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 5  Ent surgery gone wrong orthonotic 0 days
 5  Migraines None F 65 10 years
 5  Tension headache for 12 days None This is the only thing that worked. I was not functioning in my normal daily life of being a single working mom of three. At the same time though I feel that the headache should be gone by now buy as soon as it wears off it's back with a vengeance. F 37 5 days
 5  Tension headache for 12 days None This is the only thing that worked. I was not functioning in my normal daily life of being a single working mom of three. At the same time though I feel that the headache should be gone by now buy as soon as it wears off it's back with a vengeance. F 37 5 days
 1  migraine headaches Got rid of headaches. WARNING ⚠ VERY ADDICTIVE. BECAME VERY ADDICTED TO THE MEDICATION IN Ashort amount of time. Works well but very addictive have talked to alot of people who have been through this with them F 57 8 days
 5  chronic migraines and tension ha's constipation-not bad,tiredness and or energy have had migraines over 40 years been on a lot stronger meds but this is only med that doesnt cause rebound headaches. works great! Strongly reccomend!! M 49 7 months
 5  total wrist & ,forearm fusion no pain,relaxed,sleep good M 61 8 months
 5  for severe migraines I do not recall any side effects other than almost always being hungry after about 1 hour after taking. That to me is a positive side effect. My headaches started 10 days after I was rear ended in a bad car accident. never had notable head aches before that. But I was familiar with hang overs. over the years when asked how bad my migraines were my response was times your worst hang over by 6 that's what its like. after several different prescriptions, doctor visits (2)MRIs,3Xrays,and a cat scan. Fiorinal #3 was prescribed. IT WORKS. I take it only when needed starting with I cap if not gone in 1-2 hours will take 1 more.I have never had an addiction problem like some have described.20 capsules last 6+months. M 60 29 years
 5  Migraines Dry mouth. Drowsy, but occasionally energetic. Makes me a bit euphoric, but that could just be my happiness at finally relieving the pain! ONLY med that works and allows me to function as a single mom. I've been taking this for 20+ years, and I don't worry about addiction. I worry about pain. I take as prescribed with no problems. Starting this year, my ins co won't even cover the cost of the generic, and the pharmacy charges $100-$200 per script. I paid $7 last year..same ins! Ugh. I highly recommend. F 42 10 years
4-6 x day
 5  headache/migraines and back pain As previously stated, some constipation, but that can be handled eith diet. I started having severe headaches aftrr the birth of my daughter, that would last for 3 days. Over the counter meds would only take a small amount of the pain away. I finally went to the Dr. I felt silly going to the Dr. for a headache, but the pain was so so so, bad. The Dr prescribed Fiorinal w/codeine, and that is a God Sent period. F 59 10 years
 5  back and neck pain, headaches Constipation but not bad,, after spinal fussion lower back and herniated disc in neck, it gives me the relief I need to live a almost pain free life! M 54 1 days
3 X dailyu
 5  migraines During a migraine I received enough relief to take care of my family and not hide in a dark room! F 51 10 days
 5  headaches None F 46 5 years
30 mg
 5  migraines & tension headaches None F 41 6 years
30 mg
 5  Various pains mild woosiness, drowsiness. It is the perfect companion to my 30 mg Morphine Sulfate to clear up the last bit of pain that the MS won't touch. I've had severe injuries in the past that have left me with chronic and crippling lower back, middle back, neck and other pains. M 51 1 days
30 4X D
 5  Severe migraines Constipation and rebound headaches. Your tolerance goes up the longer you take it, but if you really monitor the usage it is a God send!. I have taken this medication for the past 12 years and it is the only thing that works for the severe pain. Without this medication I can barely get up to take care of my children. Worry over the addictive qualities! A life of severe pain in not a good life so I am willing to risk it. I just wish the insurance would cover the brand name because it really does work so much better than the generic! F 31 10 years
 5  Tension and hormonal headaches NONE! I have tried other meds and they all had side affects. This is the only medication with no side affects; just relief. It clears up my head so I can go about daily business. Lately, they are on back order from the manufacturer. Is anyone having trouble getting them? F 68 20 years
30 mg 3X D
 5  Sporadically over past 5 years Slight drowsiness, not a huge appetite, other than that really nothing unpleasent, bothersome, or even worth mentioning. This medication is a Godsend for my sporadic tension headaches. I've tried numerous things: Fioricet, regular Fiorinal, Ultram, Vicodin Voltaren, Imitrex, Treximet, Zanaflex, Relpax, Keppra, and Bystolic, and the only 2 that really seemed to help to a worthy degree were Fiorinal/Fioricet (which are basically the same drug, except Fiorinal has aspirin where Fioricet has Tylenol instead), however these drugs lasted barely 4 hours and the comedown/crash was HORRIBLE. F.w/codeine seems to last much longer, almost 8 hours, helps take away the pain and tension much better, and oddly enough doesn't make me near as loopy/drowsy as Fioricet/Fiorinal...actually it kinda jolted me up. I can function at work when I take this med, unlike the previous two when I'd get loopy, start slurring my speech, and was quite dizzy and appeared buzzed to my coworkers. Plus, when I took Fioricet/Fiorinal at night and then fell asleep, I'd wake up the next morning usually earlier than normal, my heart pounding and on the very of feeling like I was gonna have a panic attack. When I take F.w/codeine at night then goto bed, I wake up the next morning completely fine, granted a tad groggy, but that passes. I recently started taking it again, after about 5 years of not, and I'm working on getting the medical records from the previous doctor who oversaw me on this med. I've just noticed it's difficult to talk to any doctor about it, because when they hear the word "Codeine" it's like you can M 29 3 weeks
usual 1X D
 4  severe migraines I never got drowsy when I took it, I felt really hyper, and had alot of energy. This drug helped me so much with my migraines, I have had migraines for 30 yrs. When I was a kid I would get frequent headaches, as I got older severe migraines, I always end up vomiting, sometimes I cannot stop. I would get heartburn once in a while from the aspirin, I couldn't sleep when I took it usually but it really did stop the migraine pain. I do not take this medication anymore. I started abusing it, and Ativan 2mg. I was taking up to 10 or 12 Fiorinal a day and about 20mg or more of ativan. I would go through the script so quickly, and then the severe withdrawal would start. I started having seizures after abusing benzodiazepines for a lot of years, and then running out. I do not blame the drug(s) I blame me, because otherwise these drugs are generally safe and very effective. If you have any addiction issues, or you think you could start abusing the Fiorinal, please do not take it. I haven't had a seizure since 2007, but I lost my drivers license (of course), and I scared so many people who witnessed the seizures. F 42 12 years
10X D
 4  back pain spinal stenosis None M 56 1 weeks
60mg or tw