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 5  Heart rate out of control 200to 300 Cardiologist had me quit point blank,heart issues for 2weeks then resting no 50 ,110 Walking is good but fast heartbeat with mild to heavy labor , rest ,then normal Not to do anything to pacemaker M 73 30 years
 5  High Blood Pressure None. This beta blocker is the only one that does not depress HDL "good" cholesterol. Its controls my Blood Pressue and helps bring up my HDL. Its generic! If your taking Niaspan (for low HDL) etc you might want to check this out with your Doctor. M 8 months
2X D
 3  hypertension Increase in blood sugar Was on Sectral for about 5 years. Preferred over other beta blockers because had less bradycardia effect. Pretty effective lowering blood pressure, but started noticing blood sugar rising to pre diabetic range. Being healthy otherwise, determined it was due to med. After went off Sectral, blood sugar returned to normal levels. M 49 5 years
 5  due to barlow sydrome slowing heart palpitation due to pain in the heart I have been taking sectral the last 30 years of my life and thank God it seems that the pains somehow is in controlled due to the valve of which blood was not flowing well F 57 30 years
 2  hypertension vivid nightmares, heart palpitations, & insomnia Beta-blockers are not for me. I took it for a week before I could no longer tolerate the side effects. It took me from being utterly exhausted to being up for the entire night within an hour of taking it. My heart felt like it was pounding very hard and a bit erratically. My mother can't take anything in this class of drugs either. I am not saying don't try it, just be aware that there are side effects. F 30 7 days
 4  High BP and Tachycardia I felt out of it for about 2 days when I first started taking this medication. Caused longterm tiredness, weight gain and horribe hot flashes. I just started on Lopressor today to see if it will make me feel any better(feel horrible so far). The sectral did keep my heart rate and BP under control for a little over two years, then it just seemed to stop working??? Over all it was a pretty good drug for me. F 31 2 years
 4  atrial fib immediate loss of balance, weight gain F 63 10 years