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 3  Fibroids Hot flashes, cold flashes, headaches in the first mo. Still bleeding, my bleeding has not stopped yet and it's almost been 2 mos. F 44 90 days
11.5 1X O
 3  prostate cancer hot flashes, no libido, fatigue, anemia This med is effective (not a cure) for prostate cancer. There certainly are side-effects...and I am trying to limit time on this drug. Bigger doses create bigger side-effects. M 72 6 months
30mg-6 mo 2X AN
 1  Breast cancer Briefly? Lol. Athlete to being on disability. Debilitating bone and muscle pain, hair loss, tooth and bone loss. Chronic UTI; severe accelerated DDD and DJD; central obesity, 100# weight gain; severe short term memory loss; inability to retain or memorize the simplest things; tachycardia; Lupron accelerates the aging process overnight by approximately 25 yrs. Don't believe me? I dare u to take one shot. My problems only got worse, nothing improved. F 50 5 days
Varied 5X M
 4  Endometriosis Hot flashes, muscle spasms and stiffness, mood swings and loss of libido. It has helped 95% of my endo pain. F 34 2 months
2x 3.75 1X M
 1  recurring prostate cancer insomnia leg pain 20 lb weight gain in mid section grew breast testicals shrank memory and cognitive decline head aches unbeliveable fatigue muscle loss hot flashes ears ringing no sex drive very emotional crying suicidal thoughts loose stool six times a day I was not told about the side effects or given anything to read blood pressure went up 20 points also It was like being on a plane about to crash and pilot didnt say brace for impact there was no monitoring during the six months I was on it I would never take again rather die M 61 6 months
? 1X O
 4  Enlarged uterus with multiple fibro Night sweats and chills. Loss of hair, blurred vision. Some joint and lower back discomfort. Weight gain dry skin. Bouts of tiredness. Insomnia. Some emotional issues(feeling less than at times) F 41 90 days
1X M
 1  adjuvant Rx Stage II prostate ca RT Within a week severe palmar tingling, flexor contractures and bilat carpal tunnel and trigger fingers Sx reached their peak about 6 weeks. Surgery at 7 month, open carpal tunnel trigger finger release but tenosynovitis swelling/contractures continue despite surgery and months of topical testosterone tried as antidote M 75 6 months
45 mg
 1  silent endometriosis, infertility Horrible hot flashes, irritability, but worse, awful disabling pain down my arms from the shoulder to elbow: bicep tendonitis F 33 3 months
 1  To induce menopause Muscular pain in my legs Painful intercourse Arthritic pain in my hands The muscular pain in my legs lasted 6 days and was constant, day and night. Two days after exercise, a sore muscle turned into strong pain in my shoulder for a week. Intercourse was extremely painful for a week (could not have sex). Moderately painful for 3 weeks. Arthritic pain in my hands every morning F 54 5 months
7mg inject
 1  pre-surgery I had horrific panic attacks and blurry vision in one eye. I only did 2 of the recommended 3 injections. My panic attacks lasted for over 20 years. I have to manage them with Xanax. Do Not Take This Drug. F 52 2 months
1X M
 5  Uterine fibroid None I was so freaked out about getting the 3-month depot shot but it turned out to be no big deal. I have lost a bit of weight, my hair has stopped falling out, I have more energy and I havenít noticed any muscle or joint pain aside from the typical aches and pains I deal with anyway. F 40 12 weeks
 1  Prevent endometriosis Body pain , insomia , hair loss, migrane,depression,neck pain, palpitations This drug should be out ! F 40 1 months
 1  Endometriosis Never ending side effects. I had this drug injected in me with hopes it would stop Endometriosis spreading. It caused me to eventually have to give up my career as a child psychologist to being totally disabled with Endometriosis growths and fibromyalgia, RA, muscle spasms and ptsd. It never leaves your system and attaches to your dna and changes it. I miscarried at 16 weeks after my last injection 4 months before I was pregnant. Iíve never been pregnant since then in 1995. I am now on stron pain meds just to function and spend many days in bed. Do not take this drug poison under any circumstances. It will ruin your health for life and not cure what the docs say. They get paid off to prescribe it by big pharma. Do not take this medicine!! Itís pure poison. F 49 6 months
150mg shot
 1  Uterine Fibroids Hot flashes, cramping, nausea, severe abdominal pain, migraines, insomnia, mood swings I did not listen to the warnings of those who got the shot. I'be been regretting my decision for the past 2 months. I had zero side affects for the first 3 weeks. Then came the hot flashes, migraines, and mood swings. But wait, it doesn't stop there. If I was working while on this medicine, I would not be able to do my job. The severe abdominal pain and nausea didn't come until the end of the 2nd month. I am in a constant state of sickness and cannot leave the house. To top it all off, my fibroid did not shrink or change, as I was promised. Now I am miserable for nothing. Please, please, take my warning and do not take this medicine. It will dramatically impact your daily living and not bring you results. F 28 3 months
 1  prostate cancer brutal hot spells bad taste in mouth no energy swelled legs anxiety jitters depression strange smells memory loss I feel absolutely awful,no information about side effects given,doc does not seem to care.I would appreciate comments from men about similar side effects or women who use lupron.This stuff is awful,I am also a hypochondriac I suffer health anxiety so each symptom worries me.I would not recommend using it but what else can we do? M 70 9 months
13.5 mg 3X M
 1  To prep for hysterectomy Sick to my stomach the whole time, nausea, panic attacks, anxiety,depression, hot flush, cold sweat, blurry vision, lost appetite, back pain, I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE This has been the worst 3 months of my life, my gynecologist recommended this poison 3 months ago due to my anemia and fibroids, well let me tell you that didn't work 2 weeks after I have lupron, I had an emergency hysterectomy because I was losing to much blood. First I was happy that finally I had the surgery then I realized that I still have lupron on my system for anothe 2 months and a half.. it has been so difficult, this side effects are not joke... when they tells you the you might get this side effects IT MEANS "you will get it for sure" I'm over the 3 months now and I still have this side effects .. can't wait to be normal again. I haven't worked all this 3 months due to all this side effects Please please please don't do lupron ask your doctor for more opcion, this medicine is a killer F 45 3 months
 4  Endometriosis Hot flashes, headaches, fatigue, break outs I started taking lupron about 2 months ago. The sytoms are no were as bad as I thought they were going to be! I kept refusing to get the shot just because I was so scared of the symptoms until my last surgery. I've had two surreys in the last 7 months, so I figured it was time to do something cause I want to be able to have kids. But, the worse part is the hot flashes. At first it wasn't bad and now I have them like every day and all night long sometimes. And my face is starting to break out cause I think the medicine is starting to kick in, but it really does make the pain go away. I would rather deal with the symptoms then the pain any day . F 20 6 months
11.25 MG
 1  Endometriosis All the common "temporary" side effects of menopause; plus some I was only life-threatening allergic reaction the year following treatment. My autoimmune system went wacky. Heart issues, nerve damage, I began passing out from hypothyroidism. Years later I was dx; with a thyroid goiter.and a brain aneurysm.Too many other Dx to list. Please do not use Leuprolide Acete / Lupron Depot! You may not get to live long enough to regrete it. They "Lied by Omission" Left out important information like it is an ".Antineplastic that kills "Healthy Cells as well as Cancerous Cells". They also said all side-effects are temporary. LIE!, LIE!, LIE, I was only 32. Why has the FDA not restricted this drug for Cancer patients only??? Another Thing For President Trump to Make Right... F 54 6 months
3.75 1X M
 3  Endometriosis Skin became very oily, hot flashes, insomnia, weight gain, mood swings, brain fog, eyes produced more oil in which I had to switch to daily contacts I was diagnosed with endometrioses in July 2016. My options were either getting a hysterectomy or being put on Lupron for 6-12 months. I opted for Lupron. I stopped bleeding altogether. The first month of being on Lupron increased my endometriosis pain severely. I had bad cramps/pain for the entire month. By month 2 the menopause symptoms kicked in. I was put on anti-depressants to help with the mood swings. I have gained about 15lbs while on Lupron. I do cramp while on Lupron, but it's no where near the pain I had before getting on it. It has completely stop my bleeding and definitely reduced the cramping and pain. I went from wearing 2 week wear contacts to having to wear daily contacts, because the oil my eyes produce makes my contacts blurry daily. My optometrist told me some women in menopause have this issue. I just had my 6 month apt to determine whether or not to extend it to 12 months. I have decided to get off and start a continual BC in hopes the bleeding will stay at bay. I was told if I start bleeding, my options again will be Lupron or hysterectomy. All in all, this medicine does help. But, for me, it gave me some pretty ugly side affects. I'm hoping I will not have to go back on it. I wouldn't discourage anyone from being on it, while this may be a last option before surgery. But, if you do consider starting this medicine, I recommend doing your research and just be aware/prepared for the possible side effects that may come with it for you. F 30 6 months
3.25 1X M
 1  Endometriosis TERRIBLE HOT FLASHES. JUST TERRIBLE. Always moody. It didn't stop my period my first month, I came on as scheduled, but missed the next shot, as they were monthly, but yet haven't had a period since.. Im not looking forward to another dose. DON'T DO IT F 25 1 months

LUPRON DEPOT  (LEUPROLIDE ACETATE):  Leuprolide is used to treat advanced prostate cancer in men. It is not a cure. Most types of prostate cancer need the male hormone testosterone to grow and spread. Leuprolide works by reducing the amount of testosterone that the body makes. This helps slow or stop the growth of cancer cells and helps relieve symptoms such as painful/difficult urination. Talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of treatment.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)