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 Type: Over-the-counter Drug

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 1  sore throat INTENSE abdominal pain, I couldn't sleep at all, and had problems urinated. I had mild hallucinations and couldn't focus my eyes. My entire body had tremors. I was anxious and high strung and excited (and all the other side effects) for almost two days afterwards. I'm not allergic to any medication but this made my throat swell up and i had difficulty breathing. This isn't even everything. Apparently you aren't supposed to take this if you have breathing problems but it doesn't say it anywhere unless you search the ingredients. (I'm asthmatic and didn't know this.) Either fix your product or add adequate warnings to it. F 19 1 days
1X D
 5  dry cough dry mouth I took 60mg at night to help with unproductive cough and sore throat. it worked like a charm. Not sure why all the negative reviews. F 43 2 weeks
60 mg 1X D
 2  Cough Insomnia was the main side effect. Didn't really help the coughing. F 54 4 days
 1  Dry Cough Did absolutely NOTHING for my cough! Waste of money! M 68 2 days
30 MG 2X D
 3  Cough related to acute bronchitis No side effects. I'm disappointed that the product contains high fructose corn syrup. There needs to be a sugar free version. Although Delsym is an excellent product, I'll first search out comparable cough medicine that doesn't contain that dreadful, unhealthy sugar. F 46 3 days
 1  Cough, congestion My blood pressure and tachycardia went so high my doctor almost hospitalized me. The symptoms were terrifying, much like COPD especially when flying cross country. Sleep was impossible because the drug would not wear off for two days. I am fine now but the is a dangerous over the counter drug that is not the good old safe tussin. Please, FDA, Take this dangerous drug off the market or better yet tell me which law firm is taking these cases. M 63 5 days
capful 2X D
 1  I had cough it don't work M 26 5 times
 1  haven't taken it Your commercial is okay until the mother smiling hands to her child the medicine in a box. What kind of mother gives her child medicine in a box. That is called negligence. Please have the part of the commercial removed or have the lady to portray a good mother by giving her child medicine on a spoon. F 64 1 days
 4  cough that had gone on for 2 weeks none; son liked the grape flavor, helped him sleep without coughing.Doctor recommended it. M 6 2 days
 4  cough, possibly Whooping Cough Positive effect: Unexpected relief from neuropathic pain! Undesirable effect: Histamine-type skin itching reaction all over and migrating, which was helped by taking an oral antihistamine (Tagamet off label use - Benadryl leaves me too hung over the next day). I worry about side effects I've read about on Erowid (great site also) of depression and cognitive issues, and building tolerance. Luckily it's working for me at low doses and I won't go beyond that if it stops being effective as I'm not interested in recreational doses. Dextromethorphan in various cough syrups was the only thing that seemed to help my 8 week cough after a cold, which might have been Whooping Cough. Nebulizers and an albuterol inhaler made it worse. DXM also helped a great deal with peripheral neuropathy and neuropathic pain that I suffer from long-term chronic infection, which was a surprise. Apparently DXM, like Guaifenesen, can act as an analgesic for some. I have slept better on it than in years. On Delsym I'm able to take only 5mg, or half of an adult dose and get relief from the cough, pain, and insomnia for the whole night and it tastes like candy. So far I feel better the next day as well, and not hung over like with other pain or sleep meds. Maybe it will be a new tool in achieving a better quality of life by alleviating certain types of pain and insomnia. Hopefully side effects and building tolerance won't interfere. F 39 4 days
 2  bronchial cough Light-headedness and insomnia. For me, it wasn't worth the price. Moderately effective, but wouldn't let me sleep and caused light-headedness. F 60 14 days