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 1  bipolar Sleep all day long no energy. Hands trembling and balance issues. Weight Gain. Many falls since on this medication. Do not recommend. F 66 6 months
750mg 1X D
 4  Bipolar God send! This medicine makes life so much easier! I'm Better more vibrant of a person to be around! Not anxious, depressed or manic. Slight Weight gain. 29 91 days
1X D
 4  Bi-Polar 11 I gained 35 lbs in six months. Every month I asked psychiatrist to take me off. I understand he was stabilizing me. But I've never lost 35 lbs. it's been 15 years. I didn't have any side effects beside rapid weight gain F 55 6 months
30 1X D
 2  Mania Depa-nope or depa-doped Will control and calm you down if and, or needed. loss my ability to function normally felt like my brain was frozen.. and I couldn't process information I was reading . Take if needed, or switch to something more tolerable. Hair loss, tired, calmed, less anxious 33 100 days
1500 1X D
 2  seizures Gait problems, cannot sleep, and speech problems. I had to change from lamicil because of problems and this the third medicine I am trying and I want to try something new. The lamictil did wonders at one time. F 79 14 days
500 2X D
 5  Bipolat I finally feel like I can relax, like the hyper stress I am always under is gone, like I can just hear the silence instead of loud racing thoughts in my head. After all these years, I feel like myself again. Not a ping pong ball going from one crazy extreme to another. It does make me sleepy, but happy sleepy. Not stressed or fatigued sleepy which is what I felt during every low episode. For the first time, I can sit down and focus without fighting a battle to feel focused, I can go out without feeling paranoid like all eyes are on me, I can talk to my husband without feeling like he is out to attack me. This treatment is amazing and it is working for me. I honestly just want to praise God! for the first time ever that I can remember, I can sleep without having nightmares. Rest. I can finally rest. F 32 2 days
1000 mg 1X D
 1  Bipolar mania with trazodone Awful hair loss feel like I have the flu all the time stomach aches and muscle fatigue I hate drugs I'm not even sure I am bipolar F 53 3 months
1000 mg 1X D
 4  Stabilize Mood Swings Works amazing for my mood but I cant sleep and I'm always hungry!! F 26 8 days
750mg a da 2X D
 1  Bipolar Disorder I'm feeling like sh*t. HORRIBLE abdominal pain in my right psoas muscles. I see a massage therapist and a chiropractor, but they have no idea how to help me at all. I don't really know what's happening with my body? I don't trust the doctors. I'm going to see a new physician this morning. If she doesn't respond to my side effect complaints, I'll be looking for a patients' rights attorney in the afternoon! The side effects didn't hit me as hard when I was younger as they're hitting me now. M 54 36 years
1,250 mg.
 2  Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy Had ONE seizure as a teenager because I stupidly took ecstacy one. Whole team of doctors convinced I have epilepsy. Prescribed me this poison of a medication. I gained weight, skin is horrible, I'm moody, it ruins your insides. Birth defects, the wordka. PLEASE read up on ALL the side effects before you take this. Drowsiness really got me. I could sleep for ten hours every night easily. I've finally weened myself off this crap without the doctors help as they think it's a bad idea to go off it. I won't be poisoned anymore sorry Horrendous F 27 10 years
500mg 2X D
 1  Incorrectly diagnosed with bipolar Hair loss, 15 kilos weight gain, daily migraines, idiopathic hydrocephalus, tremors, balance issues, memory loss Doctors don't know enough about serious side effects of valproate. Refusal of psychiatrist to acknowledge serious side effects. Subsequently got third professional opinion - severe post traumatic stress disorder. Ended up having to have neurosurgery to insert a shunt to treat hydrocephalus which I believe was either caused or exacerbated by the administration of Valproate. Weaned off Valproate. Extremely dangerous drug if prescribed incorrectly & by incompetent specialist. Prescribed this medication for incorrect diagnosis of bipolar for a patient that has Spina bifida oculta. Taking folic acid does not counteract the side effects of this medication. Have been told by medical professionals that the specialist that prescribed Valproate for me was negligent. Extremely concerned that younger women are not adequately warned of potential & serious birth defects. Please note that Valproate is now banned in some European countries. How much does the pharmaceutical company pay doctors to prescribe this poison? Valproate nearly killed me. Be very careful & get more than 1 independent opinion before taking this poison. F 57 100 days
1000 1X D
 1  Treatment for a mental health dx Sedated, sleeping most of the time I was sedated on this medication for weeks while on a trip to rehab. The psychiatrist said it is my body adjusting to it and it takes a few weeks to be fully effective. Unable to wake up like I was in a black out deep sleep for 8+ hours every day. Confused, sleep a lot. When I told my primary dr about this, he told me he never heard of this medication, and I was taken off it. F 30 0 days
1X D
 2  Anxiety, moods Very very sleepy, seem like I could never get fully awake. Headaches, heartburn! I took the gen test and this was one that was a go! Due being so sleepy was only on for 5 days I had to discontinue this meds on day two of stopping meds no withdrawal thank God, still over sleepy today. F 31 6 days
 1  Schizophrenia,anxiety,bad thoughts It made me throw up and gave me diarrhea. It gave me moodswings and thoughts of suicide made my chest tight and I also had a mini stroke from taking it After the moodswings and all went away I started getting burning in my brain after taking it it gets really sore too. I have damaged nerves as well I can't take sleeping pills at all depakote messed up parts of my brain and the sleeping meds won't work. F 23 22 days
 1  Bipolar mood swings and anxiety Hair loss, slowly over months and ended with hardly any of my hair left. Constant stomach pain. Nausea. Migraines. Lethargy, weakness, bone pain. Jaw clenching and neck pain. Permanent tinnitus and some hearing loss. Severe withdrawal syndrome. Brain damage. Depakote is the devil in disguise. Don't take it. When I started it I felt good, but over months I developed more and more side effects. I tried to come of it many times but couldn't due to horrendous withdrawal symptoms. It took me years of gradually reducing it and I'm off it now for nearly a year. I feel permanently damaged by this toxic drug, however I feel so much better off it. It has done permanent damage to my hearing. It also gave me a diagnosis of arthritis which my doctor says has improved so much that he could undiagnose my arthritis. Depakote destroyed my physical health. F 40 10 years
 1  Schizoaffective disorder Inability to concentrate even for a minute, dizziness, lack of motivation, tiredness throughout the whole day, depression, migraines, stomach aches, hand tremors, weird dreams, mood swings, anger issues, body temperature issues, social withdrawral, comprehension issues. Thank God for talk therapy, this drug kills. Was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder after a flip out because of weed cookies i think and just a whole lot of stress and smoking weed for the first time. Ever since taking this drug ive lost my promotion at work lost all motivation, lost the ability to handle losts M 25 9 months
 1  Bipolar Weight gain Insomnia Skin fell of hands and feet Stomach pains Void of thoughts M 28 0 days
 1  bipolar 1 hypomania 30 lb weight gain, extreme hand shaking & finger tremors. Caused social anxiety. Two-thirds of thick long hair fell out, & was developing drug-induced parkinsonism. The tardive dyskinesia was far worse than from taking Seroquel. Shrink finally started to reduce dose to 750 mg then 500 mg, after I said the drug isn't even FDA or Health Canada approved for bipolar "maintenance." There are no controlled studies to prove that this drug can actually prevent more manic episodes. It is approved for acute mania & it did get the hypomania under control quickly. Now my shrink wants me to stay on the 500 mg/day, saying that it'll help prevent manic episodes. I was also taking 200 mg/day Seroquel, & my shrink says that most likely caused the 30 lb weight increase, so she is switching it to Latuda. I know it was the Depakote causing the rapid weight gain, because I had been on just Seroquel for years. It also caused weight gain at first, but my weight was steady F 66 11 months
1000 mg 1X D
 4  Bi-polar After taking this drug for Years my teeth are falling out one every other week; so I am having them all Removed 2-07-18 I Had Taken Litium& It Made Me Very Sick So My Doctor Put Me On Depokote!! It Has Helped Me Tremendouly!! I Thank God For The Drug Except It Rotted All My Teeth & Now I'm Having Too Have Dentures Put In Starting February 7,2018 F 68 100 days
1500 mg
 1  For bi polar disorder Nausea loss of appetite acid reflux Sleepiness blurred vision loss of balance Runny nose constantly cold F 46 4 days
1000 mils

DEPAKOTE  (DIVALPROEX SODIUM):  This medication is used to treat seizure disorders, certain psychiatric conditions (manic phase of bipolar disorder), and to prevent migraine headaches. It works by restoring the balance of certain natural substances (neurotransmitters) in the brain.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)