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 4  birth control I have taken this for 16 years, with a change to nursing freindly bcp and yasim (yasmin terrible) for a couple of years. Started getting migraines so went back to TriNorinyl, the migraines have eased up some but still having them during placebo week. I've had very few side effects on this bcp. I feel much better back on it than during the Yasmin time, even thought I still get migraines for several days during my period. F 40 16 years
 1  birth control extreme weight fluctuations and moodiness in the beginning, COMPLETE extinction of my sex drive. I was switched to Estrostep from a triphasic pill (which I liked) because of an increase in migraines. The first 3 months of the Estrostep were horrible. I would gain 5 pounds in 2 days, then it would all drop off in one day at the end of the pack. My sex drive is so gone that it is becoming a problem. I have NO desire at all or even any thoughts relating to it. If I am not going to be having sex, then why am I taking a $30+ a month drug? I could save the cash and abstain if that's what I wanted. F 33 8 months
 1  Birth Control Headaches - Welts - Tightness in Chest I became extremely moody, dry and empty inside. I became very sad and lost any sex drive whatsoever. I developed 5 huge welts on the back of my neck. Intense headaches, nausea and tightness in my chest. I might have allergies to BC. I've taken Ortho-tri cycline as well and broke out in a rash Now I'm on Avaine (generic for Alesse), and it immediately took away the headaches and nausea. However, now I'm breaking out badly. F 26 2 weeks
 5  birth control I have never had any side affects with this medicine. I have tried 2 other kinds (depropervera & other newer pills) and I either gained weight or had other issues. This is the best one ever. F 34 18 years
 1  Birth Control First four days of new pack, wake up at 3am, nauseated, sometimes vomited and could not go back to sleep. After first four days, I was fine and I actually lost weight! I thought I could stop the nausea by taking at night before bed, or eating a snack when I took it. It worked for about 2 months and then it didn't work anymore. Went off and started Alesse- figured that if I was going to have morning sickness, I might as well be pregnant. Alesse was even worse in totally different ways. Switched to Estrostep and quitting that after a month of the most tiredness i've ever experienced. Trying to figure out what to do about BC- these pills seem to be ruining my body. F 26 1 years
 1  Birth Control Blood Clot and Stroke Birth Control pills suck F 32 6 years
 5  Birth Control none worked from the first...I've been on this product for 16 years now and it's been excellent. F 33 17 years
 5  Birth Control/Irregular hormones Very nauseated at first, but went away without reoccurence. This is the best birth control pill I've ever used. It has cleared my skin and evened my cycles. I've had bad experiences with other Birth Control pills such as Ortho-Trycycline, but Tri-norinyl keeps things in order! F 30 6 years