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 2  Dysautonomia The first three days I experienced the tingly scalp and goosebumps/chills. By day 4 I started getting a stabbing pain in the chest and pounding in my ears. My doctor advised I cease midodrine immediately. It did significantly help with the symptoms, however my body apparently can not handle the more severe side effects. 25 5 days
 4  vasovagal syncope Tingly scalp, sudden urinary urges, dry eyes This was prescribed after an a-fib episode that put me in cardiac icu for a couple of day. During my stay in the hospital step-down unit, I had a tilt table test which I "failed" spectacularly. I had been having extreme dizzy spells for a year prior, especially bad when walking or exercising (which I had quit because of), and sometimes even when sitting! Midodrine really is effective at keeping my energy levels up, and making me feel normal. But like another reviewer noted, it is short lived, so when the effects wear off in about 4 hours after a dosage, I start to have symptoms again. Also, it is ill advised to take within 3-4 hours of laying down, which sometimes is inconvenient when I'd like to take a nap, but then remember that I took my medicine too recently. F 41 3 years
5 mg 3X D
 4  neurocardiogenic syncope none! Have been taking midodrine for about 10 months. After several months it became less effective for me but i still take it 3 times a day and if i feel bad just take an extra one. It still helps a lot F 21 10 months
 5  low blood pressure/syncope tingly scalp, goosebumps, chills, itchy scalp. The only one that really bothers me is the itchy scalp. It can be embarrassing and very uncomfortable It was a miracle drug for me. I was almost totally bedridden due to orthostatic hypotension. Whenever I would stand my BP would drop so low I would be on the verge of fainting. Even sitting was difficult. After taking midodrine I was able to resume most normal activities. It was truly amazing! F 51 3 months
 3  Syncope, hypotension Tingling and itchy feeling in my scalp. tingling in my skin and a bit irritability. I took this to try to help me stop having episodes of syncope. I was passing out nearly 3 times a day. Unfortunately this drug wasn't enough to stop it and I had to get a pacemaker. Since the pacemaker I don't pass out. I still take the poamatine though. So the two together seem to work. If your doc talks about getting a pacemaker I wouldn't avoid it, just get it, I feel so much better with it. F 24 6 months
 2  low blood pressure/dizziness Fatigue, nausea Did not provide the rise in blood pressure that I needed to avoid a pacemaker. Ended up having to get a pacemaker. F 24 3 months