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 2  Heavy Bleeding / Bad Cramps Dizzyness , Major Headaches , Nausea ! Im Not Taking That Pill No more , It Makes Me Feel Horrible F 22 5 days
 1  Ivf Extreme leg and feet pain/cramps, very tender breast, fatigue, panic attacks, mild nausea, mood changes. This pill caused me symptoms from day one. The leg and feet pain/cramping were most alarming as those are signs of clots. Got checked, they say mo clots but the pain is STILL there. Somedays so severe it hurts to walk. Dr has no experience with others having this issue but from what i see on here others have had this as well. F 35 1 days
 2  as birth control Weight gain Dizziness Bad Bloating Headaches F 34 1 months
 3  Oral Contraceptive Weight Gain and a lot of acne F 23 1 years
 1  Undetermined bleeding Used as treatment for irregular bleeding occurring over 46 day period of time. No peri or menopause. Fluttering in chest, BP spikes as high as 175/120 then plummeting to 60's/high 40- mid 60's. Mood swings. Numb feet and cold all the time. Terrified!!! Research and ask MANY questions before putting your heart, body and family through the affects and effects of this med. F 44 4 days
30 mg
 2  IVF Extreme fatigue, dizziness, breakthrough spotting, severe mood swings, nausea F 36 3 weeks
 1  Pre IVF Headaches, diarrhea, stomach pain, cramping, irritability, fatigue F 30 1 weeks
 1  Birth control needed before I polyp Extreme nausea, stomach upset, extreme tiredness F 35 5 days
30 mg
 1  IVF cycle Nauseous Feeling crazy, out of control Crying all the time Angry Insomnia Depression Severe mood swings Anxiety Appetite increase Vomiting F 38 6 days
 2  cramping, heavy bleeding insomnia, breast swelling and extreme breast tenderness, constipation the first whole month, diarrhea the second whole month, gas & bloating, weight gain, anxiety, restlessness Shortened my period drastically, lighter bleeding and reduced cramping but not worth all the side effects, especially the stomach problems and anxiety F 38 2 months
1X D
 1  Ovarian Cyst, acne & prevention I have been taking this pill for 7 days the first day I was so sick to my stomach so then I changed to taking the pill in the morning with food now I no longer feel sick which is a plus but the down fall to this birth control is I am a person who has energy all the time and I have no energy at all on this pill & today was probably the worst day of feeling fatigue! Not to mention I look bloated and I've probably gained close to 3-5 pounds this week because I eat everything in sight! Before the pill I was the girl who could eat breakfast before school and lunch at school and not even been hungry during dinner time but this week all I have wanted to do is eat and it's ridiculous!!! I really don't think I want to keep taking this If things are still like this a month from now. & not to mention the reviews are just terrible!! F 16 7 days
 4  PCOS/AWFUL cramps/ heavy bleeding Better moods , I usually have cramps 24/7. I haven't had a cramp since I started. I usually NEVER wake up on time, I'm just never motivate to get up and do thing , but since I have started this I have been waking up motivate and right on time. The only think I think is dofferent or concerning is a lot mor vaginal discharge. F 16 7 days
 2  regulation and stop cramping Drastic mood swings, migraines, random spotting, little to no bleeding during the placebo week, acne and oily skin, constant bloating, intense cramping. Basically did the opposite of what it was prescribed for. F 19 3 months
 1  decrease/stop heavy periods Bloating, headaches,irritability, increase moisture in vaginal area and vaginal irritation everyday! Today will be my last day! I can't wait until I see GYN (another month)...I'd rather have the heavy periods... F 37 5 weeks
 3  to stop bleeding Headache, anxiety, nervousness, difficulty breathing, diarrhea, loss of appetite. I have suffered from General anxiety disorder but, its been under control. It only took 2 days and it was back. Anxiety and panic attacks are not what I was expecting. Only been on it for 4 days. Not worth it! Will not be taking it tomorrow! F 51 1 days
 3  Suppress cycle, prepare for IVF Mild Nasuea, Increased Appetite, Sore/Tender Breasts, mild headaches Overall not bad BC pill. Take pill before bed to reduce nausea. Only get mild nausea now when driving to work then it goes away. Breasts much more tender, always hungry. Slight increase in short sporadic headaches. Little less spunky energy. Symptoms were worse the first week of taking this pill. Got better as weeks go by. Will not be taking sugar/inactive pills, will go straight to next batch of active pills. F 31 20 days
1X D
 1  timing with IVF Constipation, nausea, breast tenderness,depressed and crying a lot,small amount of bleeding every day,slight weight gain -bloated F 35 3 weeks
 3  Prevent Pregnancy Feeling bloated. Weight gain. This is my first time back on BC in 5 years. It is my first time on a monophasic pill. This pill makes me feel constantly bloated and I have gained weight and my breasts are swollen for the majority of the month. The only pro to this pill is I no longer get debilitating period cramps and I think it helps to manage cystic ovaries. I also haven't noticed any fluctuations in my overall mood and it hasn't decreased sexual desire. F 33 3 months
1X D
 1  Prevent Pregnancy Headaches, migraines, extreme fatigue, very painful cramps, uncontrollable appetite, increased anxiety, depression, mood swings, constant bleeding, chest tightness. F 21 2 weeks
 3  Stop heavy chronic bleeding My GYN prescribed this after I bled so heavy I was hospitalized and had to have a transfusion. I will say my bleeding stopped after taking a tapered course of these pills. Thank The Lord!! However, I can not continue them due to the other side effects even tho I'm down to one pill a day. Horrible fatigue, hot sweaty flashes esp after eating, nausea, irritability, shortness of breath, and it totally kills my sex drive (if I could even think about sex while feeling so horrible). I know my reason for taking them is different and they did work in that capacity, but the side effects are scary!!! F 40 3 weeks