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 3  Contraceptive, Acne Cleared up most acne, barely had a period, rarely had cramps, sometimes (randomly) swollen but never tender breasts, spotting and skipped periods. Unfortunately killed my sex drive, had pretty severe moodiness/depression, and low energy. F 20 1 years
 2  Heavy periods Since starting this pill I have been very lethargic, feeling very low & having constant break outs of spots. Large ones at that. I have a few more days until my pack finishes & have decided not to continue after my break. This pill also leaves me feeling really dizzy & sometimes nauseous. Not for me. F 41 2 weeks
 1  control cramps, lighten flow Doc prescribed because I was having heavy flow & severe cramping. Told me it would lighten both. Unfortunately it has gotten somewhat worse. My period now lasts on & off for 3 out of 4 wks in a month. The cramps aren't as severe but are more frequent since my cycle never seems to end. I'd rather deal w/the once a month visit than the awful 21+ days of misery. So I'll be stopping this BC after this pack is finished. Also have breast tenderness, major mood swings / emotional outbursts that I never had before. Not to mention lack of sex drive. F 38 2 months
 2  PMS No period, slight cramping, emotional and crying all the time for no reason. F 26 6 weeks
 3  pregnancy prevention Acne, lower sex drive I've never had acne on a regular basis. Before I started taking Junel (the generic of Loestrin) I would only have a couple pimples on my chin right before starting my period. After taking Junel, I have widespread acne. I've also found that I have little to no sex drive. I'm hoping that the next BC I try (Desogen/Apri) will affect me positively. F 26 6 months
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 2  prevent pregnancy and cramping Mood swings, breast tenderness, weight gain, and yeast infections. Ive tried so many different birthcontrol pills, and none of them have worked. Im not a huge fan of loestrin 21, but its not the worst ive had. For three months now i havent had my period, normally id be happy, but i fear im pregnant everytime it doesnt come. Kind of a blessing and a curse. My mood swings are crazy the week before my placebo pills and i have absolutly no sex drive. My eating habits have gone haywire. No appetite until the week before my "period" when i eat everything in sight. Im already prone to yeast infections, but taking loestrin has just made it worse. Wouldnt really recommened this pill. F 19 5 months
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 2  Avoid pregnancy First month: spotting for a week and a missed period ... thought I was pregnant. Second month: breaking out in horrible spots, seem to be having a period 2 weeks before I'm due. However, nausea has improved. I'd been feeling nauseous and emotional every day for a year so I thought I'd swap from Microgynon 30 to a new pill - the nurse recommended Loestrin 20. So far, i'm not happy! I've got spots, feel like i'm gaining weight and my period is very irregular. I have to keep worrying about pregnancy because my period isn't coming at the right time. It's very unsettling. I'm off to university next month and I don't want horrific spots or to be fat as well as worrying about being pregnant when my period doesn't come!! F 19 21 days
20mg 1X D
 3  Prevention of Pregnancy missing period, major breast tenderness, spotting weeks before period should of come. I left Nuvaring after 4 years on it, I became very ill on it so my gyno suggested going on pills, which i hesitated never been good with pills. the first 2 month where amazing light periods, no migraine, no moods wings. about the 3 month i missed a period, the 4 i got my period as usual, now before the 5 month period i went to the gyno for a routine check up and right after a day or 2 i started spotting and my period which was supposed to be 2 weeks later never came. now on my 6 month nothing either. I'm starting to worry cause I haven't missed any pills. As great as it is not to get a period, I would prefer to at least get some sort of period. F 32 6 months
1mg/20mcg 1X D
 1  loestrin 20 weight gain and spots and NO PERIOD I hate this pill i was on yasmin and had regular periods, lost weight and my skin was amazing. I now have acne, havent had a period and gained 4 ibs in six weeks which isnt normal for me as i go to the gym 5 times a week. I havent had a period since changing and its worrying. I will be coming off the pill once i have finished this packet. Its put me off for a long time. F 23 6 weeks
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 5  Severe Dysmorphea and long periods breasts are tender, extremely light 3 day periods. Mild cramping and some mood swings. I actually love this pill. I've had TERRIBLE experiences with birth control PILLS. I used to take the depo shot for many years so I wouldn't have a period because my periods are heavy, they last up to 7 days (my shortest periods lasted 5 days. I've tried Loestrin 24Fe and I forget the name of the other one and they both made me break out with an ugly rash all over my face and chest. This pill hasn't given me any major problems. My first pack I didn't get my period at all. After the pack second I got my period and it was so light all I could wear were panty liners and it only lasted 3 days. This is a miracle for me. I love this pill because it does exactly what I NEED it to do!!!!!! F 29 3 months
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 4  Prevent Pregnancy No bad side effects yet. Kind of moody. Here is my question, During my first month taking it I just spotted throughout but didn't have a period. I was sexually active during that time and now I am worried. I am into my second month now. F 39 1 months
30 MG 1X D
 1  prevent pregnancy weight gain, cramping, two weeks so far of bleeding heavy F 20 2 months
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 3  prevention Horrible headaches almost daily, severe indigestion, sever water retention, breast tenderness, gained about 5 pounds, trouble sleeping, and acne i switched to loestrin after being on seasonique for almost 5 years, then i was on ovcan for two months and switched due to heavy bleeding. i have indigestion to the point that it is hard for me to sleep. the headaches are another reason for the lack of sleep. i have a large breast size as it is so now that my boobs basically grew overnight since i started this pill it has been very uncomfortable. I have never been the kid with sever acne i would always have one or two zits every now and then but since being on the pill my face has been horrible oily and breakouts. besides the obvious problems i am having with the side effects from this pill it is actually helping what it is supposed to. i haven't had any sever cramps just mild discomfort and i have very light and short periods. F 21 5 months
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 5  Heavy, incessant bleeding Slight water retention I was wary about going on a BCP for fear of getting nauseated all of the time. Suprisingly I have not had any nausea or any other side effects except for a slight water retention. I am grateful the bleeding stopped at day 2 of taking it, and am looking forward to lighter periods. Before going on Loestrin 21 my periods were irratic and extremely heavy--almost a hemmorage. F 48 1 weeks
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 2  Contraception & Uteran cysts Weight gain, constant heavy break-through bleeds, loss of libido, moodiness, crying, 3rd week severe shakiness, exhaustion The first few months of this pill were great, no PMS, light periods, only slight weight gain. The longer I am on it for the more weight I have put on & the worse I feel, I am now having my 5th "withdrawal bleed" in 7 weeks, this one has lasted 8 days so far & is getting more painful. I'm seeing the doctor on Tuesday & I'm coming off this pill! F 30 2 years
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 3  To prevent pregnancy Breast Tenderness, spotting I have been taking Loestrin 21 for at least 3 month now and I have had spotting in between for some time. If you attempt to skip straight to the next active pill so you may not have a period, you may be disappointed. I would spot anyway. And this month, I was at least 5 days early. I hope it wont last for more than few days because I have not even finished the active hormone pill course. :( F 26 4 months
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 2   mood swings, no period I ran out of LoEstrin and didn't make it to the pharmacy for about one week, even though the 'down' days are less than that - at that point I noticed that despite being MORE tired than I when was on Loestrin (due to late nights for work), I was less moody, more patient, and generally happier. Also - I've lost weight (about 5 lbs) doing nothing special since going off of LoEstrin. The 'no period' was nice, but I'm going back to Orthocyclin. 37 90 days
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 3  dysmenorrhea It has been helping with the HORRIBLE cramps that I would experience but it has made me extremely moody. I keep crying for no reason and arguing with my friends. I also keep getting this really big pimples/marks on my arms. I'm going to the doctor in 2 weeks to either switch to a different brand or give up on birth control all together... F 19 4 months
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 5  My body can't handle hormones well Slight naseua Don't take yaz. It works great at first and then slowly makes you depressed without knowing it. Ok to this birthcontrol loestrin 21. So far I like it. I haven't had any problems with gaining weight or bloating. No loss of libido. I am kind of excited to start my period (well as excited as one can be about something like that) since a lot of people say it's very short and somewhat pain free. So far I am happy with these pill F 19 3 weeks
1mg/20mcg 1X D
 4  bad cramps, depression reduced cramps, lighter period, more stable emotions I have horrible cramps that usually have me throwing up and unable to do anything for two days straight (including missing work). I've tried other birth control methods before and they actually made my cramps worse, so I gave up a couple years ago. Last year, though, I was having very irregular periods and horrible mood swings/depression, so I decided to give it another try. The first time I filled the prescription, they gave me the generic (microgestin?), and it was as bad as the others I'd tried. I told them to actually give me Loestrin the next time I got the prescription filled, and I've been happy since. My cramps aren't completely gone, but they're significantly reduced and I can go to work. My periods are a lot lighter and very regular, and I haven't had any spotting. Also, my emotions have been much more stable. I've gained weight, but I think that's more due to the fact that I'm eating less healthy and barely working out anymore, so I can't say that it's from the Loestrin. F 23 9 months
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