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 1  Birth control The only positive thing that came from Ortho cyclen was I have no acne what so ever. But I have been bleeding evryday since I starting taking this pill. Over 8 months ago!! And I don't mean spotting or break through bleeding I mean 24 7 bleeding for over 8 months. In sain nausea I have to run to the bathroom and puke every morning around 7. Horrible cramping and uncontrollable moodswings. I wanna cry and in ball and also kill everyone at the same time. I would have rather gotten pregnant Tha put up with this ridiculious side affects. Taking this birth control was one of the worst mistakes I've ever done. I would never recommend this. Ever. F 19 8 months
 5  Contraceptive, Acne My periods are heavier than they were on my last pill, not bad though. Sore breasts, increased appetite, bloating, and fatigue - typically way more noticeable around my period. But! I take this every night (when I took in the mornings my emotions were out of control) and I'm very pleased. My acne had a small adjustment breakout and is now gone! I'm regular (finally!) Except it doesn't fall on my placebo week - I've synced with the lunar cycles... Which is a week earlier. I'll adjust things to match, however. I hardly notice any moodiness, I'm much more lively and happy on this pill. I can tell I'm on a birth control; I'm not quite me emotionally. But it isn't bad at all! Definitely found my match! F 20 2 months
 3  Birth control Bigger breasts, nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite, increased sensitivity to smells (make you feel sick), tired So I'm coming off many years of depo, and just switched to this pill. My boobs look huge, nothing looks appealing to eat and I feel no hunger at all...all day. When I do eat, I rush to the bathroom with diarrhea and then I get extreme nausea. I'm going to stick with it for a while and see what happens. F 27 2 weeks
 3  Regulate periods I became a moody b****! I already have depression, which I take 2 anti-depressants for. Within 2 weeks of starting Previfem (generic), I noticed I was REALLY quick to anger & cry. Just when it seemed to get better, I'd flip out over nothing & feel so despondent for hours/days. And even if the crying isn't happening, I'm still always negative & irritable. I have had some sensitive tummy issues, but I never considered that this could be the cause... After reading reviews, it likely is. It *did* regulate my period (I was having it twice a month), so it did it's purpose. I just can't handle the mood swings. Starting next week, I'm switching to Loryna. Hopefully that'll be better! F 3 months
1X D
 5  birth control Moodiness for the first month or so and headaches I loooove this pill!! Yes at first I was moody and I had headaches every week but once I reached the three month mark it all leveled out. Now I honestly feel better on the pill than prior to the pill. My periods are a breeze and my face is clearer than ever! I has crazy pms before the pill where I would be major emotional, get horrible migraines, and break out like crazy! Now I feel normal and under control. I never want to go off of it...but I will when I want kids! F 24 4 months
 3  birth control I have been sick and just started taking this birth control a few days ago..I have been feeling nauseated, tired, and awful headaches..thought it was cause I had been sick till I noticed my breast being sore so I done some googling and found out it's this birth control making me feel like this and not because I've been sick! &I've always had bad headaches to begin with&knew the birth control would make them worse as it always has&thought just maybe my headaches were so bad they were making me nauseas..wrong! I've tried every birth control possible and this is by far the worse I've felt with any my spouse has even asked if I'm pregnant from the way I've felt and acted..good luck to whoever uses this! F 21 5 days
 1  birth control From someone whose coming from the Depo and has been taking the Depo for a whole year.. changing birth controls has probably been the worst decision. These pill suck and made me feel horrible. At first they were great, my period only lasted for about 3 days BUT the cramping was unbearable ! Not to include the EXTREME nausea .. It really didn't start until the beginning the second month of taking them. I literally thought I was pregnant, which was the complete opposite of what I wanted. The side affects were not worth it and I immediately quick taking them once I figured out why I was soooooo nauseous. Additionally I started having severe headaches, and my breast were swollen as well. As I said the only good side affects were the period lasting for three days and the weight loss, other than that I really did not like these pills at all. The only major problem I had with these pills were the nausea. I had to continuously drink sprite to settle the nausea and take about 4 breaks at work because, I was so tired. Be mindful of the side affects because they only affect certain people and other have the good hand but when all said and done pleaseee be mindful. I've seen that I am not the only one dealing with these side affects . F 19 1 months
30 pack 1X D
 3  Birth control A lot of nausea the first couple of months so I would normally take it at night before going to bed. It took a while to get used to but eventually it wasn't bad. My skin cleared and my period was light. However, my insurance changed and I had to get the generic brand Sprintec. I started to get more nauseas in the mornings and I thought I would get use to it again but it's just gotten worse. I finally decided to stop taking it. F 25 2 years
 1  birth control This birth control seriously caused me some health problems. I had been on the pill for 2 years with no problems, suddenly I started to experience vertigo,dizziness,nausea and extreme double vision. I have since then gave my body a break from birth control pills. I know every one has their own experience with pills but my experience was one that makes me want to deter from most pills.i just would not recommend this pill. F 25 2 years
30 mg
 1  taking for my hormones I started taking this prescription about 30 days ago, I think I've decided today not to take it any more I have five left,my side effects have been increasing all month,extreme breast tenderness, breast enlargement like when you're on your period, my skin is tender to the touch all over my body,headaches nausea at night,my doctor said that, it would help me drop weight but it has not I have not gotten on the scale because I'm extremely bloated have a hard stomach and just feel like crap, I've gained at least 5 or 6 pounds in 30 days.horrible acne, I've always had clear skin so I know for a fact that this is from the pill,headaches,which I have never had before,cramps all month long,no sex drive,I'm stopping this pill to way too many side effect,I was put on this medication because my period only last a day and a half which means I haven't hormone issue, well I know to all that's probably a good thing so to me too I'm not willing to have all these side effects. F 37 1 months
 5  birth control, regulate hormones Before any of this. I am pretty average without these hormones. I'm not emotional, I'm not crazy, I don't have depression, or painful cramps or extremely heavy periods. Ok so the side effects I experienced: Change of breast size. Sometimes larger. No change in emotions. No nausea or diharrea. No change in pain of cramps. No change in body hair, I have thick dark hair and it has stayed the same. I feel like it is affecting my weight. I haven't gained any weight. But it feels like it is hard for me to lose weight. The few times it was late due to not having my pill with me, I would see side effects like spotting (sometimes for a long period of time) and some cramping. I have had a slightly lighter flow than before using ortho cyclen. The two biggest side effects are my sex drive. I almost don't have one. I went from depo to this pill and thought it would change but ever since being on any birth control my sex drive is gone. And the other side effect is darkening of my upper lip. I have pale skin, with a yellow undertone and I have a permanent redness on my upper lip (look it up, it happens with hormones) that appeared a month in after starting ortho cyclen. It is like a skin mustache if that makes sense. My boyfriend says he can't tell but I can. It bothers me but I will be staying on the birth control for a bit longer. F 26 2 years
 1  Pregnancy prevention acne Weight gain, acne, bigger breasts, severe cramps, extremely heavy periods, always on period. F 18 7 months
 4  Acne Pregnancy prevention Regulate Gastrointestinal symptoms,Breakthrough bleeding in the first 3 months,Change in menstrual flow Breast changes: tenderness, enlargement i was a 36 c now im like 38-40C, Some times i get headaches but if you take Tylenol it goes away. Weird discharge sometimes like a light brownish red. Mine was ortho cyclen- 28 not 21 F 20 3 months
30 1X D
 2  birth control. pregnancy prevention I have been on Depo Provera before and I hated it. I thought this time around aftet having my first child that I would try Ortho Cyclen and at first I didnt notice I was on it but after about a month I started feeling the symptoms. And I dont like them at all. I wake up in the middle of the night now aching from head to toe so bad that I have to take medicine to make ot bearable enough to fall back asleep. I get sick to my stomach over everything and I cant bend over or properly wear my seat belt without feeling like Im going to lose my stomach contents. I get more headaches than I usually do. And my periods have stayed the same as usual. Just a few days ago I began getting lower abdominal discomforts and they havent gone away yet. Im normally nice and calm and easy going but since taking this I am out of my mind emotional and upset all the time over nothing. It makes me feel depressed when I know I have no reason to be. I dont like the side effects of this at all. It takes a toll on my relationship with my boyfriend and it makes me feel crazy. F 19 3 months
 3  PCOS, Acne My skin: Completely clear by 3rd month but had an initial break out in 1st month. Weight: Same as before. Lost my appetite and had food aversions the 1st month. Mood: Horrible. I've never felt so depressed in my life. Extremely moody and I cry over the stupidest things. Very negative and easily annoyed. I've never been like this and I can't control my feelings anymore. I got headaches the 1st month but now they're gone. I'm switching pills because I ran out and the country that I'm studying in right now stopped selling all pills w/ norgestimate. Otherwise, I might have continued in hopes that my mood would improve. F 23 3 months
 3  birth control Severe nausea & headaches, insomnia most nights, appetite loss, tender breasts, mood swings, hot flashes. I have been on these pills for four months and I just started feeling the side effects. The nausea is unbearable at times, if I smell something I can't eat it most of the time now. On the plus side my periods are almost nonexistent, but it made my cramps worst. F 21 4 months
35 MG
 1  regulate period pregnancy preventio Worked great regulated my period so well in fact that even though i never missed a pill i got pregnant on it after two years of perfect use. Before i only ovulated every couple of months or so but it caused me to ovulate during the 7 days of the placibo in the pack and my period only lasted 4 of the 7 days. F 22 2 years
 1  Hair loss, oily skin I don't like this pill. It makes me extremely fatigued and exhausted, my eyes constantly feel tired, I look horrible like i haven't slept in weeks, always have bags under my eyes. It hasn't helped with my hair loss and skin is minimally better but it has been way better on other pills. I really want to stop this pill. Sick of feeling exhausted all the time i think it might be too estrogenic for me. I may give Yasmin a go but scared of the side effects. But really need my hair to stop shedding. F 25 3 months
 1  regulation of my period I was unemployed and needed to stay on birth control to regulate my periods. I went to planned parent hood and they suggested this brand. I thought everything was going fine until I started having really bad mood swings. I'd Starr crying over nothing. I would get upset over the stupidest things and its really taken a tole on my relationship.My bf goes out of his way to help me and I turned into this crazy person over him breathing wrong. I'm so glad I came across this site!I hope I just have enough time to save what's left of my relationship. F 25 2 years
 2  Pregnancy prevention I didnt like the side effects, i started getting a lot of cramps and headaches, but the worst part was my mood, im a very camled tolerant person, and after i started taking it, i would flip out on people, i was always angry and mad, it got to tge point in which i would cry every time i had sex, for no reason. Changed to another brand becausevi can't take it. F 20 1 months