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 5  Sjrogrens Laciserts have been a life saver for me, I cant see without them, I have severe dry eyes from sjrogrens. I been using them for 5 years now. I hope I can get them again. I'm saying my prayers F 53 5 years
10 mg 1X D
 5  sjorgrens. extreme dry eyes Best dry eye product ever. They take the pain and redness of dry eyes away. I cannot live without Lacriserts . F 56 36 years
1X D
 5  Extreme dry eyes I cannot live without Lacriserts! I have Sjogrens Syndrome. I use them 2x day because after about 8 hours..they tend to get blurry. I also found that cleaning eyelids helps for dry eyes. I do not know what I will do if B&L gets these available again. F 76 20 years
5mg 2xday 2X D
 5  Meibomiam Gland Dysfunction Extreme It is best to remove them before bedtime, otherwise, they can migrate and are difficult to remove in the morning. I have found that I can get by cutting mine in half or even quarters when necessary (like during shortages). Using Lacrisert daily allows me to forget that I have extremely dry eyes due to a complete lack of functioning oil glands. I have tried plugs, drops, oils, Lipiflow, hot compresses, and nothing has worked. A daily regimen of cleaning my lids with Ocusoft pads, inserting 1/2 a Lacrisert in each eye and removing them before bedtime has been a saving grace. I do not use drops during the day, and I spend a lot of time on the computer. I wish more docs prescribed Lacrisert on a regular basis! F 41 7 years
 5  Extremely dry eyes None Best product yet for my dry eyes -nothing works as well as Lacriserts for my very dry eyes. I have been using since she 25! Apparently there is a shortage. Praying that Bausch & Lomb will start making again! F 64 0 days
 5  Severe dry eyes Need to remove at night or they become gummy and take time to dissolve I have tried so many eye drop, treatment including having my tear ducts closed and nothing comes close to the relieve that Lacriserts provide to me. I am in a panic right now because apparently they are on some sort of back order and I am unsure if I will be able to get any after this RX runs out. Lacriserts allow my eyes not feel gritty and painful all the time.My dry eye condition also makes me very prone to getting eye infection but when using my lacricerts it helps prevent these infections. It has been a game changer for me since I was 17 and I hope this shortage end ASAP!! F 54 37 years
 5  Sicca syndrome I love the product, it helps even the cornea and dryness. I learned to change it before going to bed and in that way stays in the same place all night without discomfort. It takes the painful needles feelings away and my eyes feel normal. F 64 35 years
 5  Severe Dry Eye You need to take the remnants out at night. They will move over your iris in your sleep which causes discomfort. I have driven out of state to get it when there are shortages. I am miserable without it. F 61 7 years
5 1X D
 1  dry eye Lacrisert felt hard and sharp in my eye. It scratched my cornea when I tried to keep it from following out so I had to stop using it for a coupe of weeks. Lacrisert is the WORST product to put in any human eye! The eye is soft, moist and pliable which this product is NOT! The FDA is NOT doing it's job when it approved this LOUSY product. They are probable being paid "under the table" to approve this drug! The L is for LOUSY which this product is! Lacrisert is NOT worth the expense or damage to your eye, folks! Do NOT buy it! F 66 30 days
5 mg 2X D
 4  Severe dry eyes-Sjogren's Syndrome As the day wears on and the Lacriserts dissolve, they can start to run a bit and blur the vision to some degree. It looks a bit like being underwater with your eyes open but this eye lubrication is like nothing else on the market today. Lacriserts has virtually eliminated my need for lubricating eye drops and has dropped my eye pain level drastically. I shudder to remember my condition before Lacriserts. It was painful and made every day a challenge. This is an absolutely eye-saving product! I would recommend them to anyone with Sjogren's. F 57 3 years
1X D
 5  severe dry eye this is the first product to provide day long comfort for a 10 yr long condition - so glad I asked to try it F 70 2 months
30mg 2X D
 5  DES, Sjofren's Syndrome very slightly blurred vision the first few times, remedied by inserting at night. Awesome, has changed my life! Way better than Restasis! F 42 2 months
5 mg 2X D
 5  dry eyes slight watering of eyes if windy outside great for my dry eye syndrome and the desert heat I live in. expensive, but worth it. M 38 6 months
1X D
 4  dry eye little burred vision F 52 5 days
 5   lacrisert insertos excelentes han subido nucho el precio y en ECUADOR NO DISTRIBUYEN M 50 20 days

LACRISERT  (HYDROXYPROPYL CELLULOSE):  This medication is an insert that is placed in your eye to treat dry eyes. It is usually used when an artificial tears solution is not successful. This medication may also be used to treat certain other eye disorders (keratitis, decreased corneal sensitivity). It works by keeping the eye moist, helping to protect the eye from injury and infection and to decrease symptoms of dry eyes such as burning, itching, and feeling as if something is in the eye.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)