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 5  To stop smoking Bad stomach pain, felt tired, bad headache that advil wouldn't touch, on the fourth day was going to stop taking it, but that day headache started to lift, didn't completely stop, but over the week each day got better until no more headche, lack of appetite After side effects were gone I felt normal for the first time in my life. I had no craving to smoke, I felt full for the first time in my life no cravings for sugar, carbs, no junk food what so ever. Before I stayed hungry all the time. Would wake up at 5 am feeling rested. Before never felt rested. Started cleaning my house and a junk room little by little. Before had to talk myself into cleaning and would put it off over and over. Went shopping for the first time that I didn't just have to. Just felt normal. It gets better and better each day. Very focused for the first time with a feeling of felling of it's going to be OK. I wish I would of found this med. a long time ago, but I'm grateful that I have found it! It does make me want to live a healthier life. F 55 1 months
150mg 2X D
 5  Panic Disorder and Anxiety I had nausea and drowsiness for the first 2 weeks and then again when my cycle would start. I got a Genesight test done to verify what I was taking was appropriate for my genes. I've tried 9 SSRIs which made things worse so my Dr. suggested trying Wellbutrin since it's different. It's been a God send! I'm focused and I'm calm. It's been 10 months and I can do things I used to not do and I have more confidence. F 34 10 months
75mg 1X D
 1  Depression Irritable first few days. I may as well taken a placebo. Did nothing. When I stopped, from 300mg to zero in one day, no problem whatever. Miracle drug my ass M 57 8 months
300mg 1X D
 3  Depression Hyper focus, nausea, nighttime muscle and joint aches, feeling like ants are on my skin for no reason Cut down to smallest dose possible. 75mg cut in half to 25mg twice a day. Made me productive and positive but pain and skin crawling continued. But less suicidal F 34 4 months
 5  Adult ADHD Weight loss, appetite suppression, minor insomnia, dry mouth (faded after 2 weeks of use). This medication improved my energy levels and leveled out my mood, which is what I wanted it for. Because I was dealing with binge eating disorder, the appetite suppression was actually welcome for me, as it allowed me to reestablish my relationship with food. I don't think I would have lost weight (20lbs) if that hadn't been the case, so don't let that stop you. Insomnia on this low dosage is very minor for me, so much so that I wouldn't even call it insomnia. I used to be an amazing, dead to the world sleeper, and now I can't sleep in quite as long and I sleep lighter. Overall, I recommend trying this medication! My gp eased me into it—75mg/day, then 75mg twice/day, then 150 mg once/day. I tried 300 mg and the insomnia was too bad for me to continue. F 23 8 months
150mg XL 1X D
 1  stress anxiety caused me permanent sexual dysfunction and anhedonia after just 14 days of use. Body numb, no reward, no emotion. Destroyed my life, disabled in bed 4,5 years now. not safe for permanent sexual dysfunction and anhedonia even if falsely marketed so. I have seen tens of cases of really bad damage over the years I have been disabled myself M 47 14 days
300 1X D
 1  I dont know Irritability insomnia M 24 22 days
100 1X D
 2  Bipolar depression and Adult ADHD Was taking this medication for depression and ADHD, but it just made me very anxious. It did not help with anxiety or ADHD. F 27 2 years
150 1X D
 1  Anxiety depression I had worse anxiety, insomnia. Bad thoughts, nausea,extreme weight loss. Ringing in ears, racing heart, dry mouth ,headache , having to pee constantly, constipation, hand would constantly shake. I personally will never take this again. And would advise people to be careful with it the side effects are awe full and scary. F 43 3 weeks
200mg 2X D
 1  Bipolar 2 severe anxiety and depres Smoking slowed down, loss of appetite but no weight loss. It worked well, for a while... Then I hit a deep depression in September. My doctor and I talked about it and we decided to try going up on the dosage, from 150mg once a day to twice a day. I had a nervous breakdown and wanted to commit suicide in less than a week and ended up in the psych hospital. I was weaned off of it and put on geodon. I'm responding extremely well to geodon and feel great. Wellbutrin almost killed me. F 44 1 years
150mg 2X D
 3  Depression I am getting heart palpitations and racing heartbeat. My appetite is less and was sick to my stomach today. I have seen a positive change in my attitude and energy levels. I was able to close more deals at work due to my positive attitude and felt more social. The downside so far has been the heart palpitations. I have terrible anxiety and I get panic attacks when I think I am in danger medically and with these heart palpitations I think I am having a heart attack. Very hard to relax and not getting good sleep. Hoping to be able to stick this out. F 28 5 days
150 1X D
 1  Major Depressive Disorder Increase in depression, anxiety, loss of appetite, lack of energy, insomnia, increase in suicidal thoughts and actions, irritability, mood swings I had switched from fluoxetine to wellbutrin due to my body becoming used to the medication. But within the first 2 weeks my depression spiked and I had thoughts of suicide at least once a day, and sadly acted on them for about a week straight. Normally I would eat at least 2 meals a day, with the occasional snack, but this pill made my stomach practically regect any form of solid food. I had to drink ensure just to keep my nutrients up. My low energy was so bad that I had to sit down while at work just so I wouldn't black out. If you have any mild form of autism I would strongly suggest not to take this pill. If I had known my side effects from going off the pill would be better than while on, I would've stopped taking it after my second week. My depression and irritability became so bad that even my coworkers noticed. It's now been a few days since I stopped and, wether it is in my mind or not, I've felt increasingly better! I haven't had any low drops in my depression and I haven't wanted to act on any thoughts, let alone have them! I will 100% be letting my doctor know that this one is a strong no. Hopefully this helps others when they are thinking of switching their medication to this. F 22 45 days
150MG 1X D
 4  Depression Weight loss, nausea, constant buzzing and ringing in ears, confusion, fast heartbeat and lightheaded. Even with all the side effects, I'm glad I'm taking Wellbutrin XL as it is helping my mood and I'm happier and not worried all the time. F 41 1 years
450 MG 1X D
 1  Anxiety Trouble falling asleep. Waking up gasping as I'm just starting to fall asleep is scaring me. I'm not going to take it anymore. F 30 14 days
70mg 1X D
 4  Depression I experienced insomnia, constipation, feeling like something is in my throat which makes me cough, some anxiety crying spells I'm not sure if it's working, it's only been 3 weeks F 35 26 days
75mg 1X D
 3  Depression Sinking feeling from my chest to stomach when standing. Extremely tired. And no appetite M 31 3 weeks
1X D
 1  BPD I space out, heart races. ( I already have heart problems) F 25 100 days
300 1X D
 1  To help with depression If you ever switch from Paxil to Wellbutrin get ready for some serious withdrawals. Paxil fixed my depression but made me a zombie. Wellbutrin has not helped with my depression. If anything, more depression and emotional turmoil. There have been a few panic attacks and anxiety has definitely increased. Severe mood swings. The only positives are losing twenty pounds and my sex drive is off the chain. F 41 6 months
150 mg 2X D
 3  Depression Dry mouth. Very bad Insomnia. Vivid memorable dreams. Improved memory. Wired energy at night, with bouts of fatigue during the day. Is taking the edge off the depression, but too early to tell how effective it is. Will give it time, but there sure are a lot of negative reviews out there... M 64 12 days
150 MG 1X D
 1  Anxiety depression I have never been suicidal in my life until I took this drug I don't recommend it at all I was hospitalized and everything because of the thoughts F 37 2 months