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 1  Surgery My father was given versed for a stent surgery. He woke up during the surgery and began screaming and hitting the Dr. After the surgery, he lost his mind. He became a dementia patient in less than an hour. My father went from an active, intelligent man to being bedridden and totally out of his mind. Full blown dementia was caused by this horrible drug. Just days before receiving this poison, he represented himself and won an IRS audit. Afterwards, he couldn't read, write, and became violent. He died 7 months later. M 85
1X D
 1  Given Versed for WPW surgery Woke up during WPW heart surgery, pulling at the wires attached to my heart. All I remember is the Dr's terrified face and his words of "STOP, YOU'RE GOING TO KILL YOURSELF". I had an adverse reaction to Versed so it wired me instead of relaxed me. M 47 1 times
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 2  Axillary node dissection surgery Made me have racing thoughts while in operating room prior to having surgery. Following surgery I experienced anxiety and hyperactivity at home I am fearful of having another surgery or procedure because I am worried the medical personnel will insist I must have versed. F 70 1 days
3 mg 2X D
 1  As part of general anesthesia After being given 1mg of Versed I experienced ADD characteristics and racing thoughts in the operating room prior to intubation, then I experienced ADHD characteristics at night after being given 2mg more prior to extubation. I was racing around the house cleaning and doing laundry 12 hours after major surgery. I realize now that some other strange reactions I've had with colonoscopies and cataract surgeries might be due to negative reactions to versed. But none of the reactions I've had are life threatening, just weird and bothersome. F 70 0 days
2mg/2mg 2X D
 1  Given to treat a kidney stone I said I wanted no preoperative sedation. They put this in my iv anyway. When I found out afterwards that I had this drug that left me conscious and communicative but so that I had no memory of it, I freaked out. Have been terrified of versed ever since and make a point of telling medical folks that I refuse it before ANY procedure for anything. F 55 1 days
1X D
 1  Multiple surgeries Violence and vomiting, always tell them NO and they give it to you anyway, it should be illegal. First time I had versed I was 12 and having a tooth pulled I remember the whole thing. He said "oops" and drilled through my jaw, I still have a hole. The second time I had Versed I had my wisdom teeth out, I spent 5 hours dry heaving. The third time I had versed, I told them this and they gave me phenergan and Benadryl. I fought with the nurses, puked in the car and then tried to jump out of the car on The highway on the way home, then spent 4 hours dry heaving. The fourth time I had her said I told them NO! I was having a Bier Block, dude gave it to me anyway, I kicked the surgical tools on the floor, puked on his shoes and called him an asshole. Fought my husband all night. and now I have to tell every anesthesiologist the whole story to get them to take me seriously. Do not give me versed, violence and vomiting, think the exorcist. Someone's getting a black eye I'm ripping out my IV someone's chasing me down the hallway and I'm getting a straight jacket. F 36 0 days
1 4X D
 1  Dental procedure Used during a dental procedure for repair of a cracked tooth. I have an undiagnosed issue (at the time - now suspected to be use of epinephrine) with fight / flight after 'novocain' use. I remembered a part where they inserted the needle for 'novocain' after a blackout period before. Then nothing more. The next day was the worst, as I had periods of uncontrollable crying and fear that I could not function as the bread winner in the family and would be unable to support them any more Suicidal thoughts ensued. It was 24 hours before I 'came down' and was able to function properly. Total procedure time as less than 60 minutes. Premedication consisted of Halcyon table 1 hour before (only cause aggrevation), and Nitrous Oxide immediately before procedure (with no awareness if it was effective in any way). I can not cope with this kind of response and it will forever be listed as an allergy. (Epinephrine goes on the list for emergency use only as well). I do have a diagnosed BiPolar condition that may contribute. M 50 0 days
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 2  bone marrow biopsy & aspiration still had pain. Extreme pain, visual change (saw all white) amnesia ( told I was seeing in colors) nausea, very poor motor coordination, diarrhea, abdominal pain. With stomach, not sure if med. lethargic. I take Topamax. It says adverse reaction if given with seizure medication. I take meds high in serotonin, which may have cause serotonin syndrome reaction. The doctors need to read the chart. F 50 1 days
uk 1X D
 5  MRI Extremely claustrophobic and can't do an open MRI due to heart monitor implant, so I had to do the MRI that looks like a doughnut hole opening where it looks like being in a tunnel. Was given Versed IV to calm me. It worked. I was awake (conscious sedation) and the 35 minute MRI felt like 10 minutes. Nurse was there beside me whole time monitoring heart and blood pressure levels. No side effects. Was sleepy at home for a couple of hours as they said I would be. I'd never have made it thru without the Versed. F 63 0 days
 5  chronic migraine treatment slight lack of coordination for 30 minutes, slightly sedated for several hours The medicine snips 10 minutes out of your memory. It is as if the scene changes in a millisecond without you even closing your eyes. A very unusual effect! A few times it didn't work. But, it has worked every time that fentanyl was added. M 75 6 months
2 MG 1X D
 1  I was having anxiety about a cancer I have PTSD because of this drug, memory loss, irrational behavior, violence, paranoia, extreme trust issues, and now Iím in therapy for it all! I had to have a procedure but I was nervous so they said they had something to take the Ďedgeí off.....and it was three days before I knew my own name!!!! I had my husband with me, but because I could talk and carry on, he thought that everything was fine..... NEVER AGAIN! OMG I was so scared, angry, felt betrayed, insecure!!! I drove around for days, donít know where I went, who I saw, NOTHING!!!! F 56 0 days
3 mg
 1  Hysteroscopy with D&C This drug caused me to black out, it was giving to me when I asked to reschedule and I was told it was to relax me and easy my anxiety. I woke up with flashes in my head of my procedure, swollen lips, blood shot eyes. I must have been screaming and during my procedure to bust blood vessels in my eyes. I have terrible feelings of dreed and desperately continue to try to put the pieces together. Versed is not standard procedure, it was hand written in on my list of medications on my discharge sheet. It was given for the staffs convenience so I would shut up. I am sickened by the thought that I was most likely awake the entire time and just donít remember, meaning I felt all the pain and was traumatized. 5 days later I am still have terrible headaches and have trouble with motor skills and definitely have cognitive impairment. On Wednesday I went to our out patient surgical center for a hysteroscopy with polypectomy and truclear cutterage. I was scheduled to arrive at 10:15 and should have been home by 1pm. I requested during scheduling to be first in, first out due to fasting, hypoglycemia and couldnít take my anxiety meds or Vyvanse for ADHD. When I arrived early at 10am I completed the paperwork and was told the doctor was ahead of schedule and they would be out to get me shortly. At 11am they finally call me back. Weight, vitals, and IV. I told the nurse they need to get this show on the road and that I requested to be first and why. She told me that unfortunately I was the last patient for the day and it would be a little bit of a wait. I was also having severe back pain and seeing the chiropractor regularly, I told her the bed was miserable and I couldnít lay down or sit up without pain. At 1pm I pressed the call the button and asked to reschedule. I was at the end of my rope and was supposed to be outta there by then. They said they would give me something to relax me and the doctor would be right in. The events that followed are extremely disturbing. I woke up with the right side of my face swollen, lips puffy and bloodshot eyes tender to the touch. I filed a complaint this morning. I am bothered by the lack of explanation regarding the side effects of this drug. I tried to go to work on Friday and had to leave early because I couldnít do my job, I was struggling to make F 37 1 days
 1  Sedative before general anesthesia Refusal of versed because of negatives with family members. CRNA gave me a mg anyway. Told him I refused it and he said the MDA hadn't told him then yelled at me blaming MDA and others....trauma was extreme and I froze up, totally terrified. Thought he was going to kill me to cover it up. MDA tried to cover it up later in record. No lawyers will touch this as no physical injury but PTSD for 6 months. Memory very "loose" and cognitive ability off a bit too. Not depressed but lots of flashbacks, crying (so unlike me!) And had thiughts, night terrors and constantly reminded if the event. Hospital did full audit but "cant tell me anything" as it might violate rights of clinicians.....but nothing for me. they closed my complaint and legal dept shut the door on any answers for me. Just not right and so not fair! No need per MDA ever for thus drug but given all the time to maintain a pliable and agreeable patient. Now have it listed as an allergy and that I refuse it, but may work against me if I ever need conscious sedation. Time will tell. Wish the drug could be banned. Does way more harm than good. M 60 1 times
1 mg
 3  Back procedures I am very resistant. My new doc knows and gives me a cocktail. I no longer remember the procedures. However, itís either from remembering the times I didnít have enough or actual pain during, I now get terrible panic attacks before. The panic attacks are starting earlier and earlier. This time itís been two days and I go in in an hour. :( 52 1 days
 1  C section Was given versed for a c section and it was terrible. I "came to" in the recovery room and immediately asked my mom if I had my baby. When she told me I had, I started crying because I didn't remember having him. That's one of the few things I actually remember while in the hospital. The crazy thing is once family members had the photos developed, I saw pictures of myself wide awake seeing my 1st born son for the very first time and I have absolutely no recollection of it. I forgot almost everything during the 5 days I spent in the hospital and forgot alot of my first week or so at home. Its been 18 years and I still have memory issues. I had been told by my doctors prior to his birth that I should have a fantastic easy birth because my baby was so healthy, I was so healthy, and because I walked so much. I believe the only reason I had a c section was because it was late on a Friday night, I was on Medicaid, and my doctors were clinic doctors. I believe they gave me versed as a convenience to them. F 21 1 days
 2  Colonoscopy Foggy headed the day of the procedure; Amnesia I thought I was dreaming when I saw a big tunnel on the TV monitor in front of me. A massive cramp a moment later as the camera in my colon was moved told me I was not. I was given this drug in combination with fentanyl for my colonoscopy and promised that I wouldn't feel or remember anything. Unfortunately, my memory of waking up came back in a flashback well after the procedure (I already suffer from medically triggered cPTSD from inattentive medical "professionals" in early childhood). I gave it two stars since at least I wasn't panicking when I woke up during the procedure. I definitely DO NOT recommend this drug you have any reason to think mere "twilight sleep" will not suffice for your procedure. F 24 0 days
 5  Colonoscopy Mild light headed for a couple of hours. No others symptoms noted. Given versed and fentanyl for colonoscopy. Pain control was acceptable and no recognition of procedure. I have had this combination many times with not adverse effects. Also, working in Oral Surgery, I have seen this used many times wtihout any adverse effects for the patients. M 62 1 days
1X D
 1  Hip replacement surgery STROKE! Loss of language, written & oral, Amnesia, retro & ante permanent, amnesia bouts for 7 full years lasting up to 3 weeks each, cold, Alzheimers like condition permanent, can't form new memories, can't remember how to do things...for 10 years now! Rage disorder, complete personality change {NOT for the better!}, brain damage, surgeon {Dr. Ryan} told me when confronted that it isn't REAL Alz since he caused it chemically with Midazolam! THEY KNOW THEY ARE CAUSING BRAIN DAMAGE & DON'T CARE. Nox atty's in Oregon will sue GS since they told me over & over they are all on retainer to GS & their doctors. ALL DR'S SHOULD BE REQUIRED BY LAW TO READ ALL SIDE EFFECTS OF DRUGS TO PATIENTS. DR'S SHOULD BE SUED, NOT JUST BIG PHARMA...BIG PHARMA DIDN'T GIVE IT TO ME! They weren't supposed to use it on my age group! {according to manufacturers} Lied about the drug they would use was told it would be liquid valium by Good Samaritan Corvallis, Oregon. {they also call it LALA JUICE----THIS IS >NOT< INFORMED CONSENT, I will never have another surgery since they >DO< USE IT EVEN IF YOU HAVE ALLERGY ON ALL YOUR PAPERS! Regional Hosp of Palm Springs just used it on bf for stent placement even tho he verbally told them he is allergic---dr said he decided that someone just gave him too much in the past!! WHO THE HELL ARE THESE PEEP TO DISREGARD A PATIENTS INFORMATION ABOUT ALLERGIES? AM CONTACTING AN ATTORNEY F 66 1 days
3 mg IV 1X D
 1  Dental procedure I had horrible hallucinations, and thought I was going to die!! They stopped the procedure because I freaked out!!I remember everything!! F 59 1 days
 1  Endoscopy Paradoxical reaction. I got violent Wipes out your memory. Causes PTSD M 62 1 days
50 mg