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 1  Birth control Please do not take this. I've gained 10 pounds in 3 months of extreme dieting. I quit my job because it caused me to have major depression. I had severe mood swings. It was terrible! Do not take plesse F 30 3 months
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 4  Prevent Pregnancy, Lighten Periods Weight gain of about 5-10 pounds, moodiness/crying for a couple months, breast growth, lower sex drive, vaginal dryness I don't totally mind the weight gain, as I hadn't been exercising lately anyway, and it wasn't a whole lot. I have not had cravings for fast food at all. For the first couple months, I was pretty moody and easy to upset, but I attribute that mostly to it being a tumultuous time in my life. Things have smoothed out recently, and I feel great. My breasts are definitely bigger, though I originally attributed that to weight gain. However, I've begun working out again and the boobs have stayed, so that's nice. I suppose my sex drive, though low to start with, is kind of lower, and I have to use lubricant for comfort. However, it's not a huge problem to me, so all in all, I'm a fan. I mean, I've taken it every day and haven't gotten pregnant. F 20 9 months
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 1  heavy periods had a blood clot that caused a HEART ATTACK this drug has permanently damaged me. I had a blood clot that went to my heart, causing a 99% blockage and heart attack. i nearly died and now have a stent and permanent damage. i had no other risks factors and drs did a test that show i am not genetically predisposed to clots F 42 8 months
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 1  help balance my hormones Total and complete exhaustion. Took naps everyday for 2 weeks. Did not want to leave house. Emotional wreck. Cried everyday. Lack of drive for everything Stopping bcp today. I have had enough. My children have seen me depressed enough! 50 10 days
 2  Contraceptive I started taking ortho ovum 777 when I got together with my fiance (4 years ago) when I was a junior in high school and started becoming sexually active. I noticed weight gain slightly about 5 pounds but my diet hasn't changed and it seems the longer I take it the more I crave. I crave pop and fast food, greasy foods like a mad man. I have gained probably 30 pounds in the past year because of it. I stopped taking it a week ago and I have noticed that I sleep a lot better and do not have to constantly eat or want food. I noticed that my sex drive wasn't great while I was on it. I am 21 years old and so is my boyfriend so I feel that it is kind of important. I need to get my birth control changed though ASAP. I do not recommend. F 21 4 years
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 3  Not to get pregnant Heavy smelly discharge. Extreme anxiety. Bleeding if I missed a pill. F 20 5 years
 1  irregular cycles This drug caused a mini stroke . I experienced a mini stroke after the first seven days , then hand-knobbing, blurred vision migraines in 7 day intervals until I stopped. I was driving during one. I still . migraines because I took this drug. I took it in 1986 I learned triggers for migraines , and no drugs later, am now 45 and every period, and ovulation brings on a new set of migraines. This drug kick started migraines therefore ruining my hormonal balance for life. F 45 60 days
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 4  Birth Control I have had NO side effects unless I missed a dose such as Breakthrough Bleeding. However, after taking it for 16 years I am getting side effects for the last 6 months or so... Acne & Very sore breast... I think I am gonna change to something else. I actually recommend it. I have a light 3 day period or none at all. I am really happy but, now that I for some reason getting acne and sore breast. I am thinking of changing. Otherwise, I would be a happy camper.. F 36 16 years
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 2  Protect from pregnancy Extreme anxiety, nauseous all the time, headaches, uncontrollable sobbing. F 18 2 months
 5  Prevent pregnancy Headaches and nausea at first. Mixed with a little more anxiety than normal. But after a few months I had short light periods and I haven't gotten pregnant so it's good so far :) F 21 9 months
 1  period Worse migraines I could ever imagine that caused violent shaking, loss of vision, and passing out. (Never had migraines before taking this pill) depression and high levels of anxiety. Hair loss. Lumps in breast. I will never ever take this pill again. F 23 3 months
 1  prevent pregnancy Increased heart rate(already have high BP) , feeling very very depressed and not motivated at all(on celexa for depression & it usually works great) . Bad nausea and cramps. Hungry but no appetite :-/ I really don't like this pill at ALL. F 23 2 weeks
 2  prevent pregnancy & lighten periods My periods are way heavier, i have horrible cramping and very low sex drive. Also every time i start the dark orange section of the pill cycle i break out horribly. I just woke up with it the first morning after the first orange pill. I hadn't experienced acne like that since back in middle school. I also lack the motivation and confidence i had prior to this birth control pill. Before this contraceptive, I was taking Loralyn 3mg birth control for 2yrs and it was AMAZING but then insurance stopped covering it (almost $90 a month..prob why it worked so well). I highly recommend that versus this drug. F 18 2 months
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 3  prevent pregnancy my pharmacy changed me bc from novum 777 to nortrel 777. My boobs are super sore, bad anxiety, no sex drive. Not happy. Only good thing is that it lightened my period. I was soooo much better off with ortho tri cyclen low. F 34 1 months
 1   After my first month on nortrel777 i developed blood clots in both lungs and had to be hospitalized for 9 days. F 27 1 months
 1  PMS, cramps and Migraines Nausea, weight gain, SEVERE depression and anxiety, rage, extreme fatigue, intense cravings for fast food, uncontrollable sobbing My doctor thought this pill might help with my severe cramps and menstrual migraines. Within 2 days I was nauseous all the time but the worst part was that I am usually a positive, social, happy, motivated and active person and I felt heavy and exhausted and I was so depressed that I started having suicidal thoughts and felt completely hopeless. I gave it a few more days, hoping my body would adjust, and had to stop because I felt like I didn't want to live anymore and my outlook and perspective were purely pessimistic. I was extremely anxious, my heart was racing and I felt nervous and uncomfortable and didn't want to leave my house or talk to anyone. Also I eat a micronutrient-dense diet, always healthy, don't eat grains and suddenly I had crazy obsessive cravings for McDonalds and Taco Bell, neither of which I've visited in about a decade! I stopped taking the pill yesterday and I'm still very depressed and tired. F 39 4 days
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 1  Birth Control increase in anxiety, loss of sex drive, vaginal dryness, yeast infections I was on Necon 777 for two months as a primary form of birth control. During that time, on the third week of the pill (highest dose), I would feel an increase in anxiety, extreme vaginal dryness and I got a pretty bad yeast infection. This happened twice in a row. The symptoms drove me crazy until I figured out it was my BCP, so I hope this helps any woman who may experience these same symptoms on this formulation. F 29 56 days
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 1  regulate cycle I started taking this because after pregnancy my periods became crazy. I took it for a year and got pregnant. Never missed a pill. Never took it late thanks to iphone apps. I don't regret being pregnant. This pill just didn't work for me apparently lol. Hopefully whoever is reading this will get better protection F 25 1 years
 4   When I first started the pill I experience pretty bad nausea, but only for about 5-7 days while my body got used to it. F 18 3 years
 3  Regulation In March 2012 I developed severe blood clots in my lungs. I had experience extreme discomfort in my right buttocks area around the beginning of March to the point that I could not sit. I pushed it to the back of my mind like I do everything else and went on with my life. About two weeks after that the rain decreased but moved up the right side of my body. The pain got paralyzing. I could not laugh or take deep breathes. I felt a pain in my chest put also my back. I could move and stretch without any changes in pain. I went to the walk-in and they treated me for muscle-skeletal discomfort. that night the pain reached it's peak. I could not move so my friend dressed me and drove me upstate to the emergency room. 6 hours later they decide to test me for PE (pulmonary embolism) and I soon found out it was positive. I had 3 blood clots that traveled through my right lung, through my heart, and lodged in my right lung. one blood clot remained in my right lung. I was in the hospital for 10 days. I am now 4 months into my recovery and it has been such a struggle. Besides all this, being on Ortho Novum 777 was great. my periods were amazing; very light and short. I knew exactly when I would get it right after a month of being on the pill. Even all my PMS symptoms were gone. It's been hell since I have been off it though. F 20 6 months
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