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 5  colonoscopy not sure what the strength was. I was given this in IV before the surgery and started making jokes about it and singing. Woke up and it was over. No side effects at all. could have driven myself home in half hour No after effects no memory of the proceedure. No problems at all F 65 1 days
1X D
 1  Colonoscopy Severe sore throat, cough with very heavy mucous. Second day and still bad symptoms. I would not have this used again. Never had a problem after my other three colonoscopies. This is the first time Propofol was used. F 74 1 days
1X D
 1  Colonoscopy Woke up with an extremely dry mouth and a sore throat from my colonoscopy. M 54 1 times
 4  COLONOSCOPY Extremely dry mouth and painful sore throat. I went out quickly, just remember sitting on the operating table. Woke up with extremely dry mouth and very painful sore throat. After I got home noticed swelling and pain under both sides of jaw. Stuffy nose. Feel like I am getting a cold. Not sure if I would use again. Also developed a cardiac arrhythmia in recovery room. I am glad to find this site cause I did not know these were side effects of Diprivan. F 64
1X D
 4  Colonoscopy Out like a light while turning on my side for procedure. Woke up immediately in recovery but felt pretty groggy. Went right to bed after getting home and slept for 3 hours. Then napped off and on the rest of the afternoon. Around 7 in the evening last night I noticed some pain in my left ear like you have with an earache. Then pain spread down into my jaw, and I noted severe swelling underneath my jaw with a water pocket forming. I applied an ice pack, and the water pocket started subsiding. Slept well all night. Today both jaws are swollen but no pain. After searching the internet for side effects from Propafol, I feel relieved to find others have experienced the same symptoms as I have had. I was prepared to go to an immediate care center today for the jaw swelIing I am still pretty washed out today and have slept off and on. F 69 1 times
 1  Colonoscopy Three weeks after being given I am still dizzy, stumble when I walk, can't concentrate to have a conversation, forget where I am/don't know why I am there, and cannot get or maintain an erection--I used to have them 2-3 times a day! Day before colonoscopy prep had sec with wife and even woke up morning of colonoscopy with erection. Haven't been able to get one since. Calling GI who performed it does no good. "Not related," he says. M 52 1 days
 1  Had it during colonoscopy Woke up with swollen glands and couldn't swallow mouth was extremely dry. F 38 1 days
 1  Colonoscopy, neck surgery Colonoscopy) I woke up witb uncontrollable shaking and very uncomfortable contortions of my body. Neck surgery) I told the dr i couldn't have propofol, had it written in all my charts, he still gave it to me. Woke up left side paralysis. Couldn't move, did a bunch of test and ruled out Amy surgical problem. Have movement back but have lots of weakness and pain on left side. I would love to hear from anyone about adverse reactions you've experienced. F 48 1 days
 2  Colonoscopy I did experience the burning sensation but it was tolerable. The nurse told me it took more of the drug than usual to get me under and that I started to get sick on the table so they gave me another drug for that. Procedure was at 10am after getting home I went to sleep until 3pm waking up to tender swollen glands by my right ear. It is now 6:40 and I'm starting to experience tenderness by my left ear. It feels like what I imagine mumps would feel like. Is this a side effect? I wish I would have researched it better. I was shocked when they told me they were going to use propfol but didn't have the knowledge to dispute it. F 56 1 days
1X D
 1  Colonoscopy Terrible pain but this drug prevented me from communicating my agony. Terrible drug! Now I know why docs refuse this drig F 50 1 days
 3   The drug itself worked wonderfully! But putting it through my IV was the absolute WORST HORRIFIC PAIN I HAVE EVER FELT! It felt as if they were putting fire in my arm! My arm felt like it was going to explode! I could tolerate pain I've had two kids and I'm a pretty quiet person... I told the doctor it's burning and it just kept getting worse I ended up screaming and crying begging them to stop! Finally the doctor went to the opposite arm and gave me another injection that did not hurt and put me out.. I have never experienced pain like that in my life.. I did hear the doctor say it was because it was a small vein... I have huge veins.. I'm always told when I take blood how wonderful my veins are this was shocking to hear.... Other then that I remember crying falling asleep and then remember waking up and just so happy it was all over... I'm definitely scared out of my mind to ever be put under for the reason of the burning sensation! It's been 5 days since surgery and I feel Iike I have a Charlie horse in my arm and numbness... And a black & blue nasty bruise..Pain from a 1-10 was 10+++++++ F 36 1 days
 1  cts I'm the 60 year old. and to update my last post, now 62 and have ulcers and scars up and down my arms. The pain is like shingles for the last 4 years total. Say no to propofol and enjoy your last year's I've never felt pain like that and I've had cancer, broken bones, and more. Worse thing I've ever felt, scary toooo F 62 1 days
 1  sedation for teeth extraction Terrible rash all over body, looked like I had very bad sunburn! Itching worse than I have ever experienced Will never take again. F 72 1 days
 5  S.I. Steroid Injections No side effects. I was concerned about a hang-over effect like I experience with Valium (dopey for 3 days after only one 5mg tab), but I woke up clear headed :-) I'll ask for it instead of Versed (which was an absolute nightmare) F 52 1 times
10mg IV
 4  Cardioversion Very sedated. For 24 hours, wobbly, , woozy for several hours, still dizzy 24 hours later, loose bowels F 68 1 days
1X D
 1  Colonoscopy Woke up crying and cried hysterically on and off for a day or two afterwards, plus I was highly anxious and agitated. I was definitely not myself. I took Diprivan because I woke up crying in pain during the last part of my first scope under the usual Fentanyl-Versed combo and the procedure could not be completed. Needless to say, after having nothing but trouble both times, I will never have another scope for screening purposes. F 54 1 days
 1  carpal tunnel surgery Nothing like the doctor said. I wouldn't of went for this ever. I have bad nerve damage on both arms with ulcers for 3 years now and it looks like forever. Have hot spots shocks Ask your doctor to explain the not remembering the pain you felt when you woke up on the table and he put propofol in . He will be surprised you know they do that to everyone who wakes .jp during surgery and the pain is unbelievable, first hand experience F 60 1 days
 4  Colonoscopy I was out within 5 seconds of the propofol being injected into the IV. Woke up in recovery extreme tired and zombie like. Slept the majority of the day afterwards, felt so tired and drained. But now it's been 8 hours since I left the doctors office and I'm experiencing the worst join pain in every joint of both legs and arms. I feel like I was either running a marathon all day or am getting the flu. The pain is excruiating but other than that no other side effects so I'd say it was a decent experience F 23 1 days
 1  Colon Screening Given Diprivan for a colon screening, within 24 hours had flu like symptoms chills,aches, fever. Ended up in ER testing my blood and checking my stomach for tenderness. Dr said take two tylenol to manage the pain and it will wear off M 53 1 days
1XD 1X D
 5  Surgeries, EGD and colonoscopy None. I've had 6 surgeries since 2010-an endometrial ablation, bone spur removal on both feet which was 2 separate surgeries, a 2 level ACDF on my cervical spine(major surgery) knee athroscopy for a torn meniscus and bilateral eye muscle surgery and I just recently had a colonoscopy and EGD during two visits to the endoscopy center in the last 2 months. I had propofol for all of those procedures-one minute you're awake, the next thing you know you're in recovery and thinking how easy it all went. Propofol is such a wonderful drug. When I had my epidural steroid injections and my liver biopsy I had fentanyl and versed/ or just versed. I remember both procedures and even though I don't recall any pain I do remember the needle and biopsy needle. Unlike the propofol I have no clear memories of the rest of day for both procedures. F 54
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