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 1  Colonoscopy Pain, nausea, vomiting, flushed skin. Chills, bloating, severe abdominal cramping. Headache, weakness, that never ended!! I could NOT! FINISH that drink! I started vomiting when I had drank half. I'll never ever take this again!! F 65 0 times
1 gal. 1X O
 1  Surgery prep It made me gag and puke and felt like I was dying, freezing and shaking F 42 1 days
64 oz 1X D
 1  Bowl Obstruction Acid Reflux, violent puking, hell on Earth. This stuff is evil poison! F 47 1 days
1 gal 1X D
 4  Colonoscopy Prep The taste is not horrible and not good, it is not something I would chose to drink. I had stomach and lower back cramps, dizziness, nausea, all over body discomfort, and occasionally a gag reflex if I took too big of a drink. The overall experience was uncomfortable but not as bad as I expected. My prep was 12 cups, 1 every 15 minutes, the day before my colonoscopy starting at 6pm and 4 cups the morning of. My symptoms peaked about 11 pm, tapered off through the night, and we're gone when I got up at 6 am. I was able to fall asleep around midnight, waking up 3 times between midnight and 6 am to relieve myself. The symptoms from round 2 were not as severe as the night before. M 44 2 days
160 oz 1X D
 2  Colonoscopy F 69 0 days
1X D
 1  Colonoscopy Omg shit flying out of me every 5 mins! I took my time drinking it. I kept active did some laundry and ironing. Only got 1/2 of prep down. Had two Dulcolax at noon, two at 2. I think it's the laxatives that are working not that prep. Golytely is horrible! My advice is drink a glass using a straw. Drink glass about every 30 mins. Don't rush yourself. There is no time limit to get it all down. I wonder if I would of mixed it with clear gatorade if it tasted better better yet made Jell-O out of it. Not sure if I can get the rest down. Might use a fleet enema just to make sure I'm clean. Goggle say you can use a enema. I don't know why you just can't take the laxatives and an enema I don't think you really need to take this crap it is horrible F 69 0 days
1X D
 2  Colonoscopy Did not fully clean out my bowels. F 72 1 days
1X D
 1  Colonoscopy Did not completely clear my system even though I completed the entire jug, docelux and reglan both times. Now I have to do it all over again. Sipping on broth between drinks helped me get it down. Ginger ale made me nausea. F 32 2 days
2 liters 1X D
 4  Constipation extreme back & lower abdomen pain, extreme bloat, chills okay dont get me wrong, the pain is pretty bad, the taste is bad but it honestly isnt crazy terrible like some of the reviews make it seem. All in all, its a nasty & uncomfortable job that has to get done so of course its rough, but the product itself definitely gets the job done. It would be nice to look into some of the side effects though because the bloat & pain are excessive given i havent even ate in 24 hours, along with this feeling of being really cold. F 21 2 days
1X D
 4  To clear up my constipation Got chills very cold F 70 2 days
4 liters
 3  colonoscopy prep Extreme chills Just commenting to thank all the people who mentioned chills. Nobody told me it could do that. I am absolutely freezing and can't stop shaking. F 50
2X D
 1  Colonoscopy prep I was barely able to get the first half down but I did. I experienced very painful and crampy diarrhea which I expected. What I didnít expect was, upon my second dose, I began vomiting uncontrollably. I have never puked so much in my life. I could not keep it down no matter what I tried. I became shaky, fevered, dizzy, and got cold sweats. I attempted to sleep to little avail, and nearly collapsed in the shower this morning Most vile tasting thing Iíve ever had. Also worst diarrhea Iíve ever had (and Iím getting the colonoscopy FOR severe diarrhea) on top of that itís unusable because itís so sickeningly disgusting. 0/10. Ask your dr for a different prep, I wish I had F 24 1 days
Peg 3350
 3  Diagnostic colonoscopy I didnít have the gag reflex that I had with suprep but itís still pretty awful. I couldnít get warm. My hands and feet turned blue and now my lips and chin are numb and I feel like something is stuck in my throat. I guess itís better than colon cancer. F 48 2 days
 2  Diagnostic colonoscopy Extreme shaking, chills, gag reflex, tremors, bloating Not good if you have kidney disease but safer than suprep F 48 2 days
 3  Bowel prep for colonoscopy Nausea, gagging, stomach and abdominal pain, chills, irritated raw butt. This tastes terrible in spite of chilling, add Crystal light, using straw and other recommended hacks. Woke up thirsty so I swallow ice water between glasses of prep. Used the split prep 5 pm + 4 h before procedure. Plus 3 dulcolax at 10 pm. Clear movements before bed. Second prep started deep yellow with small sediment that cleared over two hours of 2nd prep. Very difficult prep for me. The small bottles of mg chloride + 4 liters water that I used previously was much less difficult and painful and have an excellent prep. I only managed to swallow 75% and made sure to drink a lot more water and tea. F 67 1 days
236 g peg
 3  Clean out due to constant constipation Extreme nausea, abdominal aching, anal soreness , So bad I only drank 3/4 of the gallon jug. Any more would have vomited it all. Felt woozy and dizzy. There simply has to be a better way. This stuff is horrible. I drank it between spoonfuls of jello which helped. F 78 1 days
1 gallon
 1  Colonoscopy prep 0 days
 1  Colonoscopy prep I drank almost one quarter of the bottle. I started itching and breaking out in hives. Pharmacist this bottle had a different manufactuer then the first bottle I had for prior bowel prep and for me to go to ER now by the time we went about 4 blocks to ER I was having trouble breathing. My blood pressure dropped to 56/34 Dr had to give me eppi in my iv. I remained in the hospital for 2 days. I never want to even see the bottle let alone try to take it again. F 57 1 days
 1  colonoscopy After having 2 back to back colonoscopies, 8 liters in 3 days, it took 12 days before MY colon began to absorb water and send it to My kidneys. 12 days of little or no peeing, every thing liquid came out My back end. I am finally peeing again and have solid poos. I think next time I will just do the magnesium citrate instead of the legalized antifreeze solution. The SDS for PEG 3350 is confusing. It can be read as the chemical in it's powder form, not solubilized. The LD50 for rates and mice are listed, yet in order to calculate the risk to a 115 pound human , I need to know if the LD50 is based on PEG3350 in dry form or in solution. FYI, I am a genius, not a lemming. M 57 1 days
4 liters 1X D
 1  Barium enema The worst pain and bloating constipation diarrhea in my life! I'm having horrible side effects and the lousy medical system around me here won't take the side effects of this seriously! I'm fully impacted with stool and in excruciating pain 24/7 from this! I want to go to the hospital but they don't take the "official results" from the test I had today seriously either! Why the EFF does this come with a warning label but the medical community DOES NOT take it seriously???? If I live through this I'm suing someone! This is ridiculously uncalled for pain and suffering! What I don't understand is why this isn't being addressed properly BY ANYONE ?????? NEVER AGAIN! DON'T USE THIS POISON! Side effects aren't taken seriously from the prescribing Dr or any medical intervention people! I'm serious about saying I feel sick enough that it's going to kill me!!! F 60 1 days

GOLYTELY  (POLYETHYLENE GLYCOL 3350; POTASSIUM CHLORIDE; SODIUM BICARBONATE; SODIUM CHLORIDE; SODIUM SULFATE, A):  PEG (polyethylene glycol) with electrolyte is used to clean out the intestines before certain bowel exam procedures such as colonoscopy or barium enema X-rays. It is a laxative that works by drawing large amounts of water into the colon. This effect results in watery bowel movements. Clearing stool from the intestines helps your doctor to better examine the intestines during your procedure.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)