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 5  High Blood Pressure, Palpatations I don't remember having any side effects when I first started taking the medication, but for the last year I've had quite a few bad feelings, I honestly thought I had MS. I was born with spina bifida so some of the symptoms I've had I thought was just aging with spina bifida, but now after talking to my doctor, he feels most of my symptoms are coming from the tenormin. I'm having bad balance problems to the point I can't go up and down stairs or even up a little stoop in front of a store without feeling like I'm going to fall, my eyes are blurry, muscle aches, extremely tired, and just the feeling of having the flu but without the related fever or stomach issues, tingling all over, I feel like shoes are on my feet when there aren't any, extremely cold hands, feet, swelling like I was stung by a bee in my hands and feet, gained weight, about 25 lbs in less then a year. Now the problem is the doctor has changed my drug, but said I need to wean myself off the tenormim which seems to be a The drug has kept my high blood pressure under control for the most part. My doctor has switched me to lisinopril so well see what happens. F 56 2 years
50 mg 1X D
 5   cold feet and hands M 50 2 years
50 1X D
 4  Rapid heartbeat None I have a heart condition that causes me to have a faster-than-normal heartbeat (130 BPM resting). This brought my heart rate down to 70 BPM--well within healthy range. As a bonus, it also lowered my blood pressure, which wasn't high but borderline high. Now when I go to the doctor, I have a perfect pulse and blood pressure of 108/67. Terrific! My ONLY gripe is that it seems to have lost effectiveness within the past 2 months (my heart rate has increased to 87 BPM on average). It still works, but I may need to up the dose or switch to something else if my pulse keeps climbing. M 29 1 years
50MG 1X D
 3  high BP and palpations Its only been 5 days since iv been on this Med and although I am very satisfied with the effects it had on lowering my BP I am extremely unsatisfied with the side effects I am feeling extremely depressed at times and very tired. Also im having minor chest and back pains. I hope these side effects go away as my body adapts to this medication because this depression is too much and back and chest pains are starting to scare me M 23 5 days
50 mg
 1  hypertension Headeach,giddy with spinning sensation,blurred vision,loss hearing on&off,eyes pain and pain from internal,face:ticklish,tingling,twitching,neck-shoulder-arms-body-legs:tingling,pins& pain and burning sensation,hands-body-feets:numbness,feeling cold and body shakiness,stuffy nose,shortage and difficulty of breath,chest pain,tightness and heavy sensation,palpitation,throat:dry,itchy,tightness,joint pain&swelling,both knees swelling,heavy pain with water drainage, will be fainting, I lost my family and my job,before i taken hypertension medicine i had my lovely wife and son,after my internal physician found out hypertension,given me medicine after 2months all the side effect and allergic reaction appears,i cant accep this side effect,then i change medicine but all are wort my body cant adapt,i had try almost all group medicine:atenolol,bisoprolol,kerlone,coversyl,renitec,micardis,cozaar,diovan ,amlodipine,plendil,herbesser,dialtiazem,carvedilol,propanolol,prazosin, physioten,after i take this medicine i cant going to work even going to bathroom also hard for me coz my knees,ankle and feets are very pain with swollen,i lost my eyesight blurred vision all long day,numbness hands and feets cant drive my car,so i lost my job,my wife thinking im a lazy man divorced with me and dont let my son to meet me,i dunno why my body cant accept this medicine,i also try chinese medicine doesnt work,maybe this medicine work for some people but not my type,now my money all gone coz admitted hospital done alot of test,mri from head to legs,liver,heart,kidney scan,ecg24hrs,stress test,24hrs urine test,blood test all get good result,doctor thinking im crazy,after i found out at here im not crazy,i had taken 7months medicine and stop medicine almost 4 months but side effect still in my body,can every here tell how longs does this system out of my body,everyday thinking going to commit suicide or maybe can get stroke M 35 2 months
50mg 1X D
 1  hypertension and fast heart beat Skill allergy itching feeling dizziness I just want to know that how long I will have to bear this allergy almost 4 weeks over but still I am taking avil or gupisone (astride) M 29 8 days
50 1X D
2X D
 5   it is well tolerated. In fact i had tachy cardia since school days. my heart rate used to be around 110. once in college life doctors at air force hospital declined to clear me for tachy cardia, systolic murmur and nodal rythm. however it all went well without any trouble. after age 55 i started taking it and my heart rate now stays around 85-90, not ideal but not bad comparing to past. i feel loss of libido may be adjusted with viagra, if advised by doctor. M 58 3 years
25 1X D
 2  High BP, irregular heartbeat, Dizzy, scared, feeling like I'm gonna faint, disrupted sleep I took this med for aprx one year and hated it. Lost weight so my BP was great and I got off of it. My hip returned so I was put back on it again. Now I'm feeling very dizzy at times, and think I'm going to pass out. Feel weird, off balance, loss of interest, and just as I'm going to fall asleep it feels as if I'm going to faint. This happens about 10 times during the night. Was hospitalized for 6 days because of it. The hosp made me stop it to do testing to see if I had kidney problems. I did not so my dr put me back on it. While in hosp they gave me trandate which made me feel fine, no side effect, except loss of interest for a few days. I think I'm going to ask my dr to switch me back to trandate. F 45 3 days
50mg 1X D
 1  Heart rate After a while taking this drug I started to have difficulty getting up the stairs. I found that I was pulling myself up whilst holding the stair rail. On really bad days I would crawl up on all fours to reach the top as my legs just wouldn't carry me. On reaching the top of the stairs I would have to lay down on a bed until my legs felt near to normal as possible. Also, I found doing every day task an effort, i.e. carrying a pile of ironing upstairs, carrying wet washing in basket outside to hang up on washing line (by the time I reached the line my legs would feel as if they were going to give way). Basically I have got to the stage where I can't be bothered to do anything, everything is a chore. I visited my doctor today and she has taken me off this drug not for the weakness in my legs but for the other symptom I have, being, numbness in tips of fingers. She hasn't linked this weakness to the drug. Why aren't these symptoms listed in the leaflet giving advise? I'm hoping that these side effects don't take ages to dissapear as I want to get my life back. F 63 3 months
25mg 1X D
 5  Neurocardiogenic Syncope At first, I was so exhausted, I couldnt get out of bed. My mom had to help shower me. Couldn't walk. Then I got better and started living normal life again. It completely worked to help me with Neurocardiogenic Syncope. However, after 3 years, I started to notice significant hair loss. I tried calcium channel blockers, but they are not as effective. I am sad about the hair loss, but don't know what else to do because the drug is so effective in treating my symptoms. F 36 3 years
25mg 1X D
 5  Hypertension I started off my taking this medication before I went to bed this way whatever was going to poop me out was finished with when I got up in the moring. Now that I have been on this medication for years I am use to it slowing me up a bit! I might add that my Mom also took this medication for at least twenty years for hypertension and she lived till 96 years of age without having a stroke or heart attack from hypertension that was first treated at age 50 like myself! This is an old but good medication for hypertension! I rather take a medication that's been on the market awhile then newer medications that end up being pulled from the market! F 59 5 years
25mg 1X D
 1  high blood tired ,skipping heart beats ,depression F 47 3 months
50 mg 1X D
 5  Anxiety/panic/MVP Some mostly mild side effects early on. Stomach issues, and a little spacey at the beginning. It's been a helpful med for me. I've had panic disorder for a year since taking a dose of a drug called Singulair. I also have a mild mitral valve prolapse that gives me some trouble. So, this helps keep my HR under control. I have naturally lower blood pressure, so I can't take too much. But, I take one pill at night and it seems to have helped with sleep and to help stabilize my body. M 42 4 months
.25 1X D
 3  high blood pressure up to 290/150x extrme fatigue, back/leg pain and weakness, weight gain, 35 pounds in 4 months, went from 29" waist to 35" in 5 months even though I hardly eqat anythnig, fatigue and depression made me lose any appetite it does work, brings my bp down to 120-160/60-90 pulse went from resting 100-120 to 52-72 it's impossible to work out on this drug adn i can barely walk around the lock compared to having tons of energy a year ago M 64 3 years
25 2X D
 4  SVT diarrhea, back ache I just switched to this from Diltiazam 4 days ago. My lower back aches so much...hoping it goes away after a short while once my body has adjusted. Also have diarrhea, but not as bothersome as the aching back. F 33 4 days
25 1X D
 4  Palpitations Hair loss, fatigue, brain fog I have been taking Atenolol for palps (I've had one A-Fib attack 4 years ago). Lately, I've been experiencing palps again. Not sure if Atenolol is working now. But it did completely stop my migraines. F 58 4 years
50mg 1X D
 4  high blood pressure low pulse M 64 3 days
10mg 2X D
 5  Hypertension Light headedness It works well but I don't think I will ever be able to get off of it. All attemts that have been made failed within a week my BP was sky high and heart pounding! Once back on Tenormin or Atenolol all went back to normal. M 48 20 times
100 1X D
 5  HBP I have IBS, but not sure if this is tied to Atenalol, which is why I am at this site. Also, have difficulty in getting my HR up where it needs to be when I train (long distance runner/walker). Other than the above no side effects noticed. 62 12 years
25mg X 1 1X D

TENORMIN  (ATENOLOL):  Atenolol is used with or without other medications to treat high blood pressure (hypertension). Lowering high blood pressure helps prevent strokes, heart attacks, and kidney problems. This medication is also used to treat chest pain (angina) and to improve survival after a heart attack. Atenolol belongs to a class of drugs known as beta blockers. It works by blocking the action of certain natural chemicals in your body, such as epinephrine, on the heart and blood vessels. This effect lowers the heart rate, blood pressure, and strain on the heart.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)