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 1  UTI Legs and low back ache, severe depression, anxiety, irritability, hopelessness, cry easily. Don't want to take it again, even though it cured my UTI. F 66 7 days
500mg 2X D
 1  UTI It effected my central nervous system, all my joints. Still effects me to this day, years later. Never take this drug unless you are going to die M 34 15 days
20 mg
 1  UTI I took Cipro for a UTI late July 2018. I have been having health issues since. I have dealt with pain, burning, tingling, numbness, trembling, feeling weak, muscle tightness and twitching, eye pain, nerve pain, headache, anxiety (new), and then some. I have had high medical expenses trying to find a root cause and have no answers from western Medicine, only thousands in medical bills. The symptoms lasted for over 10 months initially and now have come and gone over time. 12 weeks of symptoms retuning currently. It is exhausting and frustrating when they will never say it could be from the antibiotics. It is listed in the side effects, clearly it's there because it happens to people! I recommend everyone avoid this class of antibiotics unless it is a life threatening situation. F 35 7 days
500mg 2X D
 5  UTI I wanted to come on here and leave a review because I read all of the reviews before taking this prescription and was scared to death to take them. Just a reminder, most people only write a review when they experience something negative. Very rarely do you get someone to let you know their positives. That's with everything, meds, restaurants, shopping locations, etc. I am a person who does not take medication for much of anything because I am scared of side effects, even down to Tylenol or cold meds. I took cipro, I did get a cold the very next day. Nose stopped up and that whole deal with that. I'm not sure that it had anything to do with taking the antibiotics, could be because I've read that your immune system weakens due to the good and bad bacteria being cleared out. And I had occasional nausea but that could have been because of the mucus build up with the cold. I know everyone is different and your body reacts differently but I can tell you that I am EXTREMELY paranoid about taking medicine and I did just fine. F 30 5 days
500mg 2X D
 1  UTI Took it for a UTI. My PCP prescribed it for me to take it 2x daily 500 mg per tablet for 10 days. Did work a little bit the 1rst day but made my entire body hum with pain and had the runs and couldn't sleep due to nausea and bad dreams. Took the next dose the same time next morning. After a couple of hours l started getting aches in my shoulders and bad stomach cramps. Called doctor abd he told me to stop taking the Cipro. So l did. Still full of aches and my UTI is still here and now l am just drinking alot of water and cranberry juice. Maybe sometime down the road he'll prescribe another antibiotic wthout the horrid side effects of Cipro. I akso wonder why he prescribed such a drug in the first place to a type 2 diabetic knowing it's side effects. I would not recommend this drug to my worst enemy!!! IT NEEDS TO BE TAKEN OFF THE MARKET AND ONLY USED FOR DIRE SITUATIONS!!!! ASAP! F 60 2 days
500 mg 2x 2X D
 1  UTI Tendon pain, and a torn rotator cuff tendon. Three weeks of horrible pain. I will make sure I am never put on this med again, unless it is an emergency. F 56 14 days
2X D
 1  UTI Gloom and Doom, Sleepless, Muscle Pain 13 years after being floxed, I got my Pfizer vaccine first dose. Numb face returned briefly after shot. Sleepless nights have returned. Gloom and doom feeling has returned. Hope the second dose is not worse. I am sure there is a medical reason for this occurring, but doubt any doctor will know or care. M 63 14 days
1X D
 1  Infección respiratoria Fluoroquinolonas asesinos perfectos, ningun examen ni prueba médica diagnóstica daño evidente por fluoroquinolonas, es el crimen perfecto, Nadie le creerá, sencillamente todo el mundo pensará que se volvió loco de la noche a la mañana..... Estará solo en el mundo luchando con la esperanza de que su organismo se regenere por si mismo del daño celular. Me pregunto cómo es posible que en ningún examen médico se pueda demostrar la evidencia de la toxicidad devastadora producida por estas sustancias ( fluoroquinolonas) y si habrá otros medicamentos que actúen de esta forma. Da terror que esto siga en el mercado. La realidad supera a la ficción. M 44 2 days
500 mg 2X D
 1  Epididymitis - Eye floaters - Eye pain and strain/pressure/pulling feeling - Severe dry eye - Non-stop panic attacks gasping for breath upon waking and starting to fall asleep every single day and night for a month straight - Internal vibrations and tremors almost "parkisonian" like earthquakes going off inside body and feeling of electricity zapping through - Myoclonus (muscle jerks/spasms/twitches) - Heart palpitations and heart arrhythmia - Dizziness upon standing for at least 30 seconds every time for months after - Hyperacusis and noxacusis - burning nerve pain in the inner ear and feeling of a flamethrower and alternately liquid nitrogen being blown into it, then electric shocks, stinging - Auditory hallucinations and musical ear syndrome - Reactive tinnitus - Middle ear myoclonus of the eardrum (tympani membrane) and severe feeling of wave pressure and dull earache on and off for months - Autophony - Eustachian Tube Dysfunction/Patulous Eustachian Tube - Burning facia Honestly, no comments do justice to the absolute abject misery, pain, destruction, and sense of fear and desperate foreboding and worrying about the future after the damage this repurposed chemotherapy poison falsely presented by the medical establishment as just another antibiotic has done to me and the anguish it has caused me and my family. It causes delayed agonizing and terrifying side effects that can come up at any time even days, weeks, months, and over a year after you use the cursed thing. The side effects are so dramatically bad, outright horrendous, that anyone who isn't personally experiencing the nightmare and hell it induces or witnessing a family member undergo it probably thinks the person describing it as I am now is just making it up or exaggerating. It's like something out of a horror movie or bad 50s Sci-Fi comic. I now have to worry every day about my nervous system, my heart, my brain, my hearing, my vision, and every other aspect of my body and run around to countless doctors and try endless treatments and supplements to try to reverse this tragedy. M 29 6 days
500 2X D
 1  Gastrointestinal problem Had a gastrointestinal problem for months, decided to do a consultation with an online doctor. Doctor prescribed me this and at first I have no idea what it is. Until I took one pill, and when I was about to sleep I felt a jolting sensation several times. I've never had any problems with meds before until this time. The next morning I decided (thankfully) to look this antibiotics up and found out about the horrible side effects that might occur, and I stopped taking it. Funny how something this dangerous is not really known for having dangerous side effects in my country. 2 days later I have a little bit of a trouble sleeping, and also my legs and hands feels a little bit sore. Alhamdulillah thanks to God I did not endure other terrifying side effects. DO NOT TAKE IT unless you really really really need to, or you're dying. I don't know what would happen to me if I continue to take this antibiotics for 7 days as prescribed by the doctor. Ask for a substitute antibiotics. Wishing that everyone who has been floxed, a speedy recovery. M 20 1 days
500mg 1X D
 1  Simple uti After three days UTI was worse. called the PA She called in another round UTI was still there she was going to prescribe another drug and I decided to go on natural route flushing it out with water cranberry juice herbs hoping I'd get better on my own. That was four years ago. I was perfectly healthy at 47. For a small framed woman I was very strong and can honestly say I felt about 38. But I now feel like an 80 year old woman. My muscles and tendons are tight, my bones and ligaments pop, I'm afraid to do anything too strenuous and that's not me. I'm tired alot extremely depressed. I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to walk very much longer. I can't understand why they are still prescribing this drug. The physician assistant did not warn me, Or I would not have taken it. F 52 6 days
2X D
 1  Diverticulitis Horrendous. The first day I start, I felt anxious and had a panic attack , the second day, I became extremely agitated. It was impossible to fall asleep, I felt like I was electrocuted in my body, my head 24/24 hours. It was so painfull. I felt depersonnalized, restlesness, Had impossible horrendous nightmares, I felt like this for 3 months!!! Had terrible panick attack, It was impossible to fall asleep for 3 months.Also, I felt so depressed, like, was not able to feel joy. Just pain, crying and despaired. Though my brain was broke. My brain cells were Fried. I dont know how I was able to endure that. I had children and a lovely husband who help me hang on. Im sorry I speak french. My english is not so good. First, I want to say that Im a nurse. I wrote because I want to tell people not taking this medication. I also want to give hope If unfortunately, you tooked those horrible pills, because the side effect will pass. After 3 months, I found out I was able to fall asleep for 1-2-3 hours. Without the help of serax ( because for 3 months, I had to take pills to sleep) but I refused to take any other pills. I try cipralex and I felt worst so I stop. After 3 months, I start to Be able to fall asleep without medication. So, I stop the serax and on the morning after I stop serax , my life came back .depersonnalisation was gone. I felted released. But After that, I struggled with insomnia on/off for 2years. I Am OK now. What help during the worst Time? Nothing instead of serax to sleep and the love of my familly. But after, what help was probiotiques, chlorella dormessense valeriane teinture mre....I think as fast as you can, take antioxydant, drink a lot of water, take every things that protect the brain. I had a good nathuropathe. I have compassion for people who had or have those side effect. I never though a human could live something like that. The worst suffering possible. Lukily, I stop the cipro after 4 days because I knew, I felt something was really wrong. I want to hadded that before that horrible cipro, I never had insomia and I was a really calm person. Dont give up...keep faith,handles. Try to find help. Sorry for my english because I speak french. F 49 4 days
500 mgs 2X D
 1  Skin infection Racing heart was my most noticeable symptom and most worrisome, stop using it after 3 days when this started happening. muscle spams after taking it, when eating yogurt or consuming probiotic Muscle spams only occurred when taking a pro biotic after I stopped taking cipro. I saw dr and she confirmed a small amount of ppl have this happen, so I could not eat yogurt or probiotic for months after. however my heart palpitations have continued for 3 yrs now after using it and first happening while on cipro. My dr tried to say the heart issue was from anxiety at the time, but now I am pushing for more answers and using a heart monitor. F 30 10 days
2X D
 1  Kidney infection/ reoccurring UTI On the second night of taking cipro I started feeling a tingling in my legs. Took it the next morning and my legs and arms were excessively sore.. not worth it Hopefully will get rid of these symptoms..... F 19 3 days
500mg 2X D
 1   This drug is directly responsible for my early death. And it was a slow and painful one I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. I fought it as long as I could, guys. I truly did. M 41
500 2X D
 2  UTI Please do not take this medication.!! I took 4 pills and I feel so sick. I have severe rib pain, anxiety, crying episodes, leg pains, and weakness. I'm bloated and sleepy. I notified the emergency room doctor that gave this to me, and he refuses to believe it's from Ciprofloxacin. He keeps saying it's from the UTI. I'm no longer feeling symptoms, so I'm going to stop them regardless of what he says. . I rather flush with water then take this awful drug.. F 43 4 days
500mg 1X D
 1  Bowel infection Severe knee pain, could walk up stairs & very painful Reported this to Dr & he didn't believe it was caused by Cipro & said I would regret this if I ever got pneumonia! I stopped taking it & after 2 days pain stopped! F 73 5 days
30 2X D
 1  Ear infection On 3rd day I could hardly walk.. Pain and tenderness in ankles and knees. Breathlessness, insomnia, palpatations. By 4th day felt twice as bad and googled side effects... Blown away by the amount of people suffering from same symptoms... Stopped taking them. Hope I have not done any long term damage I had 4 more days left to finish course... No way would I recommend this drug.. My ear infection cleared up within 3 days.. But the rest of my body feels like hell F 60 4 days
500 mg 2X D
 1  Uncomplicated UTI Day 2: severe rotater cuff pain; B/L elbow pain. Day 3: severe pain thumb joints (L); numb thumb index, middle finger (R); severe tendon pain (R); B/L wrist/tendon/finger stiffness. Day 4: no pinch or grip strength B/L. Blurred vision and numerous floaters. Day 6: legs buckled getting on toilet; could not feel feet. Day 7: Last day cipro. Triggering in left thumb (IP joint). Triggering ring and pinky fingers. Doctor switch over to Keflex for remaining 3 days. Symptoms have continued/worsened/ progressed: Total loss of independence; daily severe stomach aches/burning/gastritis; weight loss/muscle wasting; daily headaches; unable to urinate; diagnosed with DeQuervains /carpal tunnel/tendinopathy/neuropathy/trigger thumbs fingers; vision decrease; depression; palpitations; constant sneezing and runny nose; fatigue; leg spasms and burning/pins and needles/ razor like pain; debilitating leg cramps; LOUD pops knee tendons; bruising; foot/ankle swelling; abnormal blood panel....etc. Day 2 to three months later. Doctors prescribe in amounts over FDA recommendations (250 MG, twice daily, for 3 days "uncomplicated" UTI). I was prescribed 500 MG, twice daily, for 10 days). Also, lane worked showed several other antibiotics would have worked for the bacteria I had (Macrobid, Keflex, Bactrim, etc.). Once injured, doctors refuse to believe the drug has caused the damage. Instead stating "side effects are rare" (No, they are not rare, but under reported); "we give it out like candy" (Yes, this was said), "there is no literature showing there is a problem" (Seriously??!!), "maybe it's a coincidence and you have:CFS; rheumatism; MS; ________" fill in the blank. Even childhood trauma!! Doctors should be aware of the harmful side effects before prescribing these medications. At the very least they should review the FDA recommendations!! If they don't want to deal with the aftermath of their mistakes, they should at least coordinate care/make referrals/ help you to find any possible way to manage or possibly improve your symptoms. Being in the midst of a global pandemic only complicates matters. F 62 7 days
500 MG 2X D
 1  UTI Side effects started an hour after my one and only pill. Blurred vision, tendon pain legs and feet, left shoulder. Neuropathy in fingers both hands. Neck pain. Abdominal pain. Do severe it is difficult to walk five feet or prepare my meals. Never take this. I thought long and hard before taking pill. Evidently not long enough. I just pray vision will be restored soon. If you want to EMail me please do so. F 69 1 days
250 mg 1X D

CIPRO  (CIPROFLOXACIN HYDROCHLORIDE):  This medication is used to treat a variety of bacterial infections. Ciprofloxacin belongs to a class of drugs called quinolone antibiotics. It works by stopping the growth of bacteria. This antibiotic treats only bacterial infections. It will not work for virus infections (such as common cold, flu). Using any antibiotic when it is not needed can cause it to not work for future infections.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)