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 5  OCD None-minor constipation M 45
25 1X D

 5  depression/anxity after the first week no side effects remain worked like magic was very happy with it. M 32 4 months
50mg 1X D

 5  anxiety panic bad constipation, sleepiness, hungry feeling, dry mouth, dizziness upon standing. Shut down the panic. But side effects and using Phillips all the time made me change. Took six weeks to finally tolerate the side effects to a limited degree M 52 3 years
75 1X D

 5  OCD, depression, fibromyalgia At first many such as anorgasmia and weight gain and sweating profusely but these have to be lived with sometimes for weeks because it is such an old medication. The good news is that with time these subside and adding 30 min of cardio 4 times per week can really help with the weight as well as the depression. Old medicines sometimes work better than newer ones M 37 5 years
225 mg 1X D

 5  panic disorder, anxiety, dread Dizziness, lower sex drive, inability to orgasm, dullness. M 19 6 weeks
 5  Panic disorder (Severe) Dry mouth, blurred vision, constipation and of course very reduced sex drive This stuff works so much better than anything I have ever been on and I have tried most. Removes completely panic symptoms and greatly reduces anticipatory anxiety - fantastic med if only it didn't kill your libido. I am currently trying different meds, SSRI's - no good for me now on Moclobemide and sex drive back but so is panic! Will be going back on Anafranil ASAP. M 4 years

 5  ocd, anxiety, depression none I'm mainly trying to take this for anxiety and ocd, so far the drug has cleared my head a lot, everything is so much clearer at 50mg. It has done a little for my anxiety so far, I know doses from 100mg to 250mg are used for ocd, best drug taken I've also taken ssri's, cymbalta,klonopin,herbal remedies,abilfy, nardil and wellbutrin none compare. M 21 7 days

 5  OCD anxiety My 16 year old son uses this and he has shown literally no side affects at a 50-75Mg. dose. At first his heart raced some but that quickly disappeared. My son has used it now for 1 year. This medicine is an older tricyclic that has a good track record for OCD. We are satisfied but if you use a little anxiety med with it like Ativan it seems to make it really work well.Helps greatly ,his obsessive thoughts M 16 1 years

 5  Depression, Anxiety Dry Mouth, Anorgasmia I was suffering for about 5months from Depression, Anxiety, Phobia and Intrusive thoughts. I started to feel better 1 day after taking Anafranil (25mg). After 5 weeks, I increased the dose to 50mg daily. I feel much better. My anxiety symptoms and depression are gone, and intrusive thoughts have diminshed immensly. I'd reccomend this to anyone who suffers these symptoms. M 41 8 weeks
 5  OCD, Panic Attacks, Anxiety 1st Week: mild twitching, loss of appetite. Week 2 & subsequent: very few side effects other than excessive drymouth when nervous, sweating more when its hot, constipation & anorgasmia This drug is wonderful. The benefits far outweight the side effects. It takes away obsessive thoughts & anxiety without taking away your personality. I started using Anafranil after SSRIs (zoloft) made anxiety & OCD worse. Feel free to contact me. M 25 4 months

 5  Depersonalization, anxiety, OCD Altered taste perception, difficulty orgasming, reduced sex drive, tiredness Completely removed anxiety symptoms, OCD under control and easy to snap out of when I'm stressed. Complete remission of Depersonalization. M 42 8 months

 5  anxiety I've taken 50mg in one dose in the morning for 2 months and have now got a very dry mouth, apart from that it has been very good. This is by far the best med I've tried. M 43 2 months

 5  Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Paranoia Dry mouth, Lowered libido, Increased sweating during excersize Before Anafranil, my life seemed so chaotic. I was constantly fighting with my parents, struggling to meet demands at school, having friendship troubles due to reluctance to participate in large social groups and crowded events. Also, I would constantly obsess over the way I looked and had an overly cynical outlook/sense of humor, all while feeling guilty for no good reason, and believing that strangers were either critisizing my appearance or annoyed by my prescence. My old life seemed meaningless and it got to the point where all I cared about were a couple friends, any kind of illegal 'upper', and obsessing over my looks and my health. An insane asylum seemed appropriate, as I convinced myself that I was schizophrenic. I would skip class if I was late due to my phobia of being stared at when entering the classroom. I would tense up and begin a negatibe loop of thoughts concerning and obsess for days over what other students were saying about me behind my back (how arrogant of me); M 19 8 days
 5  depression, anxiety, obsessions Dry mouth, slight fatigue, some sexual problems I have only been on this medicine for a week and it has been a GODSEND!! After only four days I started feeling better and each day is an improvement on the last. I recomend taking this with huperzine A to counter the anticholinergic effects. This medicine puts zoloft/Prozac/lexapro to shame. The SSRIs have more side effects (don't believe the anti tricyclic marketing) and can barely come close to the fast depression relief anafranil has offered-much less the anxiety and obsession relief. This drug has cured my mind of all doubts, worries, obsessions and paranoia and has left me with clarity to concentrate and happiness to show compassion once again! If your afraid of the side effects, done be, just give it a try and your life as well as those of your loved ones will benefit ! M 7 days
 5  OCD Heavy sweating, very mild occasional dizziness Works great for my symptoms. i have now been taking it for about two years. M 45 2 years

 5  OCD Dry mouth, constipation for a couple weeks, lower libido Anafranil has worked the best of all the SRI's I have tried for OCD. I have tried Zoloft, Cymbalta, Lexapro and none made much of a difference, Anafranil is in its own league, it was night and day better than any other med I have tried. The dry mouth is the only real side effect that still bugs me along with occasional night sweats especially on my legs which is funky. Libido is lower and orgasm is more difficult but that isn't all bad! M 27 4 months

 5  OCD Surprisingly few. A little dry mouth, but only for short periods of time I have tried all SSRIs other than Celexa. They just didn't cut it. Prozac worked well until poop out after 17 yrs. Anafranil was different (better). With my first dose I could tell the difference. Calming. Now up to 150 mgs and loving it. Don't hesitate if you have stubborn OCD. M 58 5 weeks
 5  OCD, anxiety, depression difficulty urinating, constipation, dry mouth, decreased libido, difficulty ejaculating, sleepiness Highly effective drug but with many bothersome side effects and a really nasty withdrawal. I would certainly reccomend it to anyone whose symptoms are severe and wants to be relieved no matter the price. M 29 8 months

 5  ocd anxiety dry mouth sweating not sure if the rest was me or the drug M 54 27 days
 5  suicidal depression, anxiety, OCD 25 years experience. Works very well but side effects keep me trying other meds. Yet always a relief to get back to clomipramine (anafranil). Anticholinergic effects include acid reflux leading to scarring of esophagus and inability to swallow many foods without simultaneously drinking lots of warm/hot water, necessitating so far 2 outpatient operations to stretch esophagus. No sexual dysfunction for first 12 years but now severe (depending on dosage, as is libido loss) as I age. Reflux plus dry mouth anticholinergic effect have caused bad tooth decay. Bloating and weight gain. Mental confusion and difficulty urinating on higher doses, i.e., over 100 mg daily sometimes, but at other times fine on 165mg. Constipation, sweating, trembling, imbalance were mainly issues in the earlier years during which I often experienced some borderline serotonin syndrome. Saved my life for sure. I was hospitalized, so they could go straight to 150 mg, and by the 4th day I felt great. Maintains a real sense of well-being. Still have intrusive obsessional thoughts at times, but now I'm almost detached from them and they pass quickly. I keep trying to lower the dose because of side effects, and success depends upon changing life circumstances, seasons and how much anti-anxiety meds I am prescribed. Tricky, but I've done this often enough I don't have to wait to feel suicidal anymore to know I need to increase my dose. I've been on as little as 40 mg daily for 2 months and as much as 200 mg daily when things aren't going well, soon tapering to 150 due to borderline serotonin syndrome. A dose increase like this after falling into depression is like being plucked out of hell into a state of grace, no exaggeration. My average daily dose is 75-90 mg. Also really helps against anxiety and insomnia. Higher doses are the best painkiller ever for my bad back. My generic is APO. Once I filled my Rx at a different pharmacy and sunk into a severe depression. I hadn't noticed the generic was GEN. My shrink said that generic had that reputation. Why don't these dummies tell you these things beforehand? I've also never had a doc tell me about tooth decay from dry-mouth-causing drugs. Drinking water, etc. isn't enough. Dental hygienist says you need a salivary enzyme replacement toothpaste and/or mouthwash, e.g., Biotene. M 62 25 years

 5  Depression/Anxiety/Depersonalizatio None as yet I have tried Aropax/Zoloft/Luvox/Clonoazepam/Xanax and more recently Cymbalta - most of these with valium, as needed to varying degrees. The side effects of these drugs as well as there inefficacy has led me to try Anafranil - Having only been on this drug for about a week i have felt much better! Less distracted and able to concentrate on uni, and the people i care about. M 6 days

 5  depression weight gain, sleepiness It changed my life, now I´m a happy person again. It is the best medicine by far. M 31 5 years

 5  OCD Side-effects as to be expected from a TCA: dry mouth, little sedation (got less after weeks), obstipation and ... no orgasm anymore Life-safer. First time I visited a psychiatrist I was diagnose as bipolar disordered because I decribed my thoughts as "racing" and got a terrible acathisia on SSRI's which he thought to be hypomaniac symptoms. Took me 8 years to get rid of that diagnosis. I'll save you that story. Anafranil made the violent, sexual thoughts, the continuous doubt and need to position things "right" and the need to "confess" so much less. Adding a little risperdal (0.5 mg) made things even better! Symptoms are 60% less and I can have a professional life again! Damn that anorgasmia though ... but it is worth it. I actually don't really understand why TCA have this bad reputation; I personally find them even to be better tolerated than the SSRI's, that for sure. M 32 6 months
 5   M 53 1 days

 5  Severe OCD; Depression; Anxiety Side Effects: Fatigue; Constipation; Good sleep; Good sex M 17 10 months
150 mg

 5  OCD Loss of interest in sex, inorgasmia, impotence Lifesaver for keeping OCD at bay, also stops my insomnia and allows me to wake up at a normal time without feeling groggy all day which I cannot do otherwise. Great feeling of being at peace. M 31 15 years
100mg 1X D

 5  ocd, anxiety, depression I first took this medicine in 1992 when I was diagnosed with ocd, anxiety and depression. I felt well and lived a wonderful and productive life but when I became pregnant my psychiatrist told me I had to stop taking it as it was not a "safe enough" drug during pregnancy. After, I tried other anti-depressants but they always stopped working after a number of years. Finally, after having reached rock bottom a month ago, I asked my doctor about anafranil and believe it or not, from the first day I took the small dose of 25 mg, I felt a change in my head. I now am happy, healthy and the intrusive thoughts are almost gone and when they do appear, they disappear so fast and the anxiety associated with them is not there. Yes, there are some side-effects but there are with every medication. I would highly recommend this medication to anyone suffering from these illnesses. M 5 weeks
100 mg
 4  OCD, Depression dry mouth, sedation, spaced out feeling, minor somnolence, rapid heart beat So far, so good. I have been taking this medication since February 24, 2014, starting at 50 mg titrating up to 150 mg. I consider myself lucky because although I have experienced side effects with Anafranil, they have not been major. I take it at night and sleep like a rock. The sedation quality is good because I have been dealing with anxiety along with the OCD. I am able to shrug off my obsessive thoughts more easily, and I am starting to enjoy life again! M 43 5 weeks
150 mg 1X D

 4  panic attacks, obsessive thoughts Weight gain, tiredness, sedation. M 20 1 years
 4  Excessive/Racing Thoughts/Stress Erectile Dysfunction, tremor(Hand Shaking) this is very good medicines for racing/excessive/speedy thoughts and good for insomnia(anxiety) with 75mg to 100mg--1hs M 34 1 days
75mg 1X D
 4  Social Anxiety & Paranoia Sweating more (head),dry mouth,sudden movements of hands when sleeping,lower sex drive & Weight Gain Has helped me quite a bit through anxiety M 44 2 years

 4  OCD depression/anxiety no effect on current anxiety problems, weakness, decreased sex drive, loss of orgasm, mania like symptoms in high dose Other then the side effects it completely stopped my OCD, if you have OCD and you don't mind the side effects then this med is great. But the sexual problems completely sucked, so I wont be taking this anymore. M 17 4 weeks
 4  OCD, anxiety depression low sex drive; dry mouth, occasional dizziness upon abruptly standing up, occasional facial flushing. Of these side effects, the dry mouth, dizziness, and facial flushing diminished as time went on, and in sum these 3 problems have been quite minor. The low sex drive, however, has been problematic, and must be addressed. Struggled with OCD/anxiety symptoms, along with mild depression, from about age 20 onward (though intermittent symptoms appeared earlier). These problems gradually worsened as my 20s progressed. At around age 30, due to some adverse experiences, I developed a couple of new obsessions that caused my condition to worsen rapidly and substantially. Over a period of 4 years, I tried, in various doses and combinations, Luvox (fluvoxamine, I believe), Celexa (citalopram), Wellbutrin, and Effexor (the most effective of this group), and received only minimal benefit. As a "last ditch" attempt to resolve my problem, believing it was something I just had to learn to live with, I tried Anafranil (clomipramine) and within three days began to feel some improvement: the intense tightening I would feel in my chest whenever an upsetting thought entered my mind was diminished--the first real relief I'd felt in 4 years. As the weeks passed, my symptoms improved further, and now the upsett M 37 3.5 years

 4  OCD Constipation, lower sex drive. Made my life better M 29 5 years

 4  OCD erectile disfunction, tiredness - sleep 9-11 hours per day felt benefits within a few days, fewer side effects compared to Effexor M 44 6 months

 4  depression, anxiety Sleep disturbance - early morning awakenings, sweating, nervousness, abdominal warmth/tension My mood and energy are much better. In terms of nervousness that I would feel sometimes on Anafranil, what helped was to take it with a good amount of food. Once I got the digestive side effects handled, my agitation was gone. so it seems like my brain was reacting to the stomach problems. Taking it with food at bedtime also helped my sleep. I have experienced significant weight loss - at first because of the stomach issues, but also my urge to overeat has gone down because I feel better mentally. Happy to recommend this drug but the first few weeks are likely to be a tough adjustment for most people. M 31 8 days
10 mg 1X D

 4  OCD, Anxiety & Aggression Constantly having dry mouth, confusion, increased urination, feeling tired most of the time, loss of apetiate sometimes would be light headed, headaches it did help me in the OCD matter, I would say about 60% its gone. regarding agression I would say I still have it and currently taking Xanx for such problems.. This drug is good and bad at the same time, for higher doses I won't suggest it because I was on 150 MG per day and made my life a living hell for 10 days had severe constipation, sweeting, excesive urination, feeling tired all the time and of course lower sex drive!! is it worth it to go for high doses ..NO. M 27 4 months
50 MG 1X D

 4  OCD Lethargic, Nauseous I'm already feeling a great effect, even though it hasn't even reached full strength in my body yet. The only bad thing is that I'm very drowsy, and I can't aim a ball as well as I could before. M 14 17 days
25mg 1X D

 4  Depression, anxiety Acid reflux, hard to orgasm, severe sweating (head only), tiredness Clomipramine (as it's called here in the UK) has really helped me. It has made me the person I want to be and really helped me face life again. I found I was suffering more acid reflux after taking them so I started to take them at lunchtime with food. The sweating is a problem but not a 'deal breaker' and I take much, much longer to orgasm and when I do it feels somehow different (not bad, just different) so I see why these are prescribed for premature ejaculation. The side effects are OK and I would strongly recommend this medication M 39 8 months
100mg 1X D
 3  ocd,anxiety,depression sweating,sleepiness,insomnia,dry mouth, M 38 9 weeks
100mg 1X D

 3  OCD Depression Shortness of breath, dizziness, lightheaded. My doctor swears by this results of this drug. I have stayed on it for longer than I would have liked because of my doctors' influence. If i wasn't experiencing shortness of breath regularly, I would be willing to continue it. M 43 5 months
100-125mg 1X D
 3  ocd constipation , bloating,muscle pains,breast enlargment,diffuculy urination,fatigue and in high doses dry mouth and excessive sweating to me it doesnt work in high doses and made ocd symptoms more severe be careful with the dose very low doses may benifit you and higher make ocd severe.talk with your doctor.i used to take it in 150 mg but after many years i take fluoxetine and low doses of anafranil. M 30 10 years
18,75 mg 1X D
 3  Gen.Depression Phobias OCD Libido loss, dizziness, unoriented, too many questions unanswered (Imagining I'm in the right place to start answering them). Felt at my best as never before in my whole life and started rediscovering myself and my abilities. Then hallucinations(like seeing halos around people's faces). After the 1 month on this, then went in the manic phase and then totally totally out of control and tried to cut my wrist. I was lucky the damage on my wrist was minimal. Well I had to be inserted in a psychiatric ward and doctors started experimenting doses of various drugs. M 26 1 months

 3  OCD Depression Shortness of breath, dizziness, constipation, sweating I want so badly to love this medication as I have given it almost a year. It has minimized obsessive thoughts and made me calmer. The dizziness, constipation and sweating were ok with me but this shortness of breath is a deal-breaker. My doctor loves this medication and keeps insisting that it is my anxiety and not the drug. As each day passes, I am becoming more and more convinced, my shortness of breath is from Anafranil. I believe it is a matter of time before I will be discontinuing it. M 43 10 months
75-150mg 1X D
 2  Anxiety, OCD, Panic Attacks Terrible nausea, zero energy, and extremely sleepy, Zombie-Like state, very dry mouth. I have tried to go on this drug twice without success due to the bad side effects. I was only on it twice for 2 days each but could not handle the horrible feelings. May work for some but not for me. I even had to special order this drug since it is not readily available at most pharmacies. M 63 4 days

 2  social anxiety shakeiness all over,esp in hands and neck,blurred vision,headaches,increased anxiety,difficult to sleep.not on it long enough to experience no ejaculation,but its common. not the drug for social anxiety!we spend our lives trying to hide anxiety from others and this maks it tenfold.i think my shrink was going through his med book 1 by 1-have exhausted all the ssris,tried moclomebide,and duloxetine,neither worked. im trying to get him to put me on nardil,the "gold" standard for sa...we shall see....feel free to contact me M 43 7 days
 2  Anxiety and Depersonalization Increased Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Sleeplesness, Ear Ringing, Pins and Needles in Body, Sore Throat, lengthened the time to reach orgasm. I took Anafranil for Depersonalization and General Anxiety Disorder. For the first 7 days I felt absolutely Nothing. It's as if I was swallowing candy. But then on day 8 I started to feel very anxious a few hours after I took it. Also couldn't sleep very well. This medication usually makes people tired. But it had the opposite effect on me. It didn't make me any more tired than usual. It actually made it harder to get to sleep. Then on Day 9 I had a full blown panic attack after I took it. I thought I was going to have to call 911. My anxiety went through the roof and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I was scared!!! The next day my left ear started ringing and I felt as if I was getting a sore throat. This stuff started doing some weird things to me, so I decided to stop taking it before the side effects got even worse. Medication can effect everyone differently. This just isn't the right one for me. Use at your own risk! M 39 9 days

 2  OCD I was started on 50MG and was supposed to titrate up to 150MG by week 3. I am still on the 50MG because these side effects wont go away. • Reduced mental focus • Confusion • Zoned out or auto pilot feeling • Lack of visual focus especially in far sighted vision • Dizziness • Increased forgetfulness • Reduced limb sensibility especially in hands • Reduced sex drive • Inability to get or maintain erection • Unable to ejaculate Although I did get the results listed below I would not recommend this drug. • Reduced Irritability • Slight ability to control “obsessive” or “fearful” thoughts during compulsive behavior. • Slight ability to control minor compulsive behaviors. M 26 17 days
50MG 1X D
 2  Anxiety and Depression Dry mouth, severe constipation (successfully treated with 20mg lactulose daily) and extreme difficulty reaching orgasm (even through masturbation; and if I managed, I would experience a strong headache for hours afterwards). I've tried SSRIs, SNRIs, tricyclics, Aurorix, Avanza, etc. Efexor is the only one that's worked (though only temporarily). I had high hopes after reading the positive experiences of others here. Sadly, I observed no benefit after being on 75mg for four weeks and I was not prepared to go higher due to the side effects. I'm weening myself off clomipramine and have just commenced Valdoxan. M 34 4 weeks
75mg 1X D

 1  ocd dry mouth,constipation,priapism,weight gain,sleeping too much,mania,heart attack,agitation horrible drug. do not take this chemical. M 30 2 years
150 mg 1X D

 1  OCD-DEPRESSION-PANIC ATTACKS Hallucinations ( visual-auditory and tactile ), insomnia, extreme hot flashes and sweating,very dry mouth, weight gain. After taking Anafranil for only 4 days, I immediately noticed that my depression was getting better, but my OCD got a lot worse and Icouldn't sleep. I would see shadows running on the floor like rats, seeing people that had twisted bodies, dogs etc...hearing people talking about me saying that I had to slap people and if I didn't do it, they would bite me or scratch me. I basically developed all the symptoms of schizophrenia. I didn't do anything right away because I just thought it was real and accepted it. Then people at work noticed and told me that I was staring at things and talking alone. I called my psychiatrist and he immidiately discontinued the treatment, even if it helped my depression. I am now taking Effexor XR 75 mg/day and it is working great ! M 32 2 months
75 MG 1X D
 1  depression DRYNESS IN THE MOUTH DIZZINESS M 34 1 years
 1  OCD, Depression I was shocked. This was supposed to be the perfect med for me. It had worked for a relative with OCD. Moreover, the fact that I had comorbid depression and anxiety seemed to imply that it would be a great fit. In addition, the med was rated very highly by a lot of other people. Surprisingly, the med made me more anxious, irritated my nervous system to the point of making me feel like I was jumping out of my skin. It also did nothing to improve my poor appetite and intense fear of the future. M 34 6 weeks

 5  OCD I enjoy taking it since I know why I take it and that it alleviates my bad habits!! SMILE Plus I am not addicted to it - as like other drugs that I have taken for other issues. I would recommend it for the correct diagnosis! When I first began taking it - I did notice a start of a little rash on my arm - however it has subsided! F 30 4 years

 5  Dramatic mood swings, OCD, PMS Leg twitching (primarly when falling asleep), extreme dizziness when rising too quickly, larger breast size but no weight gain, fatigue. For me, this drug has outweighed the side effects--and if you have them, I encourage you to try and ride them out! I take 25 mg. at night along with 450 mg. of Wellbutrin in the morning. The awful mood swings I've had since childhood (about 25 years total) are under control for the first time...and the OCD is no longer debilitating. It rears its ugly head now and then, but it feels more like habit than anything else. There is no better feeling than feeling relatively free of OCD and suicidal thoughts. My boyfriend and family noticed the changes immediately and comment that they've never seen me "doing better" in my life. I hope you, too, experience the same, or better, level of freedom if and when you decide to take it. Also, I want to mention, DO NOT drink excessively (more than 3 drinks) if you take this medicine. I experienced my first complete blackout after drinking alcohol with clomipramine, not to mention vomiting, shakes, head pains and anxiety well beyond the realm F 35 3 months

 5  panic, ocd, depression, GAD constipation best medicine i have ever been on F 27 1 weeks

 5  for obsessive compulsive disorder on high doses, twitching; now on a low dose and have no side effects; I have gone on to live a completely normal life almost completely symptom free of OCD. F 42 5 years

 5  OCD/disturbing reoccurring thoughts Constipation, Sleep ALOT, no orgasm, black out when stand up too fast LOVE it. I've been having awful thoughts for many years and I had no idea that anything could stop them. Anafranil has saved my life. I no longer go to sleep fearful, so far, so good. F 21 1 months

 5  Depression/Anxiety Sweating, weight gain (about 20 lbs) other than that none really. I have tried all SSRI's and this so far is the best. I take 100-150 mg per day. I was surprised because alot of the pharmacies don't even carry it anymore. Helped my anxiety, obsessive thoughts, which in turn eased my depression. I would highly recommend it. F 55 7 months

 5  BPD; depression; ocd spontaneous, tic like, random movement of my muscles (extremities); "busy mind" when I sleep - wake up feeling refreshed but not enough sleep (like I will wake after just a couple hrs of sleep); agitation in the manner of nervousness/restlessness, not anger like agitation. Of all the meds I have ever taken for depression this one seems to help me the most, but now after 1 1/2 months I am starting to get side effects F 46 7 weeks
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