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 3  Asthma The only side effect I've noticed so far is upper right back/shoulder pain F 78 3 days
2X D
 5  Asthma F 50 1 years
 5  Fairly constant runny nose none This nasal spray has stopped the runny nose I was getting quite often whether it was hot, cold, allergy season or whenever. Couple of sprays in the morning generally last me all day.I love this medicine. M 61 1 years
2 sprays 1X D
 5  Runny nose Headaches and light headedness I gave this spray a bad rating because it didn't completely alleviate my runny nose. However, after going for a second opinion, a doctor discovered that my runny nose is actually due to a cerebrospinal fluid leak. Apparently the bone above my nose has a hole in it and fluid from around my brain is leaking out (seriously) I am totally shocked that other doctors I went to didn't find it. So please take your runny nose seriously. I'm having surgery to fix it. My negative review of Atrovent is no longer relevant. I probably had headaches from it because it is going up into my brain area when I spray it up my nose. F 37 2 months
2 sprays 3X D
 2  chronic runny nose I'm not usually sensitive to medications at all but within seconds after using this nasal spray, I was so dizzy and it took about an hour for the dizziness to go away. I was quite surprised it had that kind of effect on me. This nasal spray did at least reduce the amount of times I have to blow my nose a day but at the same time, it made my head feel so weird I'm not convinced it's entirely healthy to use it. F 37 1 weeks
.06% 2X D
 1  Nasal irritation IT KILLED MY paradoximal bronchospasm. Google it. He was 61 and healthy with three children and 4 grand-children. 6 years ago he had a reaction to albuterol,,,causing him to not feel he could breathe. The doctor prescribed Atrovent which is contraindicated if ever and allergic reaction and he was also on a beta blocker. One minute he was alive 30 minutes later he was dead. He said, "I am not going to make it." and he did not. Dead within 45 minutes of Atrovent nasal spray. M 61
 3  Asthma My heart has been racing...took my pulse and it was 140 sitting still. I'm dizzy, have cotton mouth and chest discomfort. When I took a pulmonary function test in August the doctor told me I had mild asthma and gave me a prescription for Atrovent. I told him I didn't like using inhalers because they make me so shaky. When I got sick with a respiratory infection last week a different doctor asked if I was using the inhaler and I told her no and why. She informed me that Atrovent doesn't have the cardio side effects that the other inhalers do, such as Albuterol. I've used Flovent in the past but very sparingly. She told me to use the Atrovent 2-3 puffs, up to 3-4 times a day. I have been doing 1 puff 6X/day or 2 puffs a few X/day. Is that why I'm feeling so crappy? If I have a coughing fit it calms it down, but I don't like feeling like this. I just got rid of an arrhythmia I'd had for 10 years and I don't want it back. F 48 4 days
 5  Asthma Can breathe much better then with albuterol...just dosent last as long. F 45 5 years
 3  COPD As of March, 2008, the FDA has released post marketing information on Spiriva [tiotropium] that indicates higher risk of stroke for users of the product. I am waiting for the other shoe to drop to see if Atrovent has similar risks. The results of the next long term study are to be released in June 2008, so hold your breath! Works to make breathing easier. I am not sure if the risk is worth it, yet. NOTE!!!!Atrovent[ipratropium] and Spiriva[tiotropium] have similar actions, and there is currently no data to indicate Atrovent has the same risks as Spiriva. M 78 7 years
 4  COPD/Bronchitis/Asthma None that I'm aware of I use Atrovent/Ventolin/Flovent 3X daily and Singulair 1X daily. The combination became even more effective for me when my doctor added the Atrovent recently. F 64 4 months
 5  COPD< PULMONary fibrosis The inhaler works well; the nebulizer makes me nauseous. The company is not going to produce the inhaler in the US because a new much more costly drug has been placed on the market. F 62 10 years
 5  asthma none! Ventolin doesn't work for me (I know that's unusual), but atrovent is great! I F 33 6 months
 5  bronchitis None Finally, I can breathe! 2 days
 3  asthma NASTY TASTE F 28 4 months
 3  asthma Terrible taste Mildly effective...if I omit it from my daily medicines, I don't see terribly adverse effects F 40 3 years
 5  tightness in chest, wheezing a small amount of drowsiness, but this is manageable by reducing how frequently I use it. I also take a tiny dose of Singulair, and the combination has dramatically helped my breathing. It really helps! And does not make me agitated, like all the other types of inhalers do. Important to watch combining it with any other cholinesterase inhibitors, such as cough syrup with dextromethorphan, or tricyclic antidepressants, then it would cause a problem with sedation. F 45 3 months
 5  cronic asthma none very safe M 38 2 years

ATROVENT  (IPRATROPIUM BROMIDE):  Ipratropium is used to treat a runny nose caused by the common cold or seasonal allergies. It works by reducing the amount of fluid/mucus released from inside your nose. This medication does not relieve symptoms of stuffy nose or sneezing.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)