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 1  trigclycerides Right Elbow pain for three months,kept getting worse, sex drive kept diminishing. Constipation, other body aches and pains. Thank goodness I found this place I will not refill this bottle. M 42 4 months

 1  Triglycerides Good Grief, I had just set an appointment today to go see my doctor to tell him I did not like this Medicine (trico) as my right elbow is killing me, my sex drive continues to fade every month, constipation(not even taco bell runs through me like it use too!!) Had some tingling in fingers last week. Lower back pain. The elbow thing keeps getting worse and finally it dawned on me it all happened about a month after taking this crapola. I am on my 4th month. Today will be my last. My trigs were 644 and it did lower it down but not worth no sex drive and bad elbow pain. After reading all these comments it has royally pissed me off. Word, next time things don't seem right. Go with your gut and look at what has changed recently. It may be the meds you have been prescribed. All I can say is this elbow pain better go away and the sex drive better come roaring back or somebody is going to get a can of it ! Whats worse is some clown from the company that makes this crap is on this site using our comments as hamster clones to make the next set of crap when they pull this garbage from the market after people start dying or become disabled. For you, I have a finger. The middle one! M 42 4 months
 1  High Cholesterol and high LDL Severe back pain, indigestion, and metal taste in mouth. F 48 10 days

 1  High Trigs. After two weeks on TRICOR 145mg starting experiencing muscle pain. Pretty much all over my body but knees,wrist and chest are the most affected. Didn't attribute the problem to Tricor because Dr. said this med. had no such side effects. Discovered this website (thankfully) and realize he was wrong,wrong,wrong. My 2nd day off and am feeling better already.Hope I make a full recovery. Wondering how long it will take???? Don't take this medication. It is of the devil!!!!! M 45 1 months
 1  triglycerides, low good chlorestero Wicked side effects, including nausea, confusion, body ache, digestive distress. Finally, hives, swelling at wrists, sense of impending death. Specialist in clinic went with the max dose [145 mg. ?] and ramped up my Lovaza to 400 mg/day. After about a week, began with nausea and cognitive distress, some congestive and auto-immune failures. After about 20 days, went into emergency mode. My GP treated me with potent antihistamines, etc. and I recovered. I suspect that there were some short term liver function perversions but recent check indicates OK. THIS WAS A VERY FRIGHTENING EXPERIENCE, BEWARE! M 67 20 days

 1  High Triglycerides and Cholesterol The only side effect from the Tricor for the first year was minor tiredness and muscle fatigue. During the 2nd year I began to experience joint pain in both knees and then the pain expanded to all joints. By the end of the 2nd year I moved like an old man always after setting (almost total body soreness). The soreness would lessen while moving, but I have a desk job. The fatigue increased and I needed naps throughout the day when possible, but I am still working. Toward the end of the 2nd year the bone pain began. I got fed up and quit taking Tricor. My triglycerides were around 450 and cholesterol 300. The Tricor dropped the triglycerides to ~150 and my total cholesterol to ~140. My HDL to LDL ratio remained low. The minor tiredness and muscle fatigue could easily be overcome with exercise. When the joint pain began in the 2nd year I did not associate my joint pain with Tricor. I increased my mineral supplements and started taking hyaluronic acid they initially overcame the joint pain and increased fatigue. When I started Trico I could physically work all day, but by the end of the second year I may have had two hours of stamina. When the bone pain began it finally clicked that my problem could be medicine induce. After finding this wonderful website and reading other patientís reviews of Tricor I stopped taking the medicine. It took eight weeks for all of my symptoms to leave. I feel like a new man. I have moderated my diet and I am now taking Promise Activ Supershots bought in the grocery store and they have prevented my t M 55 2 years

 1  High Trygl Flu like systems, low sex drive, shoulder pain(Left Side) Fatigue, Can't sleep. I have never felt so bad for such a long period of time, in the past month I have developed a chronic cough, this medicine is poision, I just found this site, and after what I have read, I'm done taking Tricore 145mg, I'm going to try the diet path to keep my numbers down, its no where near the misery this medicine puts you through, This stuff needs to be taken off the market. NOW!! M 40 10 months
 1  High Cholesterol Vertigo, weight gain, always sleepy and fatigued, dizzy spells, pain behind my left shoulder blade, tingling fingers, pain in my heels, sore joints, breathing issues. Tricor did get my cholerstrol down to 201 from 247, but now I feel terrible. I never connected the side-effects with Tricor, but 2 days ago I stopped taking the Tricor (I also take another medication unrelated to this) and I am feeling much better. I found this website today confirming what I suspected. Some days I felt like I could collapse. I hope I can say the same after a couple more weeks off this stuff. I should not feel this bad at only 40, so I'm glad that there are others much younger here saying the same things. M 40 18 months

 1  triglycerides "too high" Diarrhea was the first symptom and I had it every day. After taking Tricor for a month I found that my triglycerides were only 50 points lower and my liver enzymes were high. I was taking simvastatin at the same time, which apparently is not recommended. I had a lot of abdominal pain. Still do. I also wonder about my doctor. She said it wasn't caused by the Tricor but all the symptoms fit and they started with the Tricor. M 57 30 days

 1  to lower cholesterol I am researching this med for my brother who I am very concerned about. He is "still" experiencing muscle/body aches after taking med for about one week. Flu-like symptoms much better, but soreness remains after 10 days "off" the med. Needless to say ....we would NOT recommend Tricor to ANYONE! M 44 7 days

 1  high triglycerides and high cholest I was on Tricor for about two years. After several months started having muscle aches and joint pain (had taken Lipitor and Zocor several years ago and had muscle cramps). Complained to MD and she said it wasn't the Tricor. Continued to gain weight and feel sick. Had 4 colds in six months after 10 years with none. This March my internist added pravastatin! Things only got worse. When I expressed concern, she said, "it can't be the tricor or pravastatin if your CK levels are ok." I finally got fed up and quit both. In six weeks, I felt great. I lost 15 lbs and I feel 40 instead of 90. Fibrates (Tricor) and statin drugs are poison. There are some MDs that are now saying that lowering cholestrol is not necessarily a good thing and the long term affects of these drugs are going to be bad. I am a nurse and I really research my medications. It's good to listen to your doctor, but don't be afraid to speak up. It's your body. F 55 2 years

 1  High Triglycerides Bad experience with this one - chills and flu like symptoms. Stopped taking this after about three weeks. HDL went from 1000 to 226. Have switched to Niaspan. So far so good. Will stay on this for a month till next blood test. M 48 3 weeks

 1  high cholestrol, triglicyride imbal I was taking Crestor. My cardiologist was concerned when I told him I was experiencing muscle and joint pain. He ordered that I stop the Crestor immediately. My next blood test showed elevated cholestrol and triglyciride imbalance. I called my internist and he order ed Tricor. After less than one day I have generalized joint and muscle pain. I have osteoarthritis and peripheral neuropathy from diabetes. This new pain is more severe and quite unlike anything I've experienced before. I will not take Tricor again. M 1 days

 1  145 mg Burning skin on face and arms, especially if I went out in the sun at all. Metallic taste in my mouth afterward, and general feeling of lethargy. My doctor prescribed these when I am already on a statin. I didn't find out until about a month and a half into taking the medecine and the side affects started that I should not take both. The side affects are inconsistent, worse some days than others, so I did not make the connection until I got a pretty severe reaction the second time. I won't take this anymore. F 49 45 days

 1  high triglycerides numb, tingling toes little fingers I stopped taking this medication and feet & hands feel normal! F 59 6 months
 1  High Triglycerides Stiffness, muscle aches, severe knee pain to where I could hardly walk. Knees swelled severely and had very limited flexibility. Dr. put me on this to lower my triglycerides and now I think I have permanent damage to my knees/muscles. Have had several cortizone and arthritis fluid shots in my knees (6 in each knee). None of this has worked and doctor is now talking about knee replacement surgery. Never had a knee problem until I took this medication M 45 8 months
 1  hdl and ldl was off. After taking the Tricor for seven days I got a severe chest pain and had to go to the emergency ward. It felt like my chest was going to explode from the extreme pressure. My blood pressure has been a constont 120 over 70 all of my life. When they checked it at the hospital, it was 217 over 90. They did a angeogram at the hospital and my heart was pretty much normal. I,m 75 years old. I stopped the Tricor and my blood pressure is now back to normal. I don't take the Tricore anymore. It also gave me severe constipation. I would like to know if anybody else has the same problems. M 75 7 days
 1  high chol. allergic to statin cramps in calfs, foot cramps, back pain, and wrist pain F 68 4 days

 1  Lower triglisorites After 4 weeks of taking 48 mg tri levles dropped 150 points. Heart doctor was happy and trippled dose to 148 mg a day. After 4 weeks of taking, I have sever pain in my lower back just like passing a kidney stone. Have gone to two doctors and taken x-rays and CT scans for stones but none there. I read your stories and have decided to stop this medication ASAP!! As you all stated doctors tell me it not the Tricor. Sorry but when you can no longer live life normally then it is time to stop this medication. Always been told a doctor will kill you!! M 43 2 months

 1  High Cholesterol/Tri Severe, completely dibilating leg pain; overwhelming; knee pain enough for Dr to recommend knee replacement; muscle weakness After three years; 6-7 drs and/or specialists, finally found Dr who put two and two together, but may now be too late for me. Now off med for >4 months with no improvement; They believe I have permanent muscle damage and may forever have to live with pain of a 9-9.5 on a scale of 1-10. Has absolutely ruined my life. I BEG YOU TO FILE COMPLAINT WITH CONSUMER AFFAIRS IF YOU HAVE HAD SIMILAR EXPERIENCE. F 49 3 years
 1  high triglycerides Bad stomach pains, very dizzy and lightheaded, very fatigued and generally feel unwell. After six doses at 145mg I am going to quit taking the tricor. I can't continue to function this way. It started just about 3 days after starting the med. F 34 6 days

 1  cholesterol after only 8 doses, I thought I was O.K. (having already experienced severe muscle pain w/Lipitor and bone pain with Zetia). As is my habit, I will park my car and walk to the 1st store I want to go to then make my way back (my version of extra exercise). Did fine until I started making my way back, then all of a sudden my legs felt like wet noodles. Could barely make it back to my car. Went off drug immediately and the wet noodles went away. However, I still suffer some residual muscle pain in upper arms and back from the Lipitor and bone pain between knees and feet from the Zetia. I have always been relatively healthy and not on medications for extended periods of time until I developed Diabetes Type 2 about 5 years ago. Since then, I have experienced at least 6 different episodes where medicine that seemed to be working for me was pulled by FDA b/c it was killing people or having to get off them b/c of terrible side effects. Thought FDA was suppose to check this stuff out BEFORE these things were put on the market! Also, I was started out on the 145 mg dosage - did not know there was a lower one. Maybe I should have been started on that first???? F 61 8 days

 1  General high cholesterol Sharp lower back pain, extreme and progressive muscle weakness with muscles eventually feeling like meat, could not stand straight and almost could not walk, eventually almost completely unable to go to the bathroom (urine and feces). Side effects sharply increased after I'd been on the drug 4 or 5 months and my doctor doubled the dose from 48 to 96 mg. Doctor was not interested in these side effects and prescribed an antibiotic for a urinary tract infection. After 10 days of antibiotics I still could not go to the bathroom, the side effects were getting even worse (almost complete urinary and fecal retention) and the doctor increased the dose to 140 mg. After taking the increased dose once I realized I had to depend on my own judgment and stopped the drug myself. It took 6 weeks for me to feel normal again. F 55 8 months


 1  High Chol & Trig Took for first month without side effects. Second month started having severe sore muscles in arms and legs but didn't think it was related to the med as it was Ok the first month. Decided to stop taking it and arm pain is gone, but leg pain has not gotten better yet (almost 1 month). In fact, my knees are so bad now I can hardly walk! I wonder if the weak muscles have somehow caused some damage that may not go away. Thought I had bone cancer! NO JOKE. Knees and bones between knees and ankle hurt so bad I can hardly walk or sleep. Terrible medicine for me. M 44 60 days
 1  high triglyderides colitis after taking the recommended dose of tricor for 4 days I became ill. When I had a bowel movement I discharged a lot of blood. This went of for most of the day. I spent several days in the hospital. after many tests I was diagnosed with colitis. Nobody knows why. I finally read the side affects of tricor. Colitis. F 57 4 days
 1  High Triglycerides Headaches, Sore all over, nausea and PVC's. One day I was sick and throwing up and very tired. I went to see my MD, but had to see the PA. I asked if this could be from the Tricor and they said no. but it was. When the PVC's started I got really scared. They started about 10 days after I started taking Tricor. I went to the ER and the PVC's had stopped for the time being. I was referred to a Cardiologist and got a Holter monitor. I showed I had the PVC's, but not to worry, I was only having 3-5/day. I did not want any. The only thing I attributed this to was the Tricor. I went off the Tricor by myself and the PVS stopped in 2 days and I have been fine since. This medicine is horible. I now take Omega 3 pills. M 38 2 weeks

 1  high tri glycerides Sore back, neck and shoulders; headaches almost daily; weakness; trouble sleeping even though I was exhausted all the time; joint pain in knees and wrists I have been on Tricor for less than 30 days. I started feeling back pains almost immediately when starting medication. I thought this was just stress so I went to a massuse multiple times. Back pain got worse and the past week I have barely been able to sit for long without extreme pains in back and knees. I have trouble falling asleep almost every night, never had this problem before. I do not feel "normal" at all and I can barely walk a long distance when just before I started medication I was able to run 3 miles. This just does not seem right at all. F 24 30 days

 1  High Triglycerides extream pain (burning) on the bottom of my feet, very sore muscles,depressed, could just get out of bed,my entire body is sore, headache so many things happened to me after I took the drug for 6 months. I had never taken a drug before and I am 65yrs old I stopped taking the drug for 2wks, after a doctor's visit last week he lowered the dosage but I stoped taking it as of Sat. I know this is what is making me so sick. I have read so many web sites regarding this we all have same problems, we can't all be wrong. My doctor never offered a diet changed, exercise, nothing just the Tricor. I will be changing doctor's after 8 yrs and taking charge of my own health. F 65 6 months

 1  triglycerides & recent heart attack After 3 pills, I broke out in an extremely itchy rash from head to toe, and the skin on the bottom half of my face became red, hard, and BURNED. I felt worse than I did during my HEART ATTACK! All of this was AFTER I had warned my cardiologist that I'm allergic to more meds than I can take. Doctors must have a secret rule to NEVER tell patients about side effects, and when patients come in with side effects, they just deny deny deny that the meds they prescribed could possibly cause these problems. Doctors will not admit they made an error because they know they'll then be open to malpractice suits, so don't expect them to ever agree that their med made you sick. I asked my primary doctor (not my cardio) to switch me to Niacin/Niaspan. I think all of these unnatural chemicals they're sticking in us are making us MORE sick, not less. F 42 3 days

 1  High Cholesterol My boyfriend started taking this med about a week ago, he hasnt experienced many side effects, at least he didnt know it untill now...He had been having the feeling of being sick all the time, almost as if he was run down or lacking energy, and having muscle pains and tightness. we had never thought to check out the side effects on the med, untill he had a problem in the sexual department. I decided to look up the side effects on the internet, and found this site.. Needless to say he wont be taking them pills anymore, and he wont be seeing that dr. either. thank you all for your comments...and helping me realize what was wrong. The dr prescribed tricor without even giving him a chance for diet and exercise to see what would happen. I wouldnt give this med to my dieing dog! M 30

 1  335 triglycerides Weakened muscles in right arm could not pick up a gallon of milk, very bad weakness in my right leg I would stumble when I would get out of bed in the morning. Horrible pain in right foot, would hobble around like I was 80 years old. F 32 1 years

 1  Triglycerides 350, LDL >120 After about 5 weeks, elbow joints got extremely sore. After 3 months, burning during urination. Was tested for bacteria and was negative, but after 3 days of water only, I found had become sensitive to caffeine. Med was changed to Advacor and problems went away. Now I am taking nothing. The right elbow eventually lost about 35% of motion. Pain is gone, but I can't fully extend or flex the right arm. Shaving the right side of my face is hard to do. No joint pain before using this medication. The Tricor lowered my Trigylcerides to 140 and lDL to 45 range. Good results if not for the side effects. M 54 6 months
 1  elevated triglycerides severe pain and weakness in shoulders and muscle aches in arms. I've been to orthopedic dr and he sent me to physical therapy because of pain/weakness as it got worse. Not able to sleep because too painful to lay on side. Decided to go off Tricor 2 weeks ago and starting to feel stronger and less pain. Muscle spasms have almost stopped. Dr. told me it was impingement but felt more like arthritis, bursitis, or tendenitis. Physical Therapist was stumped. He said it wasn't any of the above but had no answer. F 57 1.5 years

 1  High Triglycerides I posted earlier about Tricor ruining my life. I found that the AMA outlined the need for extensive bloodwork to be done before Tricor is prescribed. My doctor only did a blood test to check Cholesterol. I believe that Tricor messed up my Immune system and gave me Psoriatic Arthritis. I have contacted a few lawyers about suing the Dr. who prescribed this, but it is so difficult to prove the causality. It seems that many people have suffered from this drug, is there any posssibilty of starting a Class Action Lawsuit? I'm 49 and probably doomed to be rubbed out by Psoriatic Arthritis. M 49 7 months
 1  High Triglycerides I had quite a few side effects from this medication. I know they were caused by the medicine because I took myself off of it and within 72 hours most of the side effects either were gone or were improved. The main problems follow in no particular order: 1. Sun sensitivity which caused me to get sunburns on cloudy days -- being of Mediteranean ancestry, I've never burned before even in the mid-summer sun. 2. I gained 25 pounds in 5 months without changing my diet or my daily workout at the gym (all of it around my mid-section). 3. Extreme pain in my shoulders to the point where I could not lift my arm over my head without severe pain. 4. I constantly felt bloated, as though I had over-eatern. 5. Fatigue, both mental and physical. This started within a few days of being on the drug. 6. After a couple of weeks, I began having an inability to stay asleep despite the fatigue -- I would sleep for about 40 minutes, then wake up for 5 to 10 minutes before falling asleep again and repea I started with triglycerides that were nearly 200 points too high. The medicine did lower the triglycerides by about 100 points in the 5 months I was on it, but the number was still over 100 points too high. I took myself off of the medicine 4 weeks ago and now most of the side effects are gone. The feelings of bloating and fullness went away after about 48 hours and the inability to lift my arm above my head went away in 72 hours. The sun sensitivity ended in around 72 hours as well. I have lost 12 pounds in the 4 weeks Iíve been off of the medicine, again without changing my diet or my workout routine. The headache pattern is back to normal now. I am able to stay asleep at night, though I am still feeling fatigued. My shoulder continues to have general achiness and pain, but full range of motion has returned and I can lift weights or my children without pain from these activities. The pain is dull and not constant, centered in my shoulder underneath my shoulder blade a M 36 5 months

 1  high triglycerides vertigo, dizzy, sharp shooting pains in my legs and feet, almost immediately after starting to take Tricor. This is the 2nd time I have tried this medicine with added symptoms this time. I stopped taking it 3 days ago after taking it for 2 weeks. I was beginning to think I had something terminal that had just shown itself. F 60 15 days

 1  no Oct 15th : Blood work came up 513 (fasting) triglycerides. Doctor did a second one next day after results(after lunch) and it came up 550. He prescribed Tricor. Did not get the medicine. Did slight changes my diet..30 minues of running every day. Dec 4th: Second test...Triglycerides come up 151 and cholestrol is 149. I am a vegetarian. Asian Indian. Old Diet : Wife does not make oily/spicy food. Breakfast : 2 Bread Slices with Jam and Butter Lunch : Decent proportion lunch Snack : 7 to 8 buscuits/cookies and sometimes chocolates. Tea 2 times a day with 2 table spoons of sugar each time....sometimes cake...sometimes deep fried indian dishes before dinner. Dinner : Heavy with lots of carbs....fruits....go out and have indian food. Basically uncontrolled diet and weighed 150 pound New Diet (and still 150 pounds): Breakfast : bowl of ( Oats + flakseed + strawberry + blueberry) Lunch : Decent proportion lunch / 2 Dinner : 3 phulkas (thin wheat bread) and with lots M 35 0 days

 1  High Cholesterol Severe neck, shoulder, upper & lower back, knee & leg pain. Sever cramping in feet, legs, around knees, arms & stomach. Headaches. I started TriCor on 10/18/2007. I also had a flu shot & pneumonia shot on the same day. On 10/19/2007 I woke with bad pain from my head, down the left side of the neck, left shoulder & down the left arm. This pain I figured was because of the pneumonia shot I received the day before in my left arm. The pain only lasted a few days. On 10/23/2007 I woke with this same pain going down my right side. This pain only got worse. I went to the doctor on 10/30/2007 & he put me on percocet every 6 hours for pain & also gave me a shot in the side. The pain med did not last 6 hours so on 10/25/2007 I started to take 1 1/2 pill every 6 hours. I saw the doctor again on 10/30/2007 & by then the pain was going down the right leg too. I was also having cramps unlike any I had ever had in the knees, legs, feet, arms & stomach. On 11/7/2007 I had a cervical MRI. The MRI showed several problems. On 11/26/2007 I finally got into my neurosurgeon. We decided to try physi F 53 49 days
 1  high tri wrist pain,severe leg,hip,ankles muscle in legs feel like rubberbands,burning gout like symptoms,unable to lie on side, pain in legs wake me every hour, have to use my hand to lift leg off bed, i can walk after standing a minute or so. weakness in leg muscles cant climb stairs or ladder, i paint for a living and this has been terrible, feels like legs will give away.had to sit down after climbing one set of stairs, was on tricore 6 wks. started symptoms in 5th week, stopped tricor, that was the only new meds i had started on so i thought it must be the tricor, i remembered reading side effects page about muscle pain in joints, have been off tricor for 5 days now and feel better,dr gave lortab for pain and said symptons will subside, i,m praying that they do, thanks for all u out there that have confirmed my fears and that i not going crazy with this pain. M 60 6 weeks

 1  elevated triglycerides pain and stiffness in wrists, hands, elbows, shoulders, lower back, hips, knees, burning sensation on bottoms of feet and tingling in toes, loss of strength, weight gain, elevated creatinine level, anemia triglyceride level dropped to normal level but I was virtually a cripple for two weeks. Pain has subsided since I stopped the Tricor three weeks ago but I still have problems with my hands, shoulders, and elbows and now I have to deal with anemia. The burning on the bottoms of my feet is not as intense nor is the tingling in my toes. M 60 2 years
 1  lower cholesterol & triglycerides muscle aches, rhabdomyolysis (muscle breakdown into myoglobulin resulting in orange to red urine that can lead to kidney damage), fatigue, headache, coughing, strange dreams Thought the muscle aches were from playing tennis, which I do at least 3 times a week. Can't take Lipitor or Vytorin either. Think I'll deal with diet & exercise to control cholesterol and triglycerides. The chance of kidney or liver damage is too great on these meds. F 51 17 days

 1  High triglyderides Headaches, severe pain under left breast, twitching legs, lower and upper back pain I took for approximately 6 weeks, then found this site and quit taking it. Going to dr. tomorrow for blood test results and possibly different drug F 56 6 weeks
 1  Lower my cholesterol Severe swelling of my joints, legs/arms/shoulders heavy pain, sometimes unable to walk, use my hands. Went to emergency for shots unalbe to receive when these espisodes happen on the week-ends around eight times. Quite costly to me. First off I was never told of the side effects. Been on this drug for 2 1/2 years, now they think it is arthritis. Still taking lots of tests to determine the damage done. Also was taking 2000 mg of Niacin along with the tricor. Have stopped hoping my pain would end, my life go back to normal. Up to now I have been a very healthy woman, strong able to do lots of things. This all happened in just the last seven months of 2007. It is this website that has enabled me to find out how dangerous this drug is. I am praying this can be reversed. Patients should be told of side effects of drugs by their doctors to whom they rely are helping them. I first went to an orthropaedic doctor who told me he was baffled could not help me because all my ailments did not agree with his training, even though he knew I had been on tricor/niacin. Now another doctor who also knows about my medications tells me tricor takes a long time to work in the body of the side effects, yet will not say this is F 76 2 years
 1  tri's in the 500 range Doctor's office only this Friday reccommended that I start taking tricor. Decided to do a bit of research as I'd heard before that there were some side-effects; none of which I'd ever suffered from. Happily, I found this site prior to taking this drug. Thank you one and all for sharing what my physician of some 15 years overlooked to mention. I'll go the diet and and exercise route. M 52 0 days
 1  high cholesterol frequent muscle spasms, tired all the time, muscle pain, joint pain..mostly in ankles,kneess and wrist. Doctor thinks symptoms are not related to this medicine. But all other testing (cat scan, neurologist testing & blood work (lots of it)) have all come back negative. I have been off tricor now for 3 weeks and have finally just started feeling better (within the past couple days). Altough the muscle twitching has not improved, everything else has. I am trying to be hopeful this will also improve. If anyone has experienced this, please email me. F 33 2 years
 1  Substitute for pain-causing Lipitor My left knee seized up, swelled, got hot, causing painful walking by day and inability to lie on my side at night. I have to lie on my back and seek comfort from the pain by moving my legs constantly. The pain runs up from my knee to my hip. It seems that every muscle in my right thigh is involved. I have no pain in any other limb or muscle. Today is day 10 and there is no sign of it to go away. This was not a gout attack; my uric acid level, clinically measured two weeks before the episode in question, was 5.5 mg/dl--that is, righ in the mid range of normal. But the pain in the left knee resembled a very severe gout attack nonetheless. I know what a gout attack is, having had gout for years. I now take Allopurinol for it. Analgesics seem to have little effect in relieving this pain. I've tried Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen and Naproxen. My doctor put me on Tricor in June of 2007 and, because of pain in my left thigh muscles, I had to give it up after a few days. I reported this to the doctor on my next visit and he put me back on pain-causing Lipitor (he had put me on Lipitor at an earlier date and I had to give that up too). I tried Lipitor for a few days second time round and got the same pains in my left thigh muscles. Gave it up. Told the doctor. He prescribed Tricor once more! This time, disaster struck. My advice: as soon as you feel any muscle or joint pain at all, following ingestion of Tricor, give it up and never allow your doctor to put you back on it. M 72 4 days

 1  high trigs Pain legs, chest, back, weakened eyesight, cataracts, hernia, diabetes Just read an advertisement put out by Tricor where it listed side effects. Seeing as I had most of the side effects I went off the medicine and am feeling and seeing a lot better now. But while being on Tricor I became a diabetic which is odd as I do not do sugar. It will be interesting to see if the sugar numbers go down. I gave the Advertisement to my Dr. who was astounded at the report! F 60 2 years

 1  High Triglycerides, Low HDL Significant Knee Pain As normal, Dr. says not the problem .... am now taking vitamin and herb remedy M 50 1 months

 1  high tricgliceroides 1. racing thoughts, 90 per cent about sex, but this happens with the majority of these types of pills, so I don't know which one will help. Thoughts led to increase of sex (masturbation) which at 63 led to chest pain, the opposite of what these pills are supposed to do. 2. This pill reduced the effects of my lithium in the liver, which as a manic-depressive made me more manic. Literature confirmms this pill affects the liver. 3. Muscle in my right calf lost 50 % strength in the 5 weeks I've been taking the medicine. Literature confirms muscle loss is a side effect of this pill. M 63 35 days

 1  high triglycerides Severe muscle pain, spasms from my neck to my toes; also severe cramping of stomach; felt jittery; unable to rest or relax; first pill just felt flu like; then by 3rd pill; severe reaction. I will not take another! I still have pain several days later after stopping the med and am hoping the muscle cramping/weakness will improve. F 46 3 days

 1  To lower Triglycerides Sleeping non stop and fever. Doctor combined this drug with Vytorin for lowering Choleterol, and gave me samples for 6 weeks. Within two weeks I began being very sleepy and started running a temp. I'm supposed to have an Angiogram on Monday but it's iffy since I'm running the temp, 101.6. Can't find any other reason for it so I'm discontinuing both drugs! Egad! F 68 2 weeks

 1  Lower cholesterol-mother heart prob Heaviness & swelling in legs. Pain in knees and lower back. Starting to experience some vertigo type feelings and blurred vision off and on. Also elevated liver enzymes. My doctor never once mentioned side effects even after I complained about the back, knees,& leg pain. Also, when my liver enzyme test came back elevated - only mentioned that I need to lose weight that I could be developing a "fatty liver". I just started researching today and you can be sure that I will stop taking the Tricor - my total chol was only 220 when I started taking. I will try harder with diet and exercise and natural alternatives. In reading about Tricor, I also saw that you should not take if you have hypothyroidism which I am being treated for (another thing my doctor didn't say anything about.) I think that I will also be shopping for a new doctor. F 50 2 years

 1  high triglycerides as many others have stated this drug has some nasty side effects, and I just realized that after many trips to other specialists that my problems are probably related to tricor use. Headaches almost daily, fatigue, muscle weakness, muscle twitching, nausea have all been a part of the last 2 months. I started tricor in late April and started noticing the more severe effects in late July. Have noticed that for some people symptoms have improved quickly after stopping and have lasted much longer for others. I was taking 145mg. day and stopped taking as of today. My tri's were at 190 in late August and the side effects seem to be far outweighing the benefits. Would like to hear about symptom recovery times after stopping from others. M 44 4 months
 1  Hi Triglycerides On the first day, about 4 hours after taking one pill, I could hardly walk due to hip, knee, and ankle pain. Took one on the second day and had the same results. I have stopped taking it and feel great. I will not take it again. I will adjust my diet and exercise more to try to treat the high Triglycerides. M 55 2 days

 1  High Tri's Horrible muscle and joint pain from my fingers down to my toes. Can hardly get out of bed in the am. Chest pain. Low energy. I took a very low dose (48 mg) for about a year or so with really no side effects. Then the doc thought my Tri's weren't going down fast enough so he put me on the 145mg. I also have rheumatoid arthritis and thought my arthritis was getting worse. I suffered all summer long in horrible pain and stiffness. Then when none of my pain relievers were working I knew it had to be something else. Thinking it was one of my cholestrol drugs ( I'm also on Vytorin) I thought I'd start experimenting. Stayed off the Vytorin and I still felt the same. Thought I'd do some research and when I found this website I was astounded. I'm not taking this drug any more. Seems like there are many more people out there with exactly the same symptoms. I just hope I am not stopping it too late. F 59 3 months
 1  high colesrerol kidney failer, sever muscl painand weakness I didnt think I would make it home to see my family agine.. The hospital had too deloot my blood 100 times an still could not get my CK count it was over 100,000!!!! F 31 3 days

 1  High Triglycerides SEVERE joint pain hands, fingers wrist elbow, ankles and knees. Flu like symptoms. Resulted in acute carpal tunnel syndrome with required surgery. No carpal tunnel symptoms previous to taking Tricor. Never associated the two until disconntinuing Tricor and having symptoms subside. M 57 180 days

 1  High Triglycerides I was about 30 years old when my doctor put me on Tricor. Shortly after I started taking it, I developed muscle pain all over my arms and legs, which have become so severe that it has ruined my life. I kept telling the doctor, but she kept convincing me that it was not the Tricor. After many years of Tricor, I finally stopped taking it last year, but the horrible muscle pains remain. Now, no doctor can help me. DON'T ever let any doctor convince you to take this or any cholesterol meds. F 39 8 years

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