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 3  Heart arrhythmias: v-tach and PVCs Blurred vision, stomach upset, anxiety, disruptive sleep patterns, cold extremities, hot flashes, sweating, a sense of pounding/pressure in head and temples, pain in shoulders, continued hair loss. I have to say that this medication has controlled my arrhythmias, but I feel really "out of sorts." And my hair loss hasn't slowed down at all. Although my cardiologist assured me that Tambocor wouldn't cause hair loss, I discovered that indeed it can cause hair loss in a small percentage of patients. I'm looking to transition off this drug to something else in a couple of weeks because the side-effects are starting to affect my quality of life. F 57 3 weeks
 4  AVRNT Fatigue, sudden dizzyness, blurred vision, ringing in the ears. I've only been on tambocor for a few weeks and I find they are good at controlling my arrythmia. I'm on 50mg twice a day at the moment and due to increase to 100mg twice a day. If I forget to take one (which is often!) I experience the arrythmia again, but they are great when I do remember. F 38 3 weeks
 4  atrial fibrillation Flecainide has worked very well to control my atrial fibrillation - have been on it 6 months and no more episodes. I'm taking it along with Toprol XL. Side effects include fatigue and some peripheral vision problems, but overall worth the price of not having AF episodes. F 67 6 months
 1  SVT, PVC's Weight gain, horrible tremmors, short term memmory loss, anxiety, shortness of breath, insomnia, muscle weakness, edema, and headache. I was taking 100mg twice daily along with Toprol XL 100mg daily to control my pvc's because the Flecainide alone did not do the job. Even then, I continued to have the pvc's and 4 episodes of svt, but they were not as strong. I could deal with most of the side effects except the tremmors, which were not constant, but very strong when they did happen. The tremmors became progressively worse as I continued to take the medication to the point where one day I couldn't even hold a glass of water without spilling most of it. I have gone for 2 ablations without success because my pvc's usually stop when I'm lying down. I'm very frustrated, but still looking for answers. F 35 3 months
 1  a-fib headache, tired, confusion, dazed, felt was drunk, stomach upset, just couldn't get out of my own way will never take again, symptoms of a-fib which are very bad are not as bad as drug M 58 7 days
 4  Intermittent A-fib Vision problems, fatigue I take 100mg a.m., 150mg p.m., and from the first day noticed that my vision is affected, most noticeably in the first 3 hrs after using. Could not take the extra 50mg in the a.m. because of the vision difficulty. Any attempt to use my peripheral vision causes severe eye strain and blurred vision. Fatigue is not incapacitating, it just affects my stamina when walking or other cardiovascular activity. Plus side, though, I have been virtually a-fib free for over a year. F 67 6 years
 1  A-FIB Tired, flu like symptoms, no sex drive, no appetite, weight gain. ringing in my ears, erectile disfunction This drug ought to outlawed. Once your on it,doctors wont listen to you about the side effects, and those who do, (I've had 5 cardiologists) tell you to get used to it. M 48 1 years
 3  idiopathic vtach tired,'buzzed' feeling, blurred vision, strained eyesight my pill comes in 100mg. i was taking 2 pills a day. since the pill is not time released when it kicks in i definately feel it. i had to cut down to half a pill at a time. i couldn't function when the side effects set it. my eyelids got heavy. i would get tired. it was hard to focus on anything unless i was looking dead straight. if i looked up or to the side my eyes felt really strained and vision would be off. i would feel a little unbalanced. lights were brighter and left trails. i felt like i had too many drinks. even taking 4 half pills a day i still have the occasional extra beat and slight side effects but nothing that prevents me from a normal day. flecainide did help control the beats compared to what they were. i still hope to be off this pill some day. F 28 7 months
 4  SVTs No significant side effects noted until I stopped taking it--maybe some mild hair loss and irritated stomach. You do have to be careful when having a dental procedure requiring anesthesia. I seemed to develop tinnitus, pressure in the sinus area, low-grade headache, and mild dizziness more so when I discontinued taking Tambocor. Of course, more premature heartbeats once I went off of it too. I'm going to undergo an ablation, which is why I went off of Tambocor (can't take it for a few days leading up to the ablation). I felt the medication did a great job of controlling the SVTs, but I just don't want to take it the rest of my life. If your doctor suggests taking Tambocor, give it a try. I felt a lot of relief from SVTs when taking this medication. F 47 1.5 years
 5  PVC's, PAC's, palpitations Insomnia, and mild hair loss (even though the doc says these are not side effects of this med, both of these started when I started taking flecainide) I have been taking 125 mgs daily for about 6 months now. I tried other medications to stop the palpitations that were controlling my life, but the side effects were so bad I had to stop them. I have not experienced any of the awful side effects from the Flecainide and am only have 2-4 palipitations a week. F 38 6 months
 4  wpw syndrome (tachycardia) small decrease in energy (it helped my insomnia though), infrequent mild chest pains I used to get migraines all the time and was expecting them to start up again when i started this drug but they didn't. I've noticed some decrease in my tachycardia episodes and have noticed no other major side effects that would discourage me from taking the drug. REMEMBER THAT THIS SITE IS BIASED! READING REVIEWS HERE SHOULD NOT DISCOURAGE YOU FROM TAKING A DRUG, JUST PREPARE YOU FOR THE POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS! F 18 1 months
 4  tachycardia I've been on tambocor for about six years. Experienced no real side effects for ages but now I am experiencing dizziness, headaches, a tight feeling around my head and feeling of pressure, plus I developed tinnitus in my ears about 3 years ago which I'm sure is a side effect, even though my doctor says not. My alternative is to have ablation on the extra electrical pathway in my heart, but havn't plucked up courage to have this yet, but I really don't want to be on this drug for the rest of my life, even though it has been great in stopping my attacks, I really feel prolonged use does cause side-effects. I wonder if anyone else has experienced ringing in the ears or any of my other symptoms? F 52 6 days
 3  Afib I did not notice any side effects when I was on 50mg twice a day, but I am now taking 100mg twice daily and I experience a slight agitation/quiver in my body! I was taking the 50mg twice daily and I was able to continue with my normal routine i.e. cycling, hiking & gym training. However, after about six months they lost their efficacy. For the past month I have been taking 100mg twice daily and I am beginning to get frequent short bursts of Afib whereby I experience a sensation in the centre of my chest, a rapid pulse rate and a feeling that I am going to pass out, but it only lasts for a few seconds. I can experience as many as 30 - 40 of these events per day. M 56 8 months
 3  ventricular fibulations dizzy, fatique, stomache ache. Concern with long time useage effects. M 68 3 months
 5  Non-sustained Ventricular Tach none Great Drug. Keeps my arrythmias in check and keeps me from passing out! F 26 6 months
 5  PAF, PAC, PVC Rarely I feel an intense muscular pain in my chest. Very intense but short lived. It has worked very well to control my rythymn problems. However, I have to take 200 mg twice a day to get the full effect. At a lower dose I have breakthrough PVCs,etc. I am heavy 350 lbs so that might account for the need for a larger dose. But it works great and I was on Corgard, Quinnidine, and finally Sotalol in the past. The Sotalol was the pits. M 57 3 years
 3  A-Fib I was in A-Fib and started taking Tambocor. It put me back in rhythm but am experiencing: hot flashes; sweating, burning to the bottom of my feet; pins and needles sensations to the face and arms; tiredness; and lethargy. I do not feel alert but foggy and out of sorts. It does keep me in rhythm but dislike all the side effects. I am going to ask my doctor to try something else. I used to be on Amioderone but ceased due to similar side effects. M 57 3 weeks
 2  pvc's and vtach Intense headaches every time I took a pill, and I never get headaches. Seems like it reduced the sensation of the palpitations but I still felt lightheaded and faint. F 44 21 days
 5  Lone AF Makes me a little tired, but manageable. Nothing else. It really works well to control Afib. I was reluctant to go on this drug, but--bottom line--it really works. M 50 2 years
 5  Arrythmia None I have been taking this for about 10 years now. I have tried several others and the side effects for all the others was very nasty. I have no known side effects and could function without it. Its been a life saver for me. M 40 10 years