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 5  Asthma Had asthma since age 5, ventolin inhaler has always helped reduce wheezing and open airways, saved me from mild to severe asthma attacks several times.. I've noted that I don't need to use ventolin if I use the preventer medication seritide regular and on a daily basis.. makes me wonder what 35 years of daily ventolin has done to my body?? No serious health conditions, fit and healthy.. definitely think i'v relied on ventolin puffer way to much since I was very young and it became a psychological habit to jus puff at the first sign of shortness of breath. I'm 40 now and trying to use a preventer medication one puff daily and reassure myself I don't need ventolin unless I have an asthma attack.. wow only took me 35years to figure out.. warning you can become dependant without realising you don't really need it.. M 40 35 years
30mg 2X D
 1  Asthma Muscle cramps. Fast heart rate.. This drug is not what it used to be .Quality control needs to be examined. It doesnt work as well as it used to. Stops working when the puffer is 1/2 full. GSK NEEDS TO BE not the only one complaining about this issue..Something is wrong. 50 35 years
 5  asthma I have no side effects with this drug and it has saved my life on multiple occasions and I wojld be lost and extremely ill without it absolute miracle of a inhaler. it controls my breathing and helps me if I get a tight chest or wheezes. wouldn't be without it and it has saved my life on many occasions and stopped multiple asthma attacks F 28 28 years
 1  Copd I find it to confusing and Ithink it rubbish. I was taking seretide I find so much safer. 12 puff a day I really do get what mean. What do use after 12 puffs and theirs still not enough air. Total confused. Like I say I have copd not asthma . Itís rubbish after giving up seretide with so much confusion I will not know if I am using to much or not. F 53 0 days
 5  Asthma None Works very well as an asthma reliever. No side effects, no taste when inhaled. M 52 35 years
 1  bronchitis Instant severe depression, sense of unreality, brain fog and I am suicidal to the point of planning how to do it. Whilst it relieved the bronchial spasm, it wasn't worth it.. I stopped taking it yesterday but the bad side effects are still parly with me. This stuff nearly killed me. Once before when I had pnuemonia I was given Ventolin but I didn't remember how bad it made me feel because I was hospitalized for pneumonia. On that occasion the doctors knocked me out and put me in ICU, they said I was acting erratically. I don't normally act erratically and I now think I blame the Ventolin for that. I can take prednisolone, an oral steroid but not this stuff. It's been about 24 hours since I quit but this morning I was lucky to be able to drive to work, as I was so tired and "out of it". I won't take Ventolin again. M 67 4 days
3 puffs 6X D
 3  Due to choking and asthma 1 days
 3   M 7 1 years
1X D
 3   M 1 years
1X D
 2  Bronchitis The HORRIBLE TASTE & Side Effects are hardly worth the benefit.. M 72 3 days
3X D
 1  Asthma Tastes like I'm coughing up paint fumes after usage. Headaches, muscle tremors, dizziness. And it DOESN'T work on my asthma much at all. I'm worse the next day after using it. Horrible, useless, this is a badly made inhaler. It just plain doesn't work on my asthma. Feels like it doesn't get into the lungs at all. I have to double up on the puffs to feel anything and it still doesn't work right. And it makes me worse the next day. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. F 45 10 years
90mcg 4X D
 1  bronchitis I tried it once...and only once horrible. gave me fever, muscle aches, anxiety, and made me mean :o( burned the heck out of my throat too. do not take! F 48 1 days
2 puffs 4X D
 3  Asthma I started having major anxiety attacks and manic behavior. Something I have never in my life experienced. I became crazy jealous and lashed out to the people I loved the most and am afraid I may not be able to repair some relationships. I was in danger from the asthma and some anxiety was related to the fact that I had been symptom free for 3 years after losing significant weight and controling my diet and exercise & was suddenly having trouble again. My symptoms subsided after 24 or so hours without medication. F 44 9 days
90 mcg X 2 2X O
 4  Asthma No side effects. Effectively helps my breathing. The inhalor tasted better before it was HFA. Thanks. F 29 2 years
1X D
 3  because COPD Since I have been taking ventolin HFA I am having trouble speaking and swallowing but without it I cough and cough F 73 1 months
 5  Reactive Airway Disease Initially when I started, it felt like I drank too many cups of coffee. But over time my body adjusted to it and now have no side effects from it. I seem to use it more in the winter. Hardly ever in the spring and summer. Really clears up any wheezing quickly. Good stuff. M 51 25 years
As needed 2X W
 4  Seasonal Bronchotis Horrible ! Dizzy, vomitting, Chest pains, and really bad anxiety and panic attacks.Heart beating really fast. F 34 3 months
2 puffs
 4  Asthma induced breathing difficulty Weakness especially when standing, light-headedness, feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Ventolin does help me breathe so it is worth the side-effects. F 33 20 years
5mg 6X D
 5  to alleviate breathing problems heart pumping really fast M 22 1 weeks