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 Type: Brand name discontinued; available as generic

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 1  Bv BEWARE!!! This drug is so much worse than what I'm being treated for. Nausea, red bloodshot eyes, a greyish facial appearance, unbearable pain in my legs and arms: it feels like there are concrete bricks in them and standing for even a minute is so painful!! Red itchy blotchy rash allover: specifically my legs, chest and back. Terrible taste in mouth, and no food tastes right. Spooky, weird dreams. Massive headache constantly. Pressure in both ears. Extremely irritable. I don't have depression or mood issues normaly but this medicine will send anyone over the edge. BEWARE if you are prone to mood swings or worse yet, depression. This will likely send you down a dark long path. I had to stop this after only two days. It has now been over 48 hours since I last took this poison and NONE of the horrible side effects have gone away. Never again. F 39 7 days
500mg 2X D
 2  blastocystis hominis tired,pain in legs, feel shaky, head feels like a drum, taste of metal in my mouth. M 26 1 months
 4  BV Upset stomach, abdominal pain, constant nausea, bizarre dreams, discolored urine/fecal matter, headaches, loss of appetite, insomnia, altered taste of food, anxiety. I'm rating this a 4 because the medication did its job, however, it did come at a price. The first dosage I took gave me a severe migraine, and nausea; I slept not a wink that night and was vomiting till the early morning. My body slowly started to "tolerate" the medicine; for a few days I couldn't eat anything but eventually got over that. The medicine itself has a horrible taste almost immediately upon taking it, and it also altered my taste receptors of other foods as well (the few foods I could eat). For 7 days I just learned to "deal with it" but it was extremely uncomfortable and practically incapacitated me for the duration of treatment. It did, however, treat my issue and I am very grateful for that. I would take it again, even knowing how horrible I felt. It seems I experienced almost all of the side-effects that were listed in the medicine's directions, save for depression. F 28 7 days
500 mg 2X D
 2  BV constant headache, CAN NOT SLEEP, Depression F 25 7 days
500 MG 2X D
 1  Bacterial Vaginosis sour stomach, decrease in appetite I experienced no side effects the first day I took Flagyl. The morning of the second day was alright too until around dinner time my stomach started acting up. I've never had a sour stomach before so I thought it was related to what I ate that day but then I started to notice the burn was strongest after I took my dose. I've been experiencing a sour stomach for well over 36 hours now and drinking water helps for 5 minutes. I took a pepacid as well but that did not calm it down. I feel like my stomach is being scraped and just thinking about that makes me nauseous. I can still eat but I feel full after eating just a little amount. F 18 7 days
500 2X D
 1  BV severe dizziness, light-headedness, blurred vision, indigestion and sour stomach, white tongue (sign of yeast infection), loss of appetite, and extreme thirst (sign of dehydration) For nearly 10 years, I've taken Flagyl for the same purpose-to treat BV. The BV will clear up for about 3 months, but after that time, it comes back. I've used many preventive measures between infections, but I continue to suffer with BV. Initially, I did not any have problems with Flagyl, but over the years, I've developed an allergy to this medicine. Despite the fact that I'm allergic to it, my doctor prescribes it along with Prednisone and Allegra because it is the most effective treatment option. The Prednisone and Allegra help with the allergic reactions, but I often wonder if the medicines are couteracting with one another. F 39 7 days
500MG 2X D
 1  B.V I have only just started taking this drug, and am already feeling revolting. Had the most bizarre dreams last night, woke up with unbearable bloating in my stomach...almost as if I'm unable to digest food properly. Hot and cold flushes, extreme fatigue and feeling generally low. No headache or pain to speak of though, so that's something.... However, constant bloating and nausea...I'm yet to discover how it's affected/affecting my bowels, I'm pretty aprehensive about that! In a nutshell, I feel like I should be in bed reading terrible celebrity gossip magazines, drinking tea and whimpering. Terrific. I certainly wouldn't take this again unless I really had to; the side-effects really are nasty. Roll on day 5.... F 21 5 days
20 2X D
 3  Diverticulitis My 14th day will be this Friday. Side effects: taking Flagyl 500mg in combination w/Cipro at 500mg. Flagyl itself is a very potent drug. Side effects include the 24/7 metallic taste, dry mouth, and first few days had severe headaches (almost like a severe sinus headache). Absolutely NO APPETITE. I should mention that I always watch what I eat, do not drink/smoke and don't know what caused my diverticultis flareup. However, after my last pill on Friday, I believe that my system will never be the same. F 49 14 days
500mg 3X D
 4  Diverticulitis Severe Nausea and cramping and dizziness as well as being a scatter brain, taking with Lavaquin. I looked at this site and found my only help that not even my Doc knew. I was taking my first dose in the morning together with the one a day Lavaquin. I now eat first (yogurt) then take the Flagyl, I take the Lavaquin about 2 hours later and that has helped tremendously with the nausea. IT IS A NASTY COMBO when you take them in one throw...God Bless! I am still dizzy and diarreah but at least I can function. M 49 10 days
4X D
 1  bartholin's abscess extremely dark, loose stool, dark urine, metallic taste, depression, developed large red blotches on arms, back and chest, decreased appetite, chills and fever, anxiety I would not recommend this medication. This was my first time taking it along with ciprofloxacin and the combination was enough to make me wish for a swift and merciful death. F 61 7 days
500mg 4X D
 2  Appendicitis w/abscess, Peritonitis Major: Psychosis, hallucinations, insomnia, headache, body weakness & pain, feeling like my kidneys were over-taxed, confusion, general feeling of being poisoned. Non-major: metallic taste, dark urine A horrible, barbaric drug. Please come up with an alternative! It is impossible to heal after a major surgery with something that feels like Draino coursing through your veins. Additionally no sleep can be obtained while on it! It is particularly insidious I believe to those who are sensitive to mental issues such as depression. The imagery is the worst your mind will ever conjure. Avoid if at all possible. Too late in the game I found one way to make it 30% more bearable. I'm not a fan of narcotics, but taking 2 Lortab at least reduced some of the hellish imagery and headache. Then I could just focus on getting through the body pain. Don't expect to get any rest while on it. The sensitivity may be genetic. I found out my Dad had a bad bout with this stuff when he took it orally a few years ago. F 36 5 days
 1  dental infection I am on the 4th day of a 5 day course and can't wait for it to end! I have a leaden feeling in my legs, I'm dizzy, I have burning eyes, my body is feeling really hot. But the worst thing is the awful headache; I feel as if the space between my brain and skull is filled with cotton wool. I will never take this drug again. This treatment, for me, is actually worse than the pain from the infection. F 51 4 days
 1  possible infection re HSG Flagyl (sanofi aventis) taken with Cipro (bayer) both 250 mg x2/day for 5 days-- Side effects: severe UTI (1 1/2 month and still not cured -- unsuccessfully treated with amoxicilline and then with noroxin), urticaria (hips and knees), abominable muscle&joint pain (elbow, shoulder, neck), lower back pain, insomnia, extreme fatigue, nausea & gastro. F 42 5 days
 4  Crohn's disease metallic taste in mouth 24/7, inability to tolerate any alcohol but you shouldn't drink on this med anyways i'm not sure how well it treated my CD b/c i was taking pentasa and prednisone the entire time i took it. but overall when i was taking it with just pentasa i felt pretty good in maintaining my CD and didn't have any significant side effect except for the bad taste in my mouth and the no-alcohol F 31 3 years
 4  Giardia Awful taste, light nausea, light fatigue, headaches. Seems to be working!! Had chronic diarrhea for years and just lived with it thinking my diet was the cause. Stool sample revealed bad case of Giardia. I've been on 250mg 3x a day for five days out of ten so far. Previously had extreme gastro cramping and explosive diarrhea in A.M. and especially following lunch. That extreme cramping is already gone. Diarrhea is modest and not explosive. Well worth the limited side effects. I had forgotten what it was like to feel normal. M 41 5 days
 4  tengo como una ulcera en el cervix pues es bueno a mi me ayudo bastante mas sin embargo no fue de total cura M 19 10 days
 4  tengo como una ulcera en el cervix pues es bueno a mi me ayudo bastante mas sin embargo no fue de total cura F 19 10 days
 1  bacteria in colon? After 10 days after treatment I still experience severe tingling throughout entire body - hands, feet, vagina, back, abdomen, armpits, brownish tongue and terrible nonstop itch. Need to know when this will disappear. My doctor seems uncertain and only recommends patience. I regret ever taking this medication. F 76 10 days