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 2  Triglycerides Shortness of breath and anxiety are the side effects for me. Best to take the several hours before bedtime. M 49 6 months
600mg 2X D
 3  High cholesterol Leg cramps especially at night Supposed to take twice daily. Have only ever taken 1 daily F 55 9 months
600 mg
 1  high cholesterol I was so sick after 3 days vomiting,abdominal pain,fever,nauseated,weakness. will never take again. F 59 3 days
600 2X D
 1  High Cholesterol This drug caused me SEVERE Mucle pain in my legs, I could barley walk! Intense drowsiness, horrible scaley rash on my hands, dreams like 3D & I seldom dream, confusion, holding my bladder in, bad taste in my mouth. Welm this HORRIBLE MEDICINE, contributed to a car accident! I had! I realized the drowsiness just hit me out of nowhere, days after this occured. I would find myself just dozing off, which I never do! I would never recommend this medicine to anyone! Way too many side effects & I'm hoping to God that this pain in my legs is not for ever do to this medicine!!! M 63 20 days
 1  High triglycerides Anxiety, depression, shortness of breath. F 64 2 days
600 mg
 5  My tryglyserides were 448 non known l was wondering once my tryglyserites meet the desired level can l lower dose? Also can l take fish oil with lopid? F 53 3 months
1200mg day
 3  high triglycerides Darrhea.Some light dizziness, felt slight nasua and flush shortly after taking it, this would then subside but the diarrhea is constant. M 49 5 days
600 2X D
 4  High triglycerides Kidney pain, gassiness, rectal bleeding, cramps, M 43 3 months
 1  High cholesterol Severe Dizziness , stomach pain and cramping ,diarrhea, tingling , severe fatigue , nausea M 56 4 days
1200 mg
 1  high triglycerides Severe pain in all joints, muscle pain generalized, tingling in ankles. Just two days of this drug and I can barely walk! Won't be taking any more. Wish I knew a quick way of eliminating this from my system! F 51 2 days
600mg 2X D
 4  Hyperlipidemia None Taking Generic brand by Teva. Has lowered my triglyserids from 550 to 108. M 43 6 months
20mg 2X D
 2  high trigs fatigue, depression, irritability, trouble sleeping, HIGHER trigs than before taking the meds! Doctor put me on gemfibrozil to lower my Triglycerides and raise my HDLs, however after 5 months on the drug, my Triglycerides are now almost double what they were before and my HDLs have not increased. This drug has done more damage than good! M 36 5 months
600mg 1X D
 5  Very high TGs (several thousand) None that I can attribute directly to lopid. I do get some foot cramps (but I am type II diabetic) and I can control them by keeping feet warm and eating bananas. I did have two frozen shoulders, but I am taking many oral meds so who knows what caused them. I'm satisfied. My TG went down from 2300? to 215. While I do find sites like this useful, bear in mind that it's generally the people who have problems who post. I found this site as I wanted to see if anyone had advice about controlling TG *and* HDL/LDL (which usually means a statin) and lopid, which is a *dangerous* combination. M 51 15 years
 1  Cholesterol total was 231 Muscle aches in arms and back, blurred vision Had taken Lipitor years ago and had to stop due to muscle pains. Two months after starting Lopid, I have muscle pains mostly in my arms, shoulders and back, but the blurred vision scared me due to previous surgery in that eye. My eye doctor found nothing wrong and thought it could possibly be a sinus infection. (but I didn't have the usual sinus infection symptoms). Unsure if antibiotic worked, as took full length of 10 days before blurred vision stopped, but now it returns off and on and only in one eye. I'm going to stop Lopid for a while and then try again, and if same problems occur, I'll know it's the Lopid. My total cholesterol was 231 (HDL 44 and LDL 154). F 69 2 months
 4  High tri's Some heartburn and appear to be more tired than usual. I am taking one 600mg tablet a day. Also 3 fish oils per day. I have an underactive thyroid and take meds for that as well. This medication in conjuction w/ fish oil ( which i took alone for 3 months and lowered tri's from 992 to 512 ) has now lowered my tri's to around 200. I think continuing with fish oil and lopid and continuing to exercise and lose some weight will get me where I need to be. F 45 6 months
 1  High triglycerides Wild, vivid dreams and joint pain I couldn't figure out why I was suddenly having wild, vivid dreams so I tried to figure out what was different. I had started taking Lopid three days earlier. I stopped the med and the dreams stopped. I waited two weeks and started taking Lopid again and after two days the dreams are back, so the med is going away forever. I am exhausted every morning from the dreams. F 52 3 days
 1  High TG's >900 Immediate flu-like symptoms, chest infection, runny nose, sore throat, zero sex drive, depression, homicidal/suicidal thoughts, irritability, urinary problems, gas, weakness, and fatigue. My side effects were listed as happening in 2% of people in Lopid studies. My reaction onset quickly (within 3 days), and after quitting gemfibrozil/Lopid, I started feeling better within days. I was re-prescribed Tricor, which is in the same class as Lopid. I had similar effects with it. So this family of drugs didn't work for me. I was given 1200mg (2x 600mg tabs) Lopid per day. I was only taking over the counter Claritin for allergies while on Lopid. M 27 9 days
 5  High Triglycerides At first a little nausea; otherwise, no side effects As far as I know it has dropped my Triglycerides significantly (according to Doc). They were over 1700. I go back for another check up soon, so I will see exactly how far they have droppped. F 37 2 months
 1  triglycerides over 2000 rectal bleeding, bloody nose, abdominal cramps, extremely tired, soft stool, rushing after eating, headache, gas, some diahreah. Just hated everything this medication did to me and how It made me feel. My system just hated it from day one. M 34 4 days
 1  Familial Hyperlipidemia Showed no side effects until my first gall bladder "attack". Eventually had to have it removed. Weeks after the surgery a new doctor told me it was probably due to the Lopid and put me on Lipitor. Did work to lower my triglycerides and cholesterol. I was just one that could not tolerate it. (Taken 1991 - 1994). M 53 3 years

LOPID  (GEMFIBROZIL):  Gemfibrozil is used along with a proper diet to help lower fats (triglycerides) and raise "good" cholesterol (HDL) in the blood. It may also help to lower "bad" cholesterol (LDL). Gemfibrozil belongs to a group of drugs known as "fibrates." It works by decreasing the amount of fat produced by the liver. Lowering triglycerides in people with very high triglyceride blood levels may also decrease the risk of pancreas disease (pancreatitis). However, gemfibrozil might not lower your risk of a heart attack or stroke. Talk to your doctor about the risk and benefits of gemfibrozil. In addition to eating a proper diet (such as a low-cholesterol/low-fat diet), other lifestyle changes that may help this medication work better include exercising, drinking less alcohol, losing weight if overweight, and stopping smoking.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)