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 1  Endometriosis Severe anger, mood changes, joint pain, hip and leg pain, headache, hot flushes, weakness, fatigue, severe depression! Don't do it, 45 1 months
11.25 1X D
 1  Fibroids, heavy bleeding I am taking Lupron pre-hysterectomy. This DID NOT stop my periods as it was supposed to, though they weren't as heavy as they were before Lupron. Every once in a while I'd have a sudden, but brief and manageable onset. I just got my fourth and final shot last weekend, and 4 days ago I started having the worst symptoms ever (just after being informed my surgery would be delayed). I can't even leave my house now for fear of a gross, embarrassing mess. A lifetime of heavy bleeding has rendered me anemic; any effort I have put into fighting it since my diagnosis probably went out the window in the past three days. I am so weakened I have slept almost all day. F 44 4 months
1X M
 4  PC 0 days
45 mg ever 1X D
 1  Stage 4 Prostate Cancer Extreme hot flashes and sweats every 3 hours. Extreme pain in intestines. Bone and joint pain. Complete loss of sex drive. Shrunken testicles. I felt like I had a bad virus all of the time. Poison! Even my Oncologist agreed it was poison. I quit taking Lupron and stopped all treatment. I am using diet and supplements with the guidance of a nutritionist. I would rather have nature take its course then go through Lupron treatment. Lupron should be banned! M 70 1 years
11.5 MG 1X O
 4  Prostate cancer First 9 months few side effect, then body hair loss, muscle weakness, aches from waist down, loss of libido, brain fog, insomnia, fatigue, but PSA dropped from 41 to 0.30, and that's what it was for. Had 5 doses of 8, Hope the symptoms fade when finished the course. M 64 15 months
22.5 5X O
 1  Prostate cancer Horrible bone pain testicular pain penis pain penis and testicles shrunk dramatically hot flashes neuropathy night sweats night terrors brain fog irritability extreme difficulty and painful urination especially at night barely enough energy to get off the couch I will not be having a second treatment M 70 6 months
45 1X O
 1  Endometriosis and fibroids Massive bone and joint pain, severe hot flashes, headaches, decreased sex drive, anxiety and severe irritability. The cons outweigh the pros for sure. F 37 1 years
30mg 1X D
 1  Heavy periods Impaired vision, terrible bone pain all over,heavy sweating,hot flashes,insomnia and headaches I was given (2) three month treatments = 6 months of Lupron in 2008, now in 2020 I'm disabled and suffer daily with horrific bone pain,insomnia,peripheral neuropathy in my legs, severe headaches and I haven't had a sexual relationship since 2010, because I have zero sex drive! My life has been taken away and Lupron is the culprit! F 55 0 months
11.25 MG 2X O
 1  Prostate cancer surgery Hot flashes always fatigued Was a high level competitive cyclist now can only ride at a low level 2x per week havent been able to even cycle with friends as too slow constant joint pain legs and hands cant sleep more than 2hrs even with meds I wasnt told different dosage shots available never consented but got a 6 month shot and Im in 23 weeks and its worse than ever when wills effects start to go away? I got a supposed 6 month injection but feel worse than ever Depressed as doesnt seem this will wear off The Dr only said night sweats what crap Will I ever be normal again ? After research I find they dont know how this drug is metabolized- how did it ever get thru the FDA? M 73 6 months
45mg 1X O
 1  prostate cancer bad drug should be baned
30 1X D
 1  Heavy periods Estrogen dom/brcancer Lupron should be banned and makers should be sued. How can doctors dole this out so easily and freely?! I later found out there were other better options for my conditions. Apparently it's a money maker. Horrible pain whole body - extreme weight gain - mood swings - the list is so long. I immediately felt like. 99 yr old and wished i was dead. I still have inability to move some joints and pain after 3 years is just as bad. Doctors claim it is impossible that Lupron can stay in your system that long, well, they didn't get the shot. I had two shots and my life has never been the same. How are they still able to give this to people?! Every day is miserable. I wish there was something we could do. Nobody believes me. Lupron should be illegal and the company that made it should be sued. F 48 0 days
1/3mo shot 1X O
 1  Endometriosis Seizures, Hot flashes, night sweats, severe paranoia, psychosis, extreme migraines, vomiting, bone pain I was forced on lupron via the military. I went from a smart athletic happy person to completely disabled. Now everyday I exist waiting to die. F 31 3 months
1X O
 3  stage 4 Breast Cancer hair thinning (50% so far), painful hand joints in the am, night sweats, jaw pain when I open my mouth, diarrhea every morning, depression. The up side is my tumor markers are back to normal, tumor shrunk and disappeared. I'm only on this drug to induce menopause and save my life. The alternative could bring the cancer back. If this were not the case, I would have stopped taking it already, the reviews I've seen are also horrendous. F 49 4 months
? 1X M
 1  prostate cancer Where do i start,anxiety,depression,huge around middle, tinnitus, muscle and joint aches, high cholesterol, lethargy so tired,nasal congestion, headaches, changes in taste and smell.shrunken nuts, no sex for 4 years, boobs with lumps in. This stuff can change your life, you will want your old self back. Some men it works without side effects great for them,but it is not a one size fits all drug,as many on here know to their cost. I love life but lupron takes all joy out of it.Yes it lowers psa and hopefully keeps you alive,but i did not expect so many side effects and after being off the stuff for more than 2years i do not think things will get better.It does not seem to me that lupron ever leaves your system,it remains in some way. The bottom line is if you have no choice take it,but take as little as you can to remain who you are and stay alive.This is just my opinion on my experience on lupron, get the full facts for yourself on lupron if you find yourself being told you need it, I hope that you do not. M 74 18 months
11.25 1X O
 1  IVF Fatigue, exhaustion, depression Had to take for 14 days before IVF cycle and another 14 days after. Hate it. Makes me completely exhausted, cannot function during the day, have to lay down and take naps. Depressed, weepy, no motivation F 38 14 days
 1  Prostate cancer ADT along with radiation Absolute hell. Clinical depression, anxiety, fatigue, dizziness close to the point of passing out, massive loss of strength, muscle tone and definition, loss of body hair, total loss of interest in sexual intimacy. Testicular shrinkage, neuropathy in fingertips. This sh*t needs to be banned by the FDA. Quality of life issues far outweigh the medical utility of this drug to the point that I'm sure its maker spends large amounts of money covering up the lives lost due to suicide caused by the depression this garbage causes. As many on here have related, it is truly the devils drug. M 58 12 months
30mg/4 mo
 2  Prostate ca Gleason. 9 Tired poor sleep, unable to urinate need to cath myself 6 times dayŹ I am stopping it today, after 3 injection. I am going treat it Naturally foods, spourts Supplements and light therapy and God M 62 1 years
 2  Breast cancer treatment Migraines, hair loss, raging emotions, foot pain, hip pain, exhaustion, depression, 20 pound weight gain, blood pressure increased by 20 points. F 45 2 years
 5  Prostate cancer after radiation Hot flashes, slight decrease of energy, zero libido, slight weight gain, forgetful, M 74 1 years
 1  Endometriosis Worsening of anxiety,mood swings, hot flashes that will turn into cold sweats(nausea tied into it)awful bone joint and nerve pain,tingly numbness,insomnia,lack of day time energy. I never comment on these things but i had to. Just to stress that no one should ever even entertain the thought of this drug let alone take it. December was suppose to be my very last injection(6th month)and i refused. Itís so infuriating to me that i was never informed on how much of a risk i was truly taking by agreeing to under go this monthly treatment. Not only did it NOT take my pain away..the pain that was the whole reason i was even put on lupron to take care of in the first place... but my pain and mental anguish is so much worse then when i started out. Iím a little over a month into completion and i havenít slept in TWO DAYS! I am not exaggerating.. not so much as a cat nap in days. And thatís with me taking several OTC sleep meds! I have never been awake this long in my life. That..and the severe anxiety,nerve,bone,and joint pain and shortness of breath is torture. The many other side effects i can handle..these for me are by far the worst😔I was wondering if anyone could please tell me what to expect in the months after lupron? I havenít been able to find anyoneís experiences each month after treatment.. Iím just hoping it gets better then this cause Iím really having a hard time seeing a light at the end of this tunnel. F 29 5 months

LUPRON  (LEUPROLIDE ACETATE):  Leuprolide is used to stop early puberty (precocious puberty) in children. It helps to delay sexual development (such as growth of the breasts/testicles) and the start of menstrual periods. It also helps slow down early bone growth to increase the likelihood of reaching normal adult height. Leuprolide works by decreasing the amount of sex hormones that a child's body makes (estrogen in girls, testosterone in boys).   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)