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 2  Afrin Original pump mist Major nausea, spinning room, tight throught, tingling inner head movements like liquid, trouble sleeping and confusion + I was ready to call 911 because of the major spinning room if I lay or tipped to my right side. Dr provided other medication to counter act Afrin - almost like Sudafed sideeffects. Also prescribed nausea medecine for a few days until the other counteractive medecine takes effect. F 47 3 days
15 ml
 5  open sinus Was used by my ENT Doc to open up my sinus WOW....This stuff was fabulous.I have a deviated septum and have only ever been able to breath out of my right nostrilI was given this to open my sinus so they could scope my nose and it not only drained my sinus in a few seconds but it made me able to breath from both nostrils..For me a very unique experience.It lasted well over 12 hours.Just wish it could be used all the time but reading up on it i see its only for a few days use.I wsa gonna go back and ask him for a bottle of this had a chronic sinus infection for 4 months and this was a huge relief..even if it was fleeting..ahhh well! F 51 1 days
1X D
 2  Congestion This kept me up all night. It was like taking a energy shot. This didn't even clear my congestion really. F 18 7 days
 5  nasal stuffiness while sleeping No side effects. I take this only very occasionally and never more then 2 nights in a week. I've been warned by my doctor to take this VERY sparingly. He would prefer I do not use it. But sometimes I'll wake up at 3am or so with a stuffed up nose. By that time it is too late to take Benedryl or something else that knocks me out. M 61 10 years
 3  Chronic nasal congestion No side effects that I was aware of I would be wakened by blocked sinuses and if particularly bad would use Afrin at about 3:00 am. This always worked very well. If I used it too often the beneficial effects would drop off after 3 or 4 nights. The relief would occur in less than 2 minutes and would last for 12+ hours, whereas all I wanted was enought to get me through the rest of the night. I stopped the semi-regular use of Afrin on the advice of my doctor, but still use it occasionally. M 70 3 years
 1  congestion horrible nasal damage and chronic congestion F 32