given such a high dosage since i've never been on beta-blockers before? the triage dr. put me on them for a week. i will see him 7/2/01. i have taken them for 4 days and i donot want to take anymore. please feel free to give me some input. should toprol-xl be the first choice for a elevated blood pressure? F 45 4 days
 3  high blood pressure indigestion, aniexty, tiredness I've only been on Toprol-xl for 6 days and my blood pressure is still 160/100, it was as high as 170/106, so I guess it's working I don't like the way I feel especially the the aniexty attacks, I'm not sure if it's the medication or concern about having high blood pressure for the first time in my life. Has anyone else had a problem with aniexty? F 52 6 days

 5  High Blood Pressure No side effects On the medication for 6 weeks now; began at 50mg each night then to 100mg each night. B/P dropped from 150/100 to 110/70 consistently. M 58 6 weeks

 1  blood pressure My side affects were aniexty, tiredness , shortness of breath and slight loss of balance. I took this medicine for almost two months @ 25mg nightly. What can be done to flush this durg from my system? M 47 45 days
 4  mitral valve prolapse with pvc's I feel like I'm not as aware of my self or like an out of my body feeling most of the time. This was worse when I was on 50mg. I would like some information about cutting my 25mg pill in fourths but it is extended release so I dont know if it is safe. I am trying to reduce the strength gradually. F 29 8 months
 5  Severe Migraines I have been very tired I haven't had a migraine in a week. I was getting them 3-5 times per week. What a relief! F 22 1 weeks

 3  hypertension & migraine tired, rashed and confusion F 39 1 days
 5  Had a ventricular tach. episode No side effects, except (maybe) hair loss. I take 100mg, once a day. Been doing so for 2 years. M 45 2 years
 4  a fib fatigue, some chest pain at first I recently found out I am pregnant and need to know if I can continue taking Toprol (50mg) F 31 1 years

 1  my husband took toprol for 3yrs.. my husband took toprol after his heart attack...they did not operate on him....he was just put on medication....toprol...lipitor (spell) and aspirin...and he did fine....BUT....as the first year went on...i noticed....he was becoming a different person....and NOT a good one at that....i thought perhaps having a heart attack you look at life in a different way....BUT he was in a DARK place....very moody...mood swings....depressed.....always on the EDGE...talked about not wanting to live....not the same person AT ALL..my husband is a very caring person loved his 2 daughters would do ANYTHING for anyone give the shirt off his back to a stranger...would walk through FIRE for his family...never depressed in the 25yrs of our marriage..and we went through hard times together i had cancer 14yrs ago and our money flow was very very bad he is self employed so its very hard ...u just cant take off work etc etc etc..long story short.....last october 2000 he had chest pains...went to hospital...not a heart attack but many blocks in the heart.....had 6 (six) by passes in dec of 2000....he is OFF the toprol and is on aspirin....lopressor 50mg and he is BACK to his OLD self! but...he didnt realize and still doesnt recall HOW bad his mental state was those few years he was on the toprol...please be aware of this side effect..the medication may help your body...but NOT YOUR HEAD please please please .....be careful and stay in tune to your body...and tell your spouse or a friend...because you dont realize this is happening to you....it almost cost us our marriage.....good luck and stay well.. M 55 3 years
 3  I am not sure why I am taking this so far the only side affect that I have is a swelling of my body. I really don't think I need to be on it. If I find other side affects I will stop taking it. F 47 9 days

 1  heart skips, blood pressure anxiety, confusion, depression, fatigue Worked well on what it was supposed to do, I just couldn't handle the side effects. M 44 6 days

 3  Angio Plasti Feburary 01 Fatique, dizziness, hot flashes, tingling in legs and arms at times. Blood pressure stays between 114/75 and 160/85 however don't like side effects. M 55 8 months
 3  palpitations Tiredness,fatigue,some bloating and weight gain, erection difficulty. M 42 3 months

 1  Hypertension Weight gain, stomach aches, extreme bloating, dry mouth, drying up of cervical mucus, hormone inbalance (lack of menses), irritibility, fatigue, nausea Ive been on this for almost 2 months and I have experienced nothing but effects, and my blood pressure has not been substantially lowered. F 41 60 days
 5  hypertention none lowered my pulse at resting and during exercise F 50

 2  hyperthyroidism It worked only slightly, but provided no real relief. After three weeks I developed pronounced acne near high sebaceous skin areas. It began to clear up only two weeks after I discontinued use. Toprol-XL is supposed to be far superior to plain Metoprolol because T-XL is timed release. Perhaps; but I really don't think this makes it work 10 times as much as metoprolol. I have tried both. If you can handle taking plain metoprolol 3-4 times a day, you can still save a bundle. Of course, in America we are forced to pay 20 times what the same medicines cost in Europe. I travel often to Europe in my business and started getting all my prescription medication there. It has my U.S. physician so worked up, he may have to go on Toprol-XL himself for hypertension. I hope it works out for him. M 35 2 weeks
 4  hypertension, SVT Only severe withdrawl if you forget to take the medication Very good drug. However in order for it to control my blood pressure my cardiologist had to put me on 400mg/day!! That is such a high dose. But it seems to be the only thing to work. F 23 4 years
 3  hypertension Afte 1 month of taking Toprol, am experiencing daily fatigue, memory loss, difficulty doing simple math problems, inabilty to acheive orgasm, joint pain. My blood pressure is reduced (180/100 down to 135/70). I do not get as angry or irritated as before, but feel emotionally flat and depressed. Male doctors do not appreciate the impact on ones sex life. This is an extraordinarily negative thing thrown into my marriage. F 47 30 days

 3  borderline hypertension dizziness, numbness of fingers and toes, also auditory hallucinations and short-term memory problems, lassitude, weight gain Toprol did bring down my blood pressure from 150/90 to 135/75, and I'm still taking it. Some of the side effects have become less severe, either that or I'm just getting used to them! The weight gain is my most serious complaint at this point; I've cut my calorie intake considerably since noticing the weight gain, but have put on almost 10 pounds in 4 months. F 59 4 months
 2  premature ventricular contractions Migraine headaches After taking one tablet, once a day for four days, I began having severe classic migraines--At least 4 within 48 hours. New cardiologist changed normal medication, Atenolol to Toprol-xl to try to help my heart settle down. While I have experienced classic migraines for nearly than 30 years, they were usually homone related and never came in this frequency. Upon doctor's suggestion, resumed Atenolol and took several doses of Prednisone. F 47 4 days

 1  pvc's Anxiety, severe indigestion, heartburn I thought I was going crazy or something. The doctor insisted that the medicine had nothing to do with my hearburn and gas. He said I probably had an ulcer. I'm slowly going off of it. I was living fine for a year with pvc's and no toprol. F 44 18 days

 2  Angina Attack Some numness in the toes,Loss of blood circulation in my right leg,Some light headness, also some sharp pains on the left side of my head, they come and go. I'am on 25 mg My Cardiolgist says it is very good,But it is not good for everyone,My son is a Chiropractor He is knows that Drugs kill people every day by the thousands, He also does alot of research. He ask me what I was experiencing I told him, and his answer was DAD WEAN YOURSELF OFF THAT DRUG AND YOU will fill better mentally and physically. So I took his advice, It will take a least a week to 10 days before it gets compleltely out of your system. I also take 10 mg of lipitor daily and a baby aspirin 81mgs.To help my High Cholestrerol. My advice is that do what your body tells you, If you are taking any kind of prescription drug and you notice things that are going on in body that was not there before,Tell your Doctor ASAP so he can address the problem. Myself,I will be trying to go TOATALLY HOLISTIC AT THE FIRST OF THE YEAR. OHIO M 60 60 days
 1  Prevent angina pain/help the heart Anxiety, Depression, Weight Gain, Personality Change, Lack of Energy, Nausea and Confusion. Please ask your doctor to recommend another drug, IF you need it! Lopressor causes many of the same symptoms. It takes a full 10 days to get either drug out of your system. I am almost off the drug, thank God! I went from 50mg twice a day of Lopressor to 25mg of Toprol to 12.5mg of Toprol and had the 10 day withdrawl each time. M 51 1.5 years
 2  hypertension Confusion, cold hands and feet, swollen feet, extreme fatiguee, sort of 'out of body' like, sometimes like my hands weren't mine, depressed and down Started taking Toprol for mild hypertension but the cure seems worse than the hypertension. I had to stop. M 39 30 days
 1  white coat hypertension dizziness and lightheadedness, increased incidence of hot flashes, headaches, severe edema in hands and wrists, anger and anxiety, increased amount of stress over taking a drug (toxin) I do not believe I really need, especially given my extremely healthy life habits. I have been doing a bit of research about this drug, and the indication in a book by Dr. J. Whitaker(sp?) is that long term use of beta blockers will weaken the heart muscle, and may be partially responsible for the substantial increase in congestive heart failure in this country. I can't wait to get off of it. Biofee F 46 19 days

 1  high blood pressure severe acne tiredness difficulty breathing F 47 1 years

 4  Hypertension My blood pressure ran 140/100- started taking toprol xl and it went to 123/70 within 2 weeks. I experience side effects that felt like "heat" or panic in my chest area. I stopped taking the toprol (w/o DR permission- don't do that !!). BP shot up to 160/110- (it was panic related i'm sure) dr.put me on micardis-bp went to 140/90, then 140/95, then finally 142/100. he put me back on toprol xl at night and micardis hctz 80 in the am. FIRST AND FOREMOST, ny hands, fingers and feet all went down. first day i took the combo. i never had side effects with micardis so the constant bathroom visits are because of hctz, no toprol side effects other than being tired within 30 minutes of taking. so i take it right be bed and i have slept better that i have in weeks... i had panic attacks and the fact that i developed hbp didn't help matters. getting the hbp under control has relaxed the anxiety.... F 33 1 weeks

 4   M 43

 2  2 angioplasties and 2 stents Depression, get angry easily,don't care about living, took me a long time to figure out it was the Toprol-XL. I can get very cold all of a sudden. It has brought my blood pressure down, but am planning to call doctor to get off. I had the procedures done in Dec., 2002. Couldn't figure out why I was so down, tired, short term memory started to go, tinnitus. I teach high school students with severe behavior problems, I don't want to go to work feeling like this. F 51 3 months
 2  supraventricular tacchycardia 50 mg qd. While taking, became nervous, and uneasy. On fifth night, arms felt numb, had palpitations, hands and feet sweaty. Became VERY anxious (no history of anxiety D/O) and basically freaked out. Had heartburn (which I've never had!) Stopped taking after 5 days, and had severe palpitations. Did NOT work for me, but doesn't mean it will affect you this way. Every person reacts differently to meds. F 29 5 days

 4  SVT Very tired all the time, lowered blood pressure, and weight gain that I can't seem to lose. It seems to control the rapid heart rate pretty well, but I occasionally have an increase in heart rate and shortness of breath. I also have an occasional pain as well. F 44 3 years

 2  high blood pressure, palpitations anxiety, fatigue, depression, difficulty concentrating. I just don't feel like myself sometimes. I started on Toprol XL about 2 years ago at 25 mg., and recently was increased to 50 mg. The past few weeks I have felt more exhausted, cry easily, have had a feeling of general anxiety, also night sweats. I am starting to wonder if this is worth it! I am seeing my doctor next week and going to see if I can go back to 25 mg to see if that works F 42 2 years
 3  Tachycardia, hypertension Anxiety, extreme fatigue, light headedness, dizzy F 30 2 months
 4  Racing heart rate No side effects F 49 60 days

 3  high blood pressure Shortness of breath, extreme weakness F 46 4 weeks

 4  PVCs Sometimes, not always, there is a sense of shaking in my chest. It's a feeling of internal quivering that is very unsettling. It lasts a short time, then goes. For the most part it has done well to control the premature ventricular contractions and maintained consistent healthy blood pressure. F 54 18 months

 5  high blood pressure-irr. hrt. beat When I first started taking this drug about 10 years ago, i had insomnia pretty bad, but it went away. I believe i also had heart palpatations, that went away soon after taking it. This drug has been a life saver for me. It has been very beneficial. It keeps my heart in rythym and my blood pressure down. If I forget to take my pill early in the morning, my heart always reminds me. I will feel my heart beating, and it effects my breathing. I would be in trouble without this drug! F 39 10 years
 4  hypertension, MVP none Blood pressure has come down. Do not seem as anxious. Not as many skipped heartbeats. F 57 3 months

 2  high blood pressure fatigue is the only side effect I have experienced but it has been dramatic. M 40 730 days

 4  rapid pulse, high bp slight constipation, little moodiness. F 33 3 weeks

 5  High Blood Pressure No side effects. In fact, I used to suffer from frequent migrains and they are very infrequent now! BP is down to 140/90 (was 156/108) so, very satisfied! I think diet and exercise will prove greater results with this medicine I have heard that it can cause decrease in labido for men. No problems for me though (I'm female). F 32 2 years

 4  hypertension depression, lack of mental clarity, decreased interest Toprol reduces my blood pressure like no other drug. Nothing I have tried has even come close for me. Yet, there are side effects, albiet subtle, that may grow more sinister as the years pass, i.e. depression and a lack of connectivity. Just a suggestion - do those things that can lower BP naturally - i.e. weight loss and/or meditation. Don't stop taking this drug abruptly, it causes the heart to spasm - not good! M 43 13 years
 2  high blood pressure No side affects and virtually no effects on blood pressure. Heart rate is down but blood pressure remains high. 178/110. Was on 50mg for three weeks increased to 100mg and blood pressure still high. For me I find it a useless drug. M 48 4 weeks

 2  post angioplasty dizziness. passivity..feelings of futility and being hooked on drug rather than life. It slows u down but also slows down the real stuff of life..the get up and go.. i have come to accept the other meds..the plavex, the cosaar, the lipitor...but this one should be taken in the smallest quantity necessary and at the correct time of one's daily regimin so as not to interfere with the quality of life..the trouble is the doctor's do not know this drug must be carefully monitored and regulated. i don't know how long i have to remain in this vice, but it DID stop the irregular beats..oh for balance..oh for just a day without fear..and some more faith. M 59 2 months
 1  High Blood Pressure This medication made me mentally confused, depressed, and very tired. I felt faint at times as well Toprol XL probably works welll with some people, but not others. Figure that 10-15% will have a negative reaction to this medication. M 27 65 days
 1  Hypertension Depression, Memory loss, tired all the time, erectile dysfunctionn I have been on this stuff for over 2 years. A good day is one where I spend less than 4 hours a day thinking of killing myself. I can't remember why I walked into the next room. If I look up a telephone number, I can't remember it long enough to dial it. Sure, it dropped my blood pressure, but it now takes 200mg of Viagra to have sex with my wife. M 47 2 years

 2  Doctor Insistes Insomnia, so I take it in AM not at night; Light-headedness standing up abruptly; Possibly sense of low energy. I constantly question the Doc about dropping it, I'm also on Lipitor & aspirin. He did agree to cut the dose in half (now down to 12.5 mg) M 53 4 years

 1  mild heart attack; 3 stents Blindness, in addition to depression,loss of appetite; after 7 days I woke up with temp blindness in both eyes, black and whites were very vivid, colors were shades of white, everything looked like it has a fresh coat of snow; also objects pulsated against their background; bright light very sensitive to the eyes sight return after approx 40 minutes cut dosage in half, time of blindness dropped to 20 minutrs, blindness cleared within 48 hours after stopping the toprol-XL F 61 7 days
 1  Possible tachycardia/hypertension Fatigue, feeling I am on my 8th day off being off of it and still having effects but every other day now. Had been on 1/2 of a 50 mg for approx. a month until my pulse rate got too low, then 1/4 of a 50 mg for 2 weeks. F 35 30 days

 4  heart muscle overworking Extreme tiredness, occasional feeling of weakness (like I need to lie down and curl up on the floor, no matter where I am), slight feelings of depression (have been medicated in the past for depression) I was experiencing almost constant, extreme chest tightness and difficulty breathing, even at rest. I had four weeks of tests, including a cardiac cath. It was finally discovered that my heart muscle was working too hard due to a heart defect that had gone undiagnosed until now. Since taking Toprol, the chest tightness and difficuly breathing cleared up almost immediately. I'm getting very frustrated with the extreme tiredness, though. F 31 3 weeks

 4  high blood pressure F 33 2 months

 5  HBP, tachycardia and panic attacks I haven't experienced any side effects with Toprol. I was taking Vasotech (along with the diuretic spironolactone) when I complained to my doctor about panic attacks I was having. She said Vasotech can make them worse - that I should be taking Toprol. I started taking Toprol and have had no panic attacks since. My BP, once 160/110 was, at last reading, 117/76. My pulse, always over 100, is now regularly about 80. This medication is working (and has worked for the three years I've been taking it) very well for me. My BP and tachycardia are well under control and my panic attacks have disappeared. F 57 3 years
 2  high blood pressure Fatique, sudden weight gain (8 pounds in 6 weeks), swelling in my feet and ankles. Blood pressure has gone down. Prior to taking Toprol, was on Lipitor and a diuretic. Have had to add a second diuretic. Have decided to get off this medication. F 64 6 weeks
 3  high blood pressure depression, tiredness, insomnia, some short term memory loss, bone pain, decreased libido, clouded senses, mental confusion F 50 4 months

 3  hypertension and high bloodpressure less stress and anxiety, I sleep better if i take it before bed, but I can't get up in the morning, so I take it in the morning at work. This helps coping with pressures at work. I find I am in a fog all thi time, with a slight depression, I have NO interest in doing anything, and sometimes, to do anything is a big deal, answering the phone, taking out the trash. I am lazy!. I have to drink diet coke for a boost.. I take Toprol XL 25mg per day. I have no more My blood pressure was 155 /110 and now it's 120 over 70, regularly.. so it's working. I changed to Lisinoprol (spelling) I like it better, but i had panic attacks and sleeplessness, my doctor made me switch back to toprol. Ive been on Toprol for 8 months. M 37 8 months

 3  hypertension Doseage was 50 mg per day. Took at night after dinner. Experienced fatique, dizziness, memory loss, intestinal discomfort, insomnia, weight gain, muscle weakness, sudden heart quiver, muscle aches. Told my doctor that I had enough of this drug. Average resting heart rate was 50 . . . average blood pressure was 120/72 but cannot stand the side effects. No energy was effecting my mental outlook. Very good drug to control situational anxiety but physical effects are terrible. Doctor did not think fatique was caused by such a low dosage. Off it now for 2 days and resting pulse rate gone up to 60 and no more fatique. M 54 2 years

 1  Hypertension Headache, diffciulty breathing, weakness, dizziness, loss of memory, major sleep disorder, thoughts that would enter my mind I don't think I would every even thik of I am sure this drug works for some. It started out fine regulating my heart rate & lowering my blood pressure. Within a week I thought I was going crazy. Nervous, unable to control and rationlize my thoughts, couldn't sleep. I did my research on this drug and stumpled on this site, this was the only real inforamtion I could find that was revleant to research on this drug and this has been a live saving tool;trying to find someone who has took this drug. This drug has affected me both mentally and physically, if you do take this medication please be monitered closely, and if any of these side efects occur please go to docter to get off this drug company fore-saken medicine. The ironic part on this message is that I work in the Phramacuitcal businness; they don't care. I am going to my cardiologist tomorrow for another medicine with less side effects or dramically less side effects that this garbage. Please be careful. M 24 2 months
 2  hypertension fatigue, depersonalization, flat affect-just blah, lightheadedness, dizziness, feeling faint when standing up, weakness, brain fog, lower back and abdominal pain. I also have a weird metallic taste in my mouth and hot flashes I have been taking 25mg of Toprol for about two weeks. My blood pressure has been reduced from 150/100 to 120/80,which is great but I feel that the rest of my mental and physical health is suffering. It seems like the symptoms were mild at first and got more severe at the two week point of taking it.I had to leave work early today, I am EXTREMELY fatigued, it is a chore just to walk to my car. Mentally, I feel disconnected and depressed. I am planning to let my Dr. know that I want to wean myself off of this drug, I don't want to have hypertension, but I NEED to be able to function. I am thankful for this website, it has let me know I am not alone! To all that read this, I hope you are feeling better! F 32 2 weeks

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